White Cloud Cigarettes Reviews

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Presentation/Packaging 4.5/5

White Cloud set a pretty high bar for presentation and packaging with their previous 2 Cirrus kits, and while the Cirrus III is a little different it’s all the better. It’s modern, sharp and a little reminiscent of the Apple iPhone packaging. Most of all, it’s smaller.  Shrinking their packaging while increasing its quality is the first step in the right direction, but they still manage to include all the pertinent marketing material and instructions while giving you more actual hardware at the same time.

Battery/Responsiveness 4/5

White Cloud’s Cirrus III battery is their smallest and lightest yet, making it a great transition product. The battery also has incredible battery life considering its size and charges in a snap. The “smooth draw” technology that White Cloud so highly touts is back, and their battery is still one of the most responsive 510 style ones I’ve used. Some people may still think it’s too smooth, but take it from someone who is a regular smoker it makes you feel right at home. Comfort is one of the biggest challenges that a smoker faces when switching to an ecig, and White Cloud wants you to feel all warm and fuzzy during your transition.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 4/5

One weakness of previous Cirrus kits was that the flavor was a little weak. Not bad, just weak. They’ve now introduced some new “flavor kick” cartomizers, as well as improvements to all of their flavors, that make this completely a problem of the past. They offer some of the best espresso and vanilla flavors in a cartomizer and their tobacco is first-rate. They still produce a great amount of vapor and throat hit, but the improvements to their flavor garners their new kit a higher score.

Overall (Not An Average) 4.5/5

While it’s on the upper tier of pricing, you definitely get what you pay for here. The Cirrus III comes with 3 batteries now, as well as a wall charger so the value is certainly improved. That was the biggest drawback to previous iterations, and with it rectified I would certainly recommend this kit to anyone looking for a high quality ecig. It’s nice to see a company that takes their customers criticisms into account and acts on them. Kudos to White Cloud for a stellar product.


Disclaimer: White Cloud Cigarettes does not diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease.

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  1. chuck walsh says

    I’ve tried three types of electronic cigarettes so far. “the safecig” which this site rated as number one. “njoy” which.. this site rated 8’th and the “white cloud cirrus 1”. The safecig was hard to pull on and sometimes the refills I got were garbage.. the refills also didn’t last anywhere near as long as the site said they would. The njoy was horrendous.. tasted awful.. the refills would heat up harshly and the pull was god awful. I bought the cirrus 1 because I had been waiting a week for the refills for my safe cig to come in and I got fed up. I love it.. the flavor is great.. the pull is wonderful.. just like a cigarette.. real gentle.. not like you have to purse your cheeks to get good vapor.. and the refills and battery actually lasted as long as they said it would.. I really love my white cloud cirrus one and highly encourage anyone looking to get the best e-cigarette for their money to think highly about getting one. The initial startup is high.. but it’s a far superior product than any i’ve tried so far.

  2. Georgia Vallejos says

    I started with a 3-piece Firelight. Messy, unreliable, and a full cartridge was equal to about 1 cigarette. Not much vapor. Then went to Smoke 51. Lots of vapor, good flavor, cartridges were expensive and equal to about 3 cigarettes. Too expensive to continue. Then went to e-cig.com. Unreliable, cheap, and had to refill before each smoke session. Just recently got a Cirrus 3. Very well made, vapor production good, cartridges equal to about 10 cigarettes. Every flavor is good, but not very strong. I found my brand, finally.

  3. Winston Smith says

    I got a cirrus2 battery second hand from a friend who has several batterys from different companies. he said this one was the best, and I’ve used it for a few months. I liked using it so much just around the office (no more freezing in the alley!) I recently bought the Cirrus3 kit for myself.

    The batteries are about as small as a real cigarette, and even lighter than the C2, and the package says they dont last as long as the cirrus 2 but I swear they do, maybe even longer but it may be because they are brand new. I took it to Disney world with my family last weekend and a single C3 lasted all day, and I wasn’t forced to stay in the smoers sections of the park. Bottom line, great product that will save you money if you make the switch from smokes, and this one is hassel free.

  4. Eric Nix says

    The $59.99 Halo is way better in every way! Even the a cheap Mistic kit outperforms this crap! I will NOT be kind to ripoff“s! selling overpriced junk!

  5. Bob says

    I love my Cirrus 3. Could not wait for it to arrive and when it did, it did not disappoint. What a difference it was from the cheap, disposable cigarettes I had been using. I still take an occasional puff from a disposable to marvel at the difference. Love the easy pull and taste. A large amount of vapor is produced as well, especially with relatively long pulls. White Cloud provides a large variety of nicotine strengths, as well as flavors to choose from. Batteries are small and charge quickly. Love the clam shell case that can be ordered separately…very eloquent. Customer Service was very responsive and answered all my questions in a very timely manner.

  6. Rich says

    Just bad bad bad! Horrible quality product and the customer service is even worse making my White Cloud Experience pretty terrible. I would not recommend this to anyone. Stay away! Patty and Darlene are the entire customer service department and they are bad bad bad. This company needs to get its act together. Stay clear of White Cloud. Their overpriced junk is just a headache. I posted negativness on their facebook page and they deleted all of my posts and comments!!! They simple do not want people to know how bad they are. Just bad bad bad bad bad

  7. Rob says

    I gave this company a chance despite their extremely high prices (almost double then their competitors) under the assumption that you get what you pay for. Well, White Cloud makes no attempt to satisfy their customers. They just care about profits and not delivering on their promises. It is false advertisement at its finest. I strongly recommend staying away from this company unless you like to pay for shipping products back that are defective quite frequently. I highly recommend GreenSmoke and V2 cigs. Customer Service is great and you can always be assured you are getting the same quality product you expect.

  8. Michelle Murray says

    This is by far the best product out there. Due to the price I tried 7 other products first. I’m so glad I finally coughed up the money to try this one. Fantastic…!

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