Winter Lemon Cake Vape Juice by Flavor Fog Review

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Flavor Fog offers four different e-juices to enjoy, one for each season of the year. For the winter, Flavor Fog proposes Winter with the flavor of a lemon cake. Winter, vape juice, will get you through the moody days of the season feeling joyful. The vape juice contains lots of delicious flavors for a unique vaping experience.

The Company, Flavor Fog, manufacture e-juices tailored for the customers’ ever changing taste desires. It uses only the purest of ingredients domestically sourced in the United States. Flavor Fog has the individual customer in mind when producing its premium-quality e-juice.

Everyone likes cakes. You may have your preferences for flavor, but the moist and fluffy, spongy-like pastry has for a long time been a delight for dessert, when having a cup of coffee, as a snack, at birthdays, and often at any moment just to relish eating a beautiful piece of cake. Flavor Fog gives vapers the same delight with Winter, its lemon cake e-juice.

A Fantastic Flavor

Winter gives vapers what they seek in a lemon cake vape juice. A bit of sweet and sour flavor with hints of lemon in the background. It’s perfect to delight on a cold winter day while watching your favorite television program or relaxing on a couch. Flavor Fog Lemon Cake gives vapers a zingy vibe with its saccharine. It’s not overwhelming, just a delicious sweetness.

Nicotine Strength

You have a choice of three nicotine strengths. Winter is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine strength. These levels are perfect for those who want no nicotine or mild levels of nicotine. The 0 mg level is ideal for vapers seeking to enjoy the thrill of vaping and are not particularly interested in nicotine strength. The 3 mg is the lightest level of nicotine strength. It’s perfect for vapers seeking a shallow nicotine content while taking pleasure in the flavor. The 6 mg is slightly higher in concentration than 3 mg but still smooth a mild. These levels are both low levels of nicotine and quite soft when vaping.


Winter lemon cake comes in plastic 60ml CRC Chubby Gorilla bottles. It has a childproof safety cap. The slim pen shape allows smooth transfer of the ejuice into any tank or atomizer. The label of the bottle contains the logo of the company and other information such as the brand name, the product name and the usual mandatory warning placed on e-liquid bottles.

The box is made of cardboard and is black, and it has very nice patterns that give it an entirely sleek appearance. Almost near the top are the logo and the brand name. Somewhat in the middle is the product name and at the bottom the mandatory warning regarding products containing nicotine.


The moody winter days will not be the same with Flavor Fog vape juice for the season. You will enjoy vaping Winter lemon cake just like you delight with a delicious piece of cake. It’s premium-quality vape juice available at a very competitive price on the market. For only $20.00, you can obtain it at Vapor Fog offers some of the best customer services.

If you’re seeking for a premium-quality vape juice at a fantastic price, Flavor Fog provides some of the best prices in the industry.  Vapers highly appreciate the company’s products for the excellent value for the money, the quality, but most of all for the fantastic flavor.


Vaping Flavor Fog e-juice means having a different flavor for each season. Winter gives you the lemon cake flavor; Summer gives you Skittles candy, Spring brings the sweet taste of strawberries crumble cake and Autumn the rich taste of Cavendish tobacco.  Flavor Fog makes all its vape juices using natural ingredients and the most modern brewing methods.

Enjoying a lemon cake while relaxing, having a cup of tea, or just to delight with the flavor is very satisfying. Vapers obtain the same thrill with Winter, lemon cake e-liquid. The pleasant taste of lemon cake gives excellent vaping experience. If you’re a vaper, who likes dessert-flavored e-juice. Winter offers a seasonal flavor that takes the atmosphere of the season and makes it delightfully enjoyable by vaping.

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