Volcano E Cig Reviews

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Presentation/Packaging 4/5

They’ve upgraded a number of things about their product, though the presentation isn’t really one of them. Volcano still uses the tried and true magnetic flap box. While it’s not completely outdated, it does feel a little behind the times. Although a sleeker and more minimalistic design graces the outside of this kit than most. The kit, including battery and charging case does come in white now as well, allowing for a more discreetly appearing battery. They still use the same charge case as previous iterations, but then again if it’s not broke, why fix it?

Battery/Responsiveness 4/5

Volcano has moved to a two piece kit and gotten rid of the old atomizers, one way this helps their battery is that it seems to fire off quicker. The battery life is pretty solid for a mini ecig, so that could be part of the reason that they include the case charger. And it’s still one of the lightest and smallest mini batteries around, making the switch to e-cigs that much easier. Overall, their battery is better than their last version and worthy of an improved score.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 4.5/5

The vapor/flavor category is where Volcano has made the most improvement. While their flavors were always good before, now that they use cartomizers there’s no concern about flavor “burn in”. Volcano has a lot of flavor options too, all with a Hawaiian flare like “Waikiki Watermelon” and “Cherry Lava” and “Kono Coffee.”. They also have the option to use blanks with the kit, so that you can take advantage of their huge array of e-liquids. If you’ve never tried any of Volcano’s e-liquid line, you’re going to be in heaven. Also, pretty impressive that such a small ecig would produce as much vapor as this kit does, and the options they offer definitely set them apart from most other competitors.

Overall (Not An Average) 4/5

The Volcano kit is still a great value, just as it always has been. However, the product is the same price and now even better than before. They offer a solid battery for its size, and their vapor and flavor as good or better than any other similar kit on the market.  With all their accessories and options, Volcano is quickly becoming a titan of the electronic cigarette industry.

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  1. Darrel says

    the Volcano parts have obviously chosen from a high quality manufacturer. Specifications provide a very fulfilling experience. Dense vapor from the atty and the quality e-liquid. Flavors are fantastic and offer a wide variety. Shipping is fast, offering 2-day FedEx from Hawaii at a very affordable rate. Free 2-day for large orders. I’m very happy with my Volcano. I started with the V-Kit Standard and I’ve ordered extra Atomizers and Batteries to make a nice full V-Pack that gets me through the day with more to spare. I enjoy vaping so much and it’s so convenient that I’m finding I should start using a lower nicotine level.

  2. Darrel says

    I have a Volcano and Inferno and I swap batteries and Atomizers back an forth, using whatever is convenient. The Inferno (T) Kit offers two very large battery that last for days. Vapor is plentiful and the device is never hot to the touch, only warm. Flavor offerings are diverse and creative. Choconilla Haze is my new favorite. Subtle tobacco flavor with sweet vanilla and chocolate tones.

  3. Charisse Valdez says

    Flavors are good, it doesnt stink, it satisfies my nicotine craving, it saved me alot of money and I believe one day it could really help me not smoke at all.

    The only thing is, you have to make sure it’s full at all times, so that it doesnt leak.

    Otherwise, I like this product better than the others I’ve tried…no cotton, filter, etc..just drops

  4. Annette Walsh says

    We bought 2 starter kits. Had a problem with charging the batteries from the start. Every time we called customer service they said send it back. We spent three weeks trying to get these volcano cigs to work and spent $160 with no satisfaction from seller. I believe the reviews I’ve read online are submitted by volcano.

  5. Corey says

    I have spent over $500 at volcanoecigs.com over the last 8 months and have been a loyal customer to them. Recently I tried their magma tank-o-mizers and they were great so I ordered a few of those. When I received them there was one defective one that I spoke to their customer support about as it is not covered under a warranty I wanted to make sure that they knew it was a defect in the tank-o-mizer and they agreed, sent me a replacement and I was on my way. My past order I ordered 4 of them as a gift for someone and to be sure the gift was fine I tried each and every one and two of the tank-o-mizers were defective, I called volcano they instructed me to clean it and call back if it was still an issue, which it was. So after letting them dry overnight and testing them once again they both had a terrible burnt taste to them when I called them back they told me that the liquid that I was using destroyed the tank-o-mizers and it was my fault, even though I have been using the same e-liquid that I have been using with my original tank-o-mizers that I had received(Which I did make clear to their customer service rep).

    volcanoecigs.com does NOT care about their customer base, and if you order from them you better pray that they don’t send you defective merchandise because they will not replace it!

    Sincerely Warning Everyone,
    Ex Volcano ECIG Customer

  6. Josey says

    This is a great product and Volcano has the best CS ever and the best forum and chat room help is amazing

  7. Jordan says

    I have an inferno kit, a provari, several home made box mods, janty ego, and volcano’s magma. I started with the magma and it is a great kit, but i needed something with a little more “umph”. The inferno is truly a great PV, plus volcano offers a one year warranty on everything except atomizers. No other company I’ve ever seen does that, unless you are buying a mod that costs around 200 dollars. I have tried almost every major ecig company on the market, and Volcano is best by Far.

  8. Curt says

    I have bought 4 different kits from them trying to find what works best. The magma kit is ok but the batteries go dead quickly so you have to buy alot of them to get through the day. If you get one that is DOA or dies soon, they will not send you another one. Period. I’ve been nice and gotten mad with them and they will not replace anything that’s defective. I’ve been promised a WMA to be mailed but never got it and have only gotten “I’m sorry” replies from them saying they will not replace my dead goods. If you have 500 bucks to spend with them to help quit…go for it, that’s what I spent to find the inferno kit that I love and about 6 months worth of juice flavors. I hate them as people and a company but I like smoking the inferno.

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