Volcano Inferno Review

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Presentation/Packaging 4/5

By looking at any of Volcano’s products, it’s not hard to tell they have the art of presentation figured out. They keep it simple here, with a short square box brandishing a straightforward, appealing logo. The assembled unit (battery, atty, heat shield) is one of the most polished (literally and figuratively) eGo unit designs you’re going to come across. If you look at other eGo kits out right now, it’s not hard to tell that other vendors are following Volcano’s lead here.

Battery/Responsiveness 5/5

The Inferno’s purchase value is remarkable and it’s because of the batteries. The kit comes with two eGo batteries, but few other kits pack this much power into their kit at this low of a price. With the kit you receive two different batteries, one being an impressive 1000mAH battery (roughly 1.5 times the battery life of a standard eGo battery) that will last for days.  While it’s quite a monstrosity, minimizing size and weight really isn’t the point of this type of product. And it will honestly keep up with some mod-market products that are the size of a medieval weapon.  The other battery is a standard 650mAH eGo battery with the kicker in an added USB passthrough.  So if you’re really up against it for battery life, you can just plug right in and go with no need to wait on a charge. With these two batteries it’s essentially impossible to run out of power and for the price- it’s a steal. Being manual batteries, the responsiveness is always there. The button itself has a good feel and LED and it never stuck as some eGo batteries can from time to time. The kit also comes with a battery button cover to keep it from activating when you don’t want it to.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 5/5

It’s hard to do justice to the vapor/flavor category here in the confines of this review, so be sure to check out Volcano on our Vapor Reviews as they’re posted. Volcano offers an insane 29 different flavors of liquid or “V-Liquid”. Almost all of them taste exactly like the flavor their name suggests- “Mauna Dew”, “Kona Coffee” “Vanilla Bean”. Some certainly weren’t for me and others shot right to the top of my favorite flavors. Of course with so many different liquids, you are bound to find those you like and don’t like. They all have satisfactory throat hit and big vapor though, as their liquid is a mix of propylene glycol (flavor & throat hit) and vegetable glycerin (big, viscous vapor). Towards the Inferno specifically, they give you plenty of options as far as enjoying their liquid. The kit comes with either a drip-tip, (liquid is dripped directly onto the low-resistance atomizer, giving stronger throat hit and flavor) or refillable tanks (liquid reservoir is pierced by atomizer, allows for extended vaping without dripping). And if you can’t decide or simply don’t want to, you can order both types for a little more. In the past, I’ve rarely been a fan of tanks, but these ones are at least very user-friendly and no-mess (no needle-tip nozzle required). I’d still personally recommend the drip-tip as I’m willing to sacrifice the inconvenience of dripping for the increase in flavor and throat hit. Volcano also has all sorts of cartomizers and clearomizers you can buy separately to go with this kit, so the options for vaping experiences with one kit are numerous here. The Inferno also comes with a 15ml bottle of liquid, which is more liquid than you’ll get at no extra cost from most vendors.

Overall (Not An Average) 5/5

While it may seem like I’m trying to impress upon our readers that the Inferno is literally the best e-cig ever made, that’s not my purpose. The number of options here are both great and potentially intimidating. So while it’s definitely an awesome buy for the hardcore vaper, at the same time somebody who has never used an e-cig can pick it up and with a read of the manual, be ready to go. Overall, what you’re getting here is maximum performance at the sacrifice of size and a little simplicity. Volcano certainly understands what some customers want and is giving more of it to them than anybody else. In terms of performance, this value is very, very tough to beat. So if you don’t mind a larger and more complex e-cig, read a little beforehand (hopefully I’ve helped in that capacity) and you’ll be in vaping heaven.

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