V2 Cigs Reviews

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Presentation/Packaging 4/5

Not much has changed with the packaging and presentation of the kit itself. Still, that isn’t really a knock on the packaging, it does it’s job. One change they have made though is that now all of their accessories have the appropriate branding. The wall adapter, carrying case, and USB recharge case all got a nice little face lift.

Battery/Responsiveness 5/5

Overall, V2 Cigs battery life has dramatically improved. If you read my previous review of the V2 battery, you’ll remember that it wasn’t pretty. I kept dragging multiple times and was never satisfied. A couple of times early on, it actually made me crave a regular cigarette out of frustration. Not a proud moment for me. You’ll be happy to know that V2 has listened to their customer’s concerns, and now offers one of the most responsive batteries on the market. I don’t know precisely what they did to make this improvement, because on the outside, it appears to be the same hardware. However, this is not a book to be judged by its cover, because it has an incredibly smooth draw and produces a nice cloud of vapor.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 5/5

V2 definitely improved their selection of flavors. They may have changed the content of their juice as well, because the taste itself is leaps and bounds over what I’ve tried previously. Then again, it may just be because of their improved battery producing more vapor for a more pronounced taste. Any way you slice it, it now produces a great tasting vapor all the way through. The same plethora of flavors is available, so there’s something for everyone. My favorite is Congress (I used to smoke Parliaments.)Great job guys.

Overall (Not An Average) 5/5

The same abundance of accessories that we reviewed are still an excellent value. Still, I wish they would show the pass through a little love. If so, then there’s no going wrong with this new and improved kit by V2. Still, that’s just a minor complaint. I’m honestly a little flabbergasted by the vast improvement made in just the past couple of months since I last reviewed their kit. Their new battery is a quick hitter, draws as smooth as any on the market, and it produces a more distinguishable vapor with a great flavor. There’s a lot of value here, and anyone from the casual smoker to the pack a day or more crowd should feel right at home with this improved version.

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  1. Jacey Halen says

    I work as a model in NYC, and I am very concerned about health. I eat well, I exercise, but smoking was always the thing In my life that just didn’t fit. The problem was that I really enjoyed smoking. With V2 I get everything I loved about smoking without all the nasty consequences. My breath is clean. I don’t need to whiten my teeth four times a week. And best of all I can feel the difference in my lungs. I just can’t stop telling my friends about this product. Simply Amazing

  2. Larry Apsey says

    I have heavily smoked for 45 years. My brother Leo convinced me to try the electronic cig. I tried another brand, after it fell apart and having to suck my eyes out I tried V2. It has turned out to be a total replacement for tobacco cigs, with no cheating at all !!! For me that is an accomplishment loved by my other half with no end. Thank to all the hard working people at V2, keep up the good work and research. I look forward to improvement…if it’s possible!! To all that might read this….switch to V2 you won’t be sorry!!!

  3. Brett Michael Gianelli says

    I just ordered the ultimate kit w/ the menthol….BANGIN….I used to smoke a pack plus a day of newports and newport lights for about 15 or more years….Have no desire to ever go back…I actually smoked a newport earlier today cause I fo…rgot my batteries at home and I litterally gagged…NASTY!!!!
You kick ass V2….Thanks for everything

  4. Unknown says

    I like many of you people out there was a major skeptic. After much research I decided to go with V2 because they offered a money back guarantee if not satisfied and brought the latest technology to the table. With ultra helpful and accommodating staff on hand to answer any questions or concerns that I may have had.
I’ve been about a pack and a half smoker (Newport Lights) for almost 20 years and since I found out that I was gonna be a daddy about 8 months ago, I wanted to make sure that my bad habit didn’t affect his health and my wife pregnancy. The fact that it only emits a water vapor smoke and no harmful chemicals to be blown into the air makes it all worth it.
Like any kind of change it takes some adjusting to but I’m already sold on the product. So if you’re on the fence about this product and worry about your health or the health of those around you….Try the V2 E CIG…It’s got a guarantee…what do you have to lose?

Ps. If you’re planning on totally committing to the product and program, I absolutely recommend the Ultimate starter kit…It has all the bells and whistles…Totally cheaper than buying a la carte….

Thanks again V2!!!!!!!

  5. Stacey Douthitt VanMetre says

    My husband got his electronic cigarette about 2 weeks ago, I have to say, I was skeptic at first. We ordered one starter pack, just to see if it worked. I have to say, I am very impressed. I am getting ready to order my own kit. I work in surgery, so I do see the effects of smoking in so many people and am finally glad that there is something out there to truly help people stop smoking for good.

  6. Hans Von Karman says

    I thought it was a little pricey till I checked some other sites. This kit came with everything and for not much more than much more basic kits I found on other sites. I feel like I got a pretty good value and have been happy with my purchase.

  7. Lucy Campbell says

    “Wow, I am totally floored by this product! I tried this at one of your promotions on Las Olas Boulevard and I simply couldn’t believe how much it felt like the real thing. I bought four V2 standard kits the next day. I gave one to my Mom on Mothers Day, and she hasn’t bought a pack since… after 37 years of smoking. I can’t praise you guys enough, you’re doing a real service to the community with

  8. John and Joia Di Carlo says

    I have to admit trying V2 Cigs was my wife’s idea. But it has been three weeks and we are both down to the light versions and have not had an tobacco in weeks. Seems like we will be on the no nicotine Cartridges in no time. I feel great. Thanks to the guys at V2 Cigs!

  9. Tommy Urbina says

    I smoked 2 packs a day for 34 years. V2 gave me back my life. I’m smoke free, I have more energy than I’ve had in years, food tastes better, I can breathe when I get up in the morning, my car doesn’t smell, and last month I saved over $200. I can’t offer a better testimonial than that

  10. John Hebert says

    I’ve tried everything. Patches, gum, medication, cessation, everything. If you try this, you’ll find the best answer to quitting actual “smoking”. This thing satisfies the craving for nicotine, PERIOD. It feels very similar to actual smoking. If you can’t give up “real” smokes with this product, then you really don’t want to.

  11. Shawn says

    Today i got my ultimate kit. I did alot of research before deciding to go with V2 and found it to be the best company. I got the congress flavor i used to smoke camels and marlboro its a great match with my taste. I had a pack of cigs i finished off throughout the day and made sure i was out just incase. I was kind of resistant to trying it, assuming it wouldnt fit my needs as far as a cigarette goes. I charged it up took a drag and man was i wrong! I tell you what, it drags like a real cig and you can feel it in you’re lungs…its perfect! no more processed tobacco for me. 4,000 different chemicals in a normal tobacco cigarette yeah no thanks…I’ll stick with V2!

  12. Joe says

    I just had a son born in October 2009. My wife and I recently just found out she is pregnant again with TWINS!! I smoked a pack and a half of Marlboro a day. Needless to say, I need to stop smoking for my kids. I purchased a starter kit from Blu. I returned it only after two days. It was such a disappointment. V2′s two-piece design really does make a huge difference. Lots of vapor and consistent from start to finish. I love the power cig and the manual batteries. You get way more control with the manual. When I received my starter kit I noticed a couple items were damaged. After contacting customer service, they were more than happy to fix any problem I had. They are awesome with answering any question you may have or fixing any problem. I have to say, they have the very best customer service I have ever dealt with. I could not be happier with this product and customer service. If you’re ready to make the switch from traditional cigs I highly recommend V2.

  13. Adam H says

    i love this product, first time i feel good about quiting smoking, has been over 1 week smoke free and easy to do, feel better smell better and already getting my taste back, time to try some flavors, cause tobacco starting to taste bad to me now, but that is good thing, LUV IT

  14. Amanda Maher says

    I’ve tried other e-cigarettes and had problems with the cheap hardware being DOA or not working well. I have NEVER had that with V-2 and like the reviewer, I prefer the auto batteries. V2’s auto batteries kick a$$!! I don’t have to pull and pull… who knows what he’s talking about.

    I’m just a regular girl that managed to stay away from getting addicted to anything but those darn cigarettes. Getting V2 was the best thing I ever did. The flavors are fantastic. I am not one to want to get a syringe and fill cartos myself with eliquid. There’s still a 50% savings using the pre-filed V2 cartos, so I’m all about that safety and convenience of never worrying with that aspect of it. Flavors in order of my preference (I was a parliament smoker) 1. Congress 2. Menthol 3. Cowboy 4. Peppermint 5. Cherry. Love it, love it, love it!!!!

  15. Alexis says

    I like that it wasnt expensive at all compared to other e cigs. It also has the two piece disposable cartridge which is awesome!

  16. brandon says

    I love this product. it is so simple but yet so effective. Have not wanted a real cigarette in weeks.

  17. Diane Apodaca says

    I did alot of research before deciding to go with V2 and found it to be the best company. It’s 2 piece design makes a tremendous difference. Lots of vapor and consistent from start to finish. With V2 I get everything I loved about smoking. I especially like that I can do it in my home, car , movie theater, dinner etc – There is no smell at all to this product!!

  18. Gary Fleming says

    Everything they advertise about there products are true. The products met ever one of my expectations or higher. The only problem is getting the product from V-2. In a world where a long delivery time is one week, they seem to feel 3 to 4 weeks is perfectly acceptable.

  19. john says

    The product is amazing. You get great full puffs that really satisfy. The price is a little higher than some, but if you use coupon codes and save on ur order. Give it a try, there is a money back guarantee.

  20. chris says

    love this ecig product so far, all the reviews were good and i can now see why!

  21. Tony says

    I love this product and I quit smoking tobacco all together! Only bad thing it takes forever to ship! It usually takes about 10 days till it ships out because the product is so good and the demand for it is unbelievable! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

  22. Janet McClure says

    I HAD to quit after I lost an entire lung node to cancer. V2 e-cigs still give me the nicotine hit my brain wants, but nothing goes in my lungs except the water vapor which looks and acts like real smoke. I smoked e-cig at the doctor’s office last week.

    God bless, Janet in Memphis

  23. Marty Rollins says

    I smoked for 28 yrs, and the V2 has helped me to make the transition from “real” cigarettes to the electronic ones, seamlessly.

    I love the flavor, the vapor and most of all, I love to smoke them in places where “real” cigarettes would be considered taboo.

  24. Jim Ashton says

    Today i got my ultimate kit. I did a lot of research before deciding to go with V2 and found it to be the best company. Have a great taste and the battery works very good, is the best decision.

  25. gayle says

    I’ve been smoking for 13 years and was only ever able to stop when i was pregnant with my kids.. right after i had them i started back up again.. I hated having to go outside in the weather to smoke and the idea of hurting my kids lungs.. I’ve tried everything to quit..patches,gums even scripts.
    NOTHING worked.. Got a economy starter kit to try V2, and it;s fantastic… i had 2 cigs after i got it and found i couldn;t stand the taste, so now i’ve been reg cig free for almost 2 weeks.. THANKS V2!!!

  26. Tamy Green says

    V2 is the best E-cig I’ve tried. I’ve been ripped of from other company s, but never from V2. the things they clam are all true and for the money they are the best you can get. there flavors are top notch and the customer service is the best I’ve ever dealt with. all and all any one buying a different product should have there head examined. V2 is the best.

  27. Carol Jacobi says

    V2 Cigs are like smoking a real cig.
    They have several flavors to choose from
    The Atomizer and Cartridge are all in one so you only need to charge the battery and screw on the cartridge and start smoking. So easy and feels so much like the real cigarette. I have smoked for ove 40 years and decided to try the V2 cig..only wish I had started earlier.

  28. Robert Dietz says

    Been smoking for 13 years. I have been diagnosed with M.S. In 04′ and had to find something to help with my illness. Talked to my neurologist and he recommended this product instead of the real thing. So I’ve been on V2 now for couple months and my body and health have never felt better. So congrats to V2 putting out a product to help people not scam them for there money trying to benifit themselfs and try to quit. – Dietz

  29. Jeff S says

    V2 saved my life. I researched e-cigs extensively before deciding on one. I went with V2. I could not be happier with my decision. From the product to the customer service V2 is exceptional. I have not had a cigarette since my V2 starter kit was sent to me over a month ago. The vapor is thick and smoke-like and I honestly have not missed cigarettes at all…it is absolutely amazing. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Thank you V2!

  30. Mia says

    V2 hands down is the best!! WOW!!! I have tried others and they were messy or would get super hot when I took a drag or you had to puff and prime them.. And the liquid irritated my lips.. Now I just got my V2 on 5/12/2011… I have not touched a traditional cig since it came to my door.. I have tried to quit smoking before gums patches ect.. And I would crave a cigaret so bad even thow the product had nicotine. Now I got the Ultimate Kit because I am ready to jump on the vapor band wagon.. It was ordered on the evening of the 10th and was at my door in just 2days!! My husband is so impressed. I am a big fan and am so please with the Manual batteries.. They offer a long battery.. I vaped on this all day yesterday and it is surprisingly still going.. I love the V2 power cig and all the options of ways to charge.. Thank You V2 You have make me a happy woman!! Bravo!!!

  31. Mary Jo Johnston says

    I have smoked for about 10 years and am now cigarette and e-cigarette free after only 2 1/2 months using v2 cigs. I started with the light cartridges and moved down to the zeros. I am very pleased with the product but the company is terrible. My original order was delayed 3 weeks due to a cartridge shortage. I placed an order April 22 and have still not received the correct item! The wrong items have been sent twice now. I have called customer service 6 times and received a different excuse everytime. So all in all, great product but I don’t recommend dealing with this company. There are enough options available for e-cigarettes that you can go somewhere else and save yourself the headache.

  32. Christina says

    I purchased a kit over a month ago. I cannot express how pleases I am with this product. I’ve completely stopped real cigarettes with ease. Customer service is also great. I emailed about an issue I was having (user error) with the portable charger and got a reply instantly and was directed to call customer service where they walked me through my stupidity. Not only is this a fantastic product, but the company behind it is great as well. Also the shipping is very fast. I couldn’t be happier and am so happy I found v2cigs.

  33. TRE says

    I have tried to quit smoking many many times. This is my first day with the V2. I had to compare it with smoking a Newport. I am amazed with how I like this better. No more sneaking out to hide the fact that I am still smoking. My husband was very sensitive to cigarette smoke. I could never hide the fact that I had smoked. With the v2 I can still get the satisfaction of smoking with out my husband having to deal with the smell. I am sooooo glad I came across this site and decided on the v2.
    I was unsure if I could find a e-cig that tasted like my newports. I searched and researched until I came across the v2. I am absolutely sure I will never go back to Newports again.

  34. Scott says

    I am not totally against the v2 but my experience was not as exited or hyped it up to be. In my experience the Safe Cig is the ultimate cigarette to make my nerves tremble. But that’s just me 🙂

  35. lela says

    GREATEST thing ever! I love the V2 everything from its style its promance and their flavors! I bought mine in stainless steel to me its so classy and I don’t think Ive seen it offered any where else at least as the same price as the other colors! For me with the V2 as soon as a got it I started using it and it was that simple to stop smoking normal cigs! I also have a 20% discount code*(121075)* good for any kit you decide you want and there is no Exp. date so you don’t have to wonder if it is going to work once you get to the site! Good luck hope you love your new V2!!!!!

  36. ashly says

    Look, If you want to switch to vaping versus smoking, this is the most painless way to do it. As soon as i got the couples kit, my husband and i have not looked back. No real cigs!!! V2 is amazing and i can’t stop talking about it!! I love this product. Thought nothing would work but this did. Use this code to get 15% OFF!!!


    You are on your way to being smoke free with no “pain”! Good Luck!

  37. ashly says

    The best. Period.

  38. Kasey says

    Pack a day smoker for 15 years and have tried and claimed that i would quit for the last 6 years. After failing and never being able to go one day without a cigarette, i ordered the V2. I never imagined it would work the way it has. Since i got the v2, i havent had a real cigarette i’m going on day 4 cigarette free. Hallelujah. I can already tell a difference in my breathing. This is awesome!

  39. Sarah says

    I’m not going to say ‘Don’t buy this cigarette etc.etc.etc.’
    It works just as i hoped, but the cartridge for a full was very very strong. I ordered an extra 5 packs in case i would need them, but they are all Full 18mg Vanilla, and i didn’t expect it to be so strong. The nicotine was less than a regular cigarette. I can hardly smoke this without coughing, and I’ve been a smoker for a few years now.
    Just a little warning… if you smoke regular full flavor, try the medium, because the full is too strong.
    The vanilla cartridge is wonderful, but i rather dissaprove that when i suck in to inhale, it is very warm, and makes me cut off short. I expected it to be cold, where it was water vapor.
    It is a good cigarette to have, but be careful when choosing cartridges.

    ALSO, when mine came in the mail today, the box was opened, along with the cartridges, and they were all spilled out of the box. I was grateful for their coupons that they sent because im going to have to order some mediums where this full flavor is too strong.

  40. Parker says

    I love v2! There product came fast in the mail because I choose 2 day shipping, and there customer service is great as well!

  41. Elizabeth Easton says

    I ordered the Ultimate kit. It arrived with the charging case missing; those were on back order and it took several months to finally receive mine.
    Other than that, there’s NOTHING I don’t like about V2 cigs. The throat hit is just as good as that of an analog (“real”) cig, especially when you use the manual battery. V2s come in 10 different flavors, with more on the way, so every smoker should be able to find one they particularly like (my current favorites: Coffee, Sahara, Congress, and Vanilla). It has now been over 2 weeks since I had an analog cigarette, and with each passing day I feel a little more confident about actually quitting, after almost 40 years as a smoker who had a FOUR PACK A DAY habit before trying V2s. The customer service is excellent; the reps know their product, since most of them are V2 users also. The cartridges may be a bit more expensive than other ecig brands, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for…and in the case of V2 Cigs, you get A LOT!

  42. Bob Leroy says

    Everything I love about it from the battery, vapor production, and flavors. If you a smoker who wants to quit….V2 will be the right one for you. I did a lot of research before purchasing this brand….and I must say I’m pretty happy with it. Way to go V2!

  43. Troy Blymire says

    In my experience V2 has been everything I could have hoped for. My whole ordering process went smoothly from beginning to end. I did A LOT of research before finally settling on V2 as my e-cig supplier, and since my starter kit arrived (back in March) I have not had a cigarette! V2 has many different flavors to choose from and so far all that I have tried have been fantastic. Their carts last at least as long as a pack of traditional cigs would and their batteries hold a long charge. I was also really impressed by the amount of vapor V2 e-cigs produce…very thick and smoke-like. I honestly do not miss cigarettes at all! In fact it feels like I am still smoking. They have many different batteries/cartridges/accessories to choose from and they have managed to mimic the whole sensation/feeling/throat hit of smoking an actual cigarette. I recommend V2 strongly to anyone interested in trying e-cigs. Not only am I saving money it is nice to know that I may also be saving my life. I have read where some had problems with V2’s shipping times and I can say that I have never had any problems at all. V2’s customer service is outstanding (no, I do not work for V2) and they go out of their way to please their customers. Not only is the product and customer service great but they are always running sales and have discounts…I entered the code 75965 for %15 percent off of my starter kit! Use this same code on the final payment page and it will save you %15 percent as well. V2 has truly changed my life and it is wonderful to now consider myself a “non-smoker”!!!
    Troy B.

  44. Alexia says

    I tried a free offer from the internet for an e-cig. While I waited I picked up a disposable e-cig at a gas station. I was hooked on the idea instantly but the disposable was a lot bigger. The free offer came and it was horrible and came with the price of my info being sold! Then I tried Premium e-cig. I bought a basic starter kit at the local smoke shop. It was pretty good but they have batteries with a male thread and one with a female thread and there was confusion about that even on the web site. I had to bargin with the smoke shop owner to exchange it for a more expensive kit that they actually sell the carts for. Finally, I did some research and settled on V2cigs and got the travelers starter kit. Charging my cell phone is hard enough so I love the PCC which stores and charges my batteries and catridges. I’m still trying flavors but so far I like the Red flavor the best. Tried cherry and chocolate. I also appreciate that they package the refills for a discounted price. Premium has all th custom design batteries but they only sell single packs of carts. Also the V2 cig and carts are interchangeable with other e-cigs like Premium and they even sell an adaptor! I gave my boyfriend my Premium kit and I buy carts from V2 for both of us. I couldn’t be happier! I’m on a mission now to make vaping e-cigs mainstream.

  45. Muse says

    I am soooooo happy i bought this! I have been a clove smoker for 9 years and I never thought I could find a replacement. The old cloves were yummy but after Obama the new ones were disgusting. The taste in my mouth was horrible. I tried buying from indonesia but sometimes the packs got confiscated by customs. In that I decided to try and SEE. OH MY GOD. I haven’t even cheated. I tried to taste a clove and I almost gagged! I can’t believe I was smoking that crap! My life, lungs and daughter thank you V2! Oh one more thing, one manual battery broke on me and V2 replaced it no issues!!!!! So happy! They are awesome!

  46. Wendy says

    I started out with v2 and loved it. The shipping was fast and customer service excellent. The vapor was inconsistent but still impressive at times. A couple months later, I received a large order of cartomizers. 8 – 5 packs of 1 flavor were duds. One burnt inhale and gone. v2 told me to vape them all and let me know how many bad ones. Ick! I got money back on 5 packs instead of all 8, and they insisted they had no other problems with that batch. HMMM. Ever since my catridges have not tasted or vaped the same. The shipping time has doubled and I am hearing more reports of other customers having complaints. I have switched to Halo, and what a difference. The vapor is huge and the flavors are clean sublime. The batteries are awesome and half the price. I can’t say Halo is the best do to lack of experimentation, but they certainly kick v2’s butt and should be up in their #2 spot. Now I have 50 v2 catridges, and can’t even stomach vaping them. Dripping good flavors in empty carts made me realize the difference. Don’t settle, Experiment!

  47. S. Robert Weiser says

    started off great. ordered 40 extra cartridges and 1/3 of them were bad. ordered 40 more and so far the first three were bad. going to try another brand. btw, I had no probs with shipping, it was surprisingly quick, but I don’t care if they get it to me overnight if they are duds.

  48. Ashley Beach says

    Like I said, there is nothing wrong with the product, it does exactly what it says it does. It took a couple of days to get used to, but other than that, it’s amazing. Now, let me share my experience with the shipping. I placed my first order of cartridges in September. I was informed that half of my order wasn’t in stock so I called and changed my order. I also paid EXTRA for overnight because I was desperately low on cartridges. That was on October 11. The only reason I paid extra for the overnight is because A. I was assured to get them the 12th and B. Because I needed them. So the 12th comes and goes. I check on their website and see that it was SHIPPED the 12th. Naturally I call and explain the problem, the gentleman was very nice and told me that he would see what they could do on their end and that he would talk to his superiors. He then assured me that my cartridges would be arriving the 13th. Today. I decide to track my order….just in case….. only to find out that my package will not be arriving till the 17th!!! Naturally I think this must be a problem through the shipping company….it wasn’t. I call the company, give them the tracking number, to find out that they were told regular ground delivery and NOT overnight. So… I left a very angry message with V2 and if I do not hear back when they open, I will call again and speak with someone. I can handle a mistake, we all make them, but constant mistakes make me rethink who I give my money.

  49. Bruce B says

    The company has terrible skills in delivering their product. They need to put on their website when and while you are ordering what is in stock and not. They emailed me 2 days later after my order and V2 hoped their supplier would have product within a week. That is poor.

  50. nancy k says

    great great 🙂
    i tried 3 other e cigs there menthol is the best i have tried. they should put that in there adds. For example there menthol is similar to a newport, capri and kools.

  51. Paul says

    I started with my starter pkg back in Jul/Aug. Quick ship and man the product was mind-blowing. Anytime I had an issue I would just live-chat or leave a message and within 24hrs a response was provided or problem resolved. Spare battery went bad and they replaced no worries. Stay away from the clearance carts unless you order a few at a time. If you place a big order these are not overstocked, they are at the end of their shelf-life. Supposedly the carts have a shelf-life of 6wks, so depending on when you order will depend on how long the last. Nothing on their site saying anything about that though. Complained but had to really complain and go up to next in command to get any resolve and that was little to nothing. Ordered the liquid and even pre-ordered, so that I could vape (yeah you learn new terminology) but its been a month now and have asked and asked but no result other than backordered.

  52. Ben Jenkins says

    I find both the review here and the info on V2’s website to be a bit exaggerated. One of these cartridges will last most of one day, a battery will last slightly less long than that after a full charge. But the statement in this review that they retain the same flavor throughout is just not true. As the content gets lower you get a distinct ‘burnt’ taste and have to labor to get any vapor. Every time.

    Some of the cartridges I ordered were COMPLETELY empty – not one single puff. At the amount they charge for them, this is not acceptable. Recently I placed an order, and they were out of a bunch of what I wanted but still let the order go through, and then shipped it without even giving me a chance to change the order. And you can still go on their website and order these things and it won’t tell you that they’re out! That’s just bad business practice. But they still charged me the full $$ for what I had ordered, without giving me a chance to change the order. That really, really bothers me. If you aren’t filling the order or allowing me to update it, DO NOT take my money. This is business 101, folks.

    The website has a contradictory description about the cartridges. In one place it says to use them no more than 5 times, in another it says you can reuse them 5-20 times. Which is it? It also gives a description as to how to open and refill a cartridge that does not work at all and which in fact breaks the cartridge, rendering it useless.

    When the cartridge is actually full, it works great, although I could still use a much longer battery life. But receiving blank carts (4 or 5 out of an order of 40!) has put a real damper on the whole thing. Then when I tried to self-refill, they’re out of blanks and have that weird, non-working description on the website. I’m trying to give you guys money for your products, and you keep not having them!?! Why?

    If this is as good as e-cigs get, I’m worried. It’s better than smoking, but I’ll be back smoking over the holiday since they couldn’t fill my order and I don’t have the funds to go and buy a whole new starter kit from another company. I will probably do so after the holidays though, and sell my used kit to someone else and let them deal with V2.

  53. Christian von Hapsburg Westphalian says

    This is the first time I have really had a chance of quitting ! I for once feel hopeful , for health reason. At the age of 53 I have had 3 strokes and have tried everything to quit , I finally found it the V2.cigs
    I cannot stress how thankful I am to this company, all this and they are less than half the price of real cigarettes !!!!
    With Sincere Thanks , Zazou

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