Vapor King Reviews

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Presentation & Packaging  2.5/5

The Vapor King with E-Tank Technology presents a new take on liquid cartridges.  This 3 piece e-cig is composed of the battery, atomizer and the latest vector for delivering smoke juice, the E-Tank.  Unlike regular cartridges or cartomizers, the E-Tank contains no poly fill.  It is simply what it describes itself to be, a tank that is filled with the flavored vaping liquid.  The E-tank come sealed in a plastic wrap and you simply remove the plastic cover and insert it into the atomizer which has a needle that pierces the seal.  Once in place and screwed to the battery it is ready to enjoy.  It comes in a simple kit with two batteries an atomizer and five E-Tanks all nestled in a simple cardboard box.  Not a spectacular presentation but I’d say the performance and new technology makes up for that.

Battery & Responsiveness 4/5

The battery did an outstanding job.  It lasted for quite a few drags and didn’t seem to take entirely too long to charge.  Whenever it did die, there was another one ready to go so there is never any need to worry about having a fully charged battery on hand.  The pull on the vapor was excellent.  Nice and smooth with not a lot of effort and sufficient vapor production.  One would think too that since there is no absorbent material in these E tanks there would be a problem with leakage.  I am pleased to report this is not the case. The liquid stays well contained in the E-tank as you drag with no mess what so ever.

Flavors 4/5

The E-tanks come in two flavors: Tobacco and Menthol.  Not a very impressive selection but if these two flavors don’t suit your desires you can easily refill the tanks with any liquid of your choosing.  The tobacco flavor for the E-tank was very bold and very robust.  I equate it to that of a rich cigarette or a cigar even.  In my opinion it is an acquired taste and people with delicate palates may have a negative interpretation of it.  If the flavor doesn’t satisfy then the throat sensation definitely will.  The throat hit is nice and sharp and actually made me cough at one point.  My only complaint about the E-tank is that it doesn’t last very long.  I had dried it out completely within in a matter of hours. Fortunately a 5 pack is only $9.95 according to their website and again they can easily be refilled so it won’t put a damper on your vaping experience if you run out of E-tanks.  I myself used a plastic needle tipped disposable syringe to inject liquid into it and seemed to work rather well.

Overall 4/5 (Not An Average)

The E-tank is definitely an effective and satisfying ecig.  The liquid tanks delivery more throat bang as opposed to their poly filled counter parts.  The downside to that however is that it makes them more transitory as the liquid tends to evaporate quicker.  Luckily they are inexpensive so you can buy a steady supply of Etanks or you can refill it with your own juice.  Definitely worth it if you’re looking for a optimum vapor production and throat hit.

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