What is Drip Vaping & Drip E Liquid

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Why do you think the simple scrambled eggs taste so different when you eat it at a restaurant famous for the dish? A dish so not depended on added flavors or extraordinary cooking skills, what is it that the restaurant adds to it? The secret ingredient is not the ambiance or the raw material; it is ‘how’ it is cooked! You must have been vaping for years, but when you will go for Drip Vaping, you will understand the metaphor.

Drip Vaping has been around for few years but hasn’t been a much-discussed topic in the mainstream vaping. If you are a regular vaper and haven’t heard of Drip E Liquid or Drip Vaping, you have landed on the perfect page.

Drip Vaping is an experience that every vaper should have. It is entirely different from regular vaping and smoking. Drip Vaping produces intense vape flavor and a vaper can experience the intact smell of the E Liquid while dripping.

Drip Vaping will take you to that gourmet restaurant where simple scrambled eggs taste so delicious that you crave for more. In essence, Drip Vaping gives you much more than regular vaping once you master the art of Drip Vaping using Drip E Liquid.

Finding your favorite Drip E Liquid is made even easier by VapingZone. In Drip E Liquid section on VapingZone, you can find fifty two varieties of Drip E Liquid. You can also find Drip E Liquid Wholesale at VapingZone. Before you jump onto buying Drip E Liquid, let us take you on the journey of ‘How to master the art of Drip Vaping’.

A Brief History of Drip Vaping

  • There are several speculations that Drip Vaping was a fortunate accident that lead to the development of a new vaping technique.

  • Vapers are known experimentalists. Drip Vaping must have born when some enthusiast vaper tried putting E Liquid directly onto the heating element and vaping it.

  • If you could imagine, the pioneer of Drip Vaping must have experienced strong heat throat, dense but amazingly flavored vape.

  • There is no apparent health hazard of Drip Vaping if you compare it with regular vaping, after all, we compared it with scrambled eggs! Scrambled eggs are pretty harmless!

Do you need to earn Drip Vaping?

  • Yes and no! Drip Vaping is a technique but is also an art. To master the art needs dedication. Dedicated vapers earn Drip Vaping, and by ‘earn’ we mean that they know exactly how much and how frequent to Drip Vape.

  • If you are a Nicotine addict, Drip Vaping is not for you. Drip Vaping is essentially a booster for regular vapers.

  • Mastering the art of Drip Vaping requires dedication, concentration, and time. If you are happy with your regular vape and do not want to experiment, it’s up to you!

  • Drip Vaping is definitely for experimenters, hobbyists, and connoisseurs. If you expect something out of the way from your E Cig mod, you need to do what needs to be done.

Drip Vaping – A How to Guide

  • Simply put forth, in Drip Vaping you are supposed to pour or drip few drops of Drip E Liquid directly onto the atomizer’s coil (heating element), and immediately inhale the vapor produced.

  • It is simple written than done. There are some skills involved but also a lot of experiments too. For instance, understanding the proportion of the Drip E Liquid to be dripped onto atomizer, the time lag before you inhale, and power wattage and temperature of the atomizer while you Drip Vape.

  • The Drip Vaping protocol is straightforward. A Drip Tip can be a useful component while you master the art.

You simply have to follow these steps –

  1. Open the atomizer and locate the bridge. The bridge is usually a piece of steel mesh, often shaped as an inverted ‘V’.

  2. Take a drip tip and attach it to the mouthpiece of your gadget.

  3. Drip three to four drops of Drip E Liquid onto the bridge and activate the vaporizer. Inhale the vapes immediately as you see them forming.

  4. Play around with the settings such as temperature and Drip E Liquid concentration and volume to achieve the desirable throat heat, vape clouds, and flavors.

  5. Keep on experimenting till you get your proportions right.

Drip Vaping – Tips

  • Drip Vaping takes time and efforts, so keep calm and master the art.

  • It is a good idea to start slowly, by taking 2-3 drops before mastering the proportions.

  • Beginners are recommended to start with thicker juice, containing more VG than PG, which gives better results and would be a good investment to boost your confidence.

  • Cleaning the atomizer head and drip tip before and after Drip Vaping can give you much better results.

Drip Vaping – Spares that make it interesting

Drip Tip

  • A drip tip is a mouthpiece that fits onto the atomizer head.

  • With a drip tip, you can avoid direct contact with the heating element.

  • Drip tip directs vaper and it is a very important spare for Drip Vaping.

  • Drip Tips are available in a variety of styles and colors on VapingZone.

  • Never ever try Drip Vaping without a drip tip, you may burn your lips!

Drip Shields

  • More health concerned vapers use Drip Shields which is yet another way of careful Drip Vaping.

  • The drip shields cover the drip tip.

  • If you have a drip tip, there is no need to invest in a shield.

Modified Atomizers

  • The mesh bridge in an atomizer could be the most annoying thing, so many simply remove it!

  • A modified atomizer is without the bridge. Modified atomizers are known to improve Drip Vaping efficiency.

Dripping Atomizers or Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA)

  • If you are sure that Drip Vaping is your thing, then we recommend you invest in something called Dripping Atomizers or Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA).

Drip Vaping – Drip E Liquid

Drip Vaping Vs. Regular Vaping

  • Drip Vaping is necessarily an open system as opposed to the regular vaping which happens in a closed system.

  • In regular vaping, the E Liquid is heated inside the atomizer tube which is closed to produce vaper and the vaper is passed through a drip tip which the vaper inhales.

  • If you do a pros and cons of regular vs. Drip Vaping you will realize that with regular vaping you may miss out the flavor and clouds. Drip Vaping is better but it needs to be limited so that it does not become a ‘regular’ thing, which again means it will be your ‘regular vaping’.

  • In regular vaping, the time it takes for the vape to travel through atomizer tube via drip tip might take its toll on flavor production and vape density. With Drip Vaping, that’s not the case, because it is direct inhaling.

  • In regular vaping, sometimes you may experience burnt taste. This may happen due to old E Cig, burning of some material inside the mod, or burning of cotton wick. In Drip Vaping, you will never experience the burnt taste as the Drip E Liquid never touches any of those elements that may give a burnt taste in regular vaping.

  • In regular vaping, once you fill the vape tank, there is no other option but to use the same E Liquid. While, in Drip Vaping, the Drip E Liquid is never stored anywhere and you are free to drip the E Liquid of your choice anytime anywhere.

Drip Vaping – Take home message

  • Drip Vaping Drip E Liquid has recently gained fame and glory. If you are a regular vaper you must try it once.

  • Drip Vaping is a simple technique that can produce amazing flavors and clouds from your same old E Cig mod.

  • Special vape juices called Drip E Liquids are used for Drip Vaping. Drip E Liquid is readily available in E Cig stores including VapingZone.

  • A technique designed for the connoisseur of vaping, Drip Vaping is a pleasant experience as compared to regular vaping.

  • Drip Vaping can be achieved with any E Cig mod, but for good results including a modified atomizer or drip atomizer is highly recommended.

We look forward to hearing your Drip Vaping experiences and any new tips you discovered. We hope Drip Vaping makes your life better and delicious.

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