White Cloud Cirrus II Review

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Presentation/Packaging 3/5

Like many electronic devices the White Cloud Cirrus II comes packed tightly in a superfluous amount of cardboard, perhaps to keep the contents safe from harm. It’s kind of like when you purchase a special edition dvd that comes in a box within a box. With a dvd there is least a little bit of substance with the hard plastic case. Pictured on the front is an inviting scene of green pastures and a clear blue sky, with some cumulonimbus of course. Once you crack open the first layer by sliding it out of it’s cover there’s another flip top package on the inside where the ecig is neatly organized. It comes with two batteries, a usb charger, with it’s w and crescent moon shaped c logo that lights up when plugged in, a user manual and a pack of five cartomizers. It has a clean, sleek white design that suits the name. There aren’t really that many components. The batteries are small, the cartomizers are well contained in a small compact box and the charger is a simple usb plug with about a two inch cord.

Battery/Responsiveness 4/5

A charge generally takes about an hour and half and it’s enough to last quite while. It has some excellent staying power, one charge lasts about six to eight hours depending on how hard you drag. I found the first pull to be a little disappointing. Fortunately there was a rather lengthy user manual that I could consult that had a remedy for this situation. After perusing through the booklet I discovered that there were some “helpful hints” that you could do to help improve the vapor production. On the cig where the battery and the cartomizer meet there are four small holes. Covering two of the holes with your fingers and taking at least 3-4 second drags helps improve the vapor production substantially. Why it works that way, I’m not sure but it does make it perform much better. I personally would rather not have to hold it that way but it’s a matter of preference or habit.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 4/5

The user manual has a section dedicated to the cartomizer flavors and strength. In it are a list of codes. These codes are printed on the side of the cartomizer to indicate flavor and strength. For example X-R stands for extra strength regular flavor. They come in an intriguing variety such as strawberry, clove, vanilla, menthol and regular tobacco. The strawberry is quite delicious. I found the clove to be a little too subtle for me but the essence was there. The regular tobacco flavor is good, however it doesn’t really taste like tobacco. It has somewhat of a cream taste to it like you’re sipping a cup of half and half. Throat hit is excellent depending on the strength and even with the NF (nicotine free) you can still get a good taste of whatever flavor you sample. I like it to pack a punch so I always go for the extra extra strength (XX).

Overall (Not An Average) 4/5

Aside from the unnecessary packaging this ecig is worth the extra money. Battery life is excellent, it has incredible vapor production, depending on how well you follow the instructions, and it has an eclectic mix flavors that can be enjoyed with or without the nicotine throat hit. For those who do like their nicotine kick I recommend using the XX. It has a great bite that cuts like a knife.


White Cloud Cigarettes does not diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease.

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