Vaping Facts You Should Know

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The vaping world is alluring, and its popularity continues to grow yearly. Many factors influence people becoming vapers. However, one of the biggest draws to vaping is that it is a healthier option to smoke cigarettes. And there are many success stories of people using vaping to quit the habit of smoking. Another fascinating aspect of vaping is the availability of different e-juice flavors. Below are a few facts every beginner vaping enthusiast should know.

Difference Between Vaping and Smoking

The question of the difference between vaping and smoking cigarettes always comes up. Some point to the fact that both allow for the consumption of nicotine. Although this is true, vaping and smoking are very different. Vaping is without combustion and is considered a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are without fire and are not packed with chemicals known for causing cancer among cigarette users. When it comes to nicotine consumption, vaping allows users to choose the quantity of vaping preferred. And this is one of the reasons why vapers can wean themselves off nicotine via vaping. And not all e-liquids contain nicotine: most come with a nicotine-free option.


E-liquids are an essential component of vaping and are widely available. If you do decide to vape, you can choose from a variety of vape juice flavors. E-liquid flavors range from fruit, dessert, and other flavors. There are different brands manufacturing e-liquids.

E-liquids are produced with several ingredients, including Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). VG and PG are non-toxic materials and affect the overall e-liquid function. VG is a thick and sweet liquid derived from vegetables. And PG is a thin liquid used in the production of several food items. E-liquids containing more VG tends to be thicker with a smoother throat hit and produces more vapor.

In contrast, e-liquids containing more PG have a harsher throat hit. A ratio of more VG and PG is ideal and the most popular among e-liquid manufacturers. Max VG e-liquids are also popular. Besides VG and PG, another vital ingredient in e-liquids is nicotine. Most e-liquids are available with different concentration levels of nicotine. E-liquids containing nicotine salt also have a higher concentration level of nicotine.

The quality of an e-liquid depends on the quality of ingredients used, which depends on the manufacturer. At Four Seasons Eliquids, we take pride in our production process. We have experienced mixers and do not use any artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or additives. All e-liquids produced by Four Seasons are natural and contain real tobacco.

How Vaping Works

How vaping works is simple, and all you need to get started is a durable device. You inhale and exhale the e-liquid. A vape mod, also called a battery source, powers the coil (a heating element). The coil heats up and vaporizes the vape juice into a small chamber called the atomizer. Tanks also work in the place of atomizers. The tank is convenient since e-liquid goes straight to the atomizer.

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