The Safe Cig Reviews

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Note: The Safe Cig is no longer available. Not to worry, one superior product that we’d recommend is V2 Cigs. Click here to check out our V2 cigs review.

Presentation/Packaging 5/5

The Safe Cig comes in the most minimalistic clean looking packaging of any electronic cigarette I’ve used. Seriously, it couldn’t be any classier if it was wearing a top hat and a monocle. The Safe Cig even comes shrink wrapped straight from the manufacturer, which sets them apart in regard to quality control and professionalism. Another factor that sets them apart from the competition is how in tune they are with the first time e-cig user, as they even include a “Start Here” guide rather than the owner’s manual as the first thing you see when you open the box. It gets right down to the business of giving the user an easily digestable way to understand what’s included in their kit and how to use it.

Battery/Responsiveness 5/5

The standard battery used by The Safe Cig is the most responsive automatic e-cig battery I’ve tried. The first drag is a perfect drag, whereas many comparable brands require 1 or more “priming” drags before they’re ready to fire up. The standard batteries are branded just like all their accessories, and includes the faux rings as well as orange cartomizers with little flecks to look more like a cigarette than some cigarettes do. Just like most e-cig batteries, a 4-6 hour life is to be expected. However, when it works as well as this one does it can certainly feel like longer.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 4/5

The vapor produced by The Safe Cig’s cartomizer is as good as you’re likely to find in any e-cig. Part of the reason for this is because of the relationship between the extended connector on thier cartomizer and the advanced programming and responsiveness of their batteries. The amount of vapor leaves nothing to be desired, nor does the flavor. The Safe Cig has opted not to deal with potential litigation down the road and only offers traditional, classic tobacco, and menthol flavors; all of which taste great. There are few options to choose from, and some people feel more comfortable the less it feels like they’re smoking a cigarette. This will always be the great e-cig debate until some sort of regulation comes down, whether it’s fair or not to the market as a whole.

Overall (Not An Average) 5/5

The Safe Cig has the most professional appearance outside the box, and the most comfortable one inside. They definitely want you to feel warm and fuzzy with your product, and the steps they’ve taken to improve their product over the last couple of years really pay off. I can honestly say that from top to bottom, it’s the best e-cig I’ve used. The battery never hesitates, there’s plenty of vapor that tastes great, and the value of the product versus what you pay for it is definitely in favor of the consumer.

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  1. Kim says

    After at least 15 years of smoking, I had virtually given up hope of ever quitting. I’d tried so many quitting smoking methods and never had any success until I tried a new product called the Safe Cig. One of my biggest fears was that when I quit smoking cigarettes, I would gain weight. While using the Safe Cig, my energy level has increased and I’ve been able to make exercise a bigger part of my daily routine. I’m healthier, I’ve stopped poisoning my body with carcinogens, and I’m saving an enormous amount of money! The Safe Cig has given me HOPE of a tobacco free future, which I’ve never had since the day I became addicted to cigarettes.




  3. Fred Schaffer, "Smoke Free Freddy" says

    I smoked for about 35 years and had quit before for limited periods of time, using both gum and going cold turkey. After my original delivery of “Safe Cigs” I became a non-smoker. I smoked only 4 1/2 more cigarettes over 2 weeks. Two to compare, two because of a dead battery and finally a 1/2 of one, again because of a dead (before I got my 2nd battery) battery, “it tasted like sh_t” I threw it away. Then I gave away the balance (15 cigarettes) of the pack in my pocket. Its been seven weeks now and I feel confident in saying I am tobacco free. I feel better, the smokers cough has pretty much gone away. I caught a cold, and it was much less painful to deal with as a non-smoker. And the benefits Just keep coming, at around $6.50 a pack I would have spent about $325.00 or more these past few weeks. Instead I spent roughly $60 excluding investment in the start up kit of less than $90. My cost going forward for “Safe-Cigs” should be no more than $15.00 a week instead of roughly $50.00 a week saving me $35.00 a week. Without a calculator handy that’s around $1,500.00 a year I’ll save! To do with as I choose. Maybe a vacation to celebrate being a non-smoker. My wife is thrilled that my clothes and I don’t smell like smoke anymore. We can now drive together in her car and I’m not rolling down (its below freezing in Michigan right now) the window in my car. Now with a smoking ban about to become (5/1/2010) effective in Michigan I won’t have to go outside freezing, missing events, the big play of the game, conversations and who knows what, after all I’ve missed it in the past. I want to, Hell it’s almost my duty, to turn as many people on to the “Safe-Cig” as I can. Oh yeah I forgot the best or easiest part I am not being deprived of any of the things that got me started and have kept me a smoker for 35 years. Thanks Safe-Cig

  4. Dana says

    I was smoking 2 packs a day, switched to the Safe Cig. on two days of safe cig only!!! Love this, and not feeling even close to craving for a real cig. Great vapor, nice draw, good taste.

  5. Matthew Swens says

    I received the starter kit and have been using the 0 mg. safecig WITHOUT SMOKING for four days. After smoking for over 40 years and never really attemping to quit before, I am so thrilled! The safecig is just what I needed to finally quit. IT WORKS!!!

  6. Lisa Burgonette says

    Let me say how much I have enjoyed The Safe Cig product, no tars, toxins, and no odor. Thanks!

  7. Johanna C. Sonnak says

    I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your product. I’ve been a smoker for over 40 years and find the “Safe Cig” a wonderful alternative. I have been telling everyone I know about your product with hope they will make the switch as I did. I just may have made you a few sales this morning when I was at the hairdresser. Thanks for the great product and a healthier life style.

  8. Robert Escerera says

    I am very pleased with this product, and have been feeling much better since using this instead of real cigarettes. My coughing and stuffy nose are a thing of the past.

  9. Unknown says

  10. Mary Knight says

    I have smoked for 54 years (1-2) packs a day been on the safe cig 10 days now and amazed at my success. I found I needed to go to my place outside the frist 3-4 days to smoke the e cig and did smoke 2 packs I still had alternatively with the e cig. I purchased 1 pack thinking I could just smoke a few a day. I don’t know why but I smoked that pack up so fast. At $9. a pack here I just refused to purchase anymore. It took my about 3 days to realize I was just fine with the e cig alone. I am on cloud nine right now with how much better I feel, how relaxed I am with guest to my home. My house is smelling much better but my car smells like dirty socks still. I have tried everything to get the stinch out. Even though I smoked little in the car. My little chihuahua of 5 years has become a lap dog at last. I am a diabetic and find staying on my diet is actually easier. I take two types of inhalers for COPD and asthma. Before the safe e cig I had to use Advir 2 times a day now 1 time a day and albuteral every four hours now only as a precaution before walking and/or exercise. At 74 I feel my life is just beginning.

  11. Unknown says

  12. serge roso says

    Have been without a real cigarette for a week and no cravings for one at all… it`s like a miracle!
    On the down side, I doubt the claims that one cartridge equals one pack or two as somewhere noted. Smoking a real cig lasts about 3 minutes..and one cartridge surely won`t last 1 hour of smoking..but hey I`m not complaining too much as I put the positives up against the negatives…. the positives clearly outweigh the negatives, so this product gets my full recommendation!

  13. Tamisha Newsom says

    I ordered the Safecig on the 5th of Jan 2011 and received it on the 8th. I just want to say this is a great product, I love the fact that I am no longer taking in different chemicals while smoking. I started with the 6mg and will start the 0mg in hopes of quitting smoking in the next coming months. Thanks Safecig for saving me $150 a months on cigarettes.

  14. A long time smoker... says

    Having tried No.7 and e-Lights from friends I was considering giving a ecig a try in the effort to quit smoking tobacco forever. Being a smoker for over 15 years, I have quit in the past for as long as 1 1/2 always finding myself going back. Seems to be the same cycle…patch/chantex/etc…quit for a while and always find myself enjoying a smoke here and there months later which always spins out of control quickly putting me right back where I was…A FULL TIME pack a day smoker. Knowing my cycle, I needed something that will prevent me from ever going back to the real thing.

    I researched ecigs, read reviews, etc. before buying and I came up with the following being the features I felt were important in an ecig.

    Look for 2 part design, high vapor production, smart charging shutoff.

    The safe cig met all of my requirements and seems to get good reviews online.

    I deciding to order the biggest starter kit they offered (around $130). My shipment came in priority USPS in 2 days of ordering (this Friday). I couldn’t be happier! Professional packaging, clear and simple instructions, batteries we precharged so I was able to use them right away. At first the flavor was od compared to my Marlboro menthol lights but I quickly adjusted. The vapor production is fantastic compared to the no7 and elight I tried. Battery lasted close to 36 hours (overall time not usage time). I am currently on my 3rd battery and still on the same cartridge. I am completely off of tobacco now and my lungs already feel fantastic!! I could go on and on for this review… OVERALL: You cant go wrong with this product! SUPER FAST SHIPPING and quality made. Fantastic product. One of the best purchases Iv ever made!

  15. Andy G. says

    A top brand of e cigarette, but the customer service really lacks.

  16. Jason says

    I love this cig. My friend smokes the blu brand and man can I tell the difference. The quality of this product is outstanding and makes you feel that you spent your money well. Smoking most of my life, this product fits the mold and will defiantly be the cure to my addiction with “real” smokes. Thank you ecigadvaced for an accurate review and one happy smoker-soon to be non. Buy this product and don’t waste your time with Blu and anything below it.

  17. Eric P. says

    I must agree with the reviewer (above, Blake). The quality of this product starts at the packaging and extends right through to the product and the taste. The minimalistic packaging is reminiscent of the type of packaging Apple uses on their products. The instructions are well-planned an executed. But the nitty-gritty is the actual product. The flow sensor is sensitive and accurate; it works first time, every time. Plenty of vapor for a satisfying feeling. I smoke full flavor menthol and the Safe -Cig full-flavor menthol cartridge tastes great. It actually tastes better than my normal cigarettes! Any the cost saving is exceptional.

    Like others, my cough too has been eliminated, I feel better, and I smell better! Because this has no smell… my car, my clothes, everything has improved dramitically… yet I didn’t have to give up anything.

    A side effect that I never expected is that I never need to find a lighter or matches. I grab a few good drags… and I’m good! It’s so simple, it’s so convenient, and it’s so satisfying.

    I used to smoke Pall Mall – Menthol, and Marlboro Menthol… but not now. The flavor and feeling is actually better.

    I would love to quite this habit all together… and I’m still focused on that. But if my addition switches to this SafeCig in the short-term… I’m OK with that. I know it’s better than the carcinogens in Tobacco smoke.

  18. chip davis says

    I love the product, but out of 20 refills, I have had to throw 4 or 5 away either because they were menthol packaged as traditional or they had a very bnoxious taste. I have submitted a complain to them. I hope they can straighten up because I like the product. I just hate to throw away 10 bucks worth of refills every week or two!!!

  19. Raquel says

    So… 10 days ago I received this product. At that time I had been smoking a pack a day for many years. Within the first 2-3 days I was down to 3 real cigarettes a day. After the very first day, I found myself wanting the safe cig instead of real ones. Now 10 days later….. all the real cigarettes are gone, and I have no desire to buy more. My husband and coworkers are very happy that I no longer smell of smoke. So now, I’m running around telling everyone of my new discovery (stopped two ladies that I saw smoking in the parking lot this morning and showed them my safe cig).

  20. chris buck says

    i like this product quite a bit and has me down to smoking 3 analog cigs a day from a pack. there arent alot of other flavors to try but if your just looking for something to replace smoking with you don’t need to smoke chocolate mint.

  21. Stephanie Wright says

    I cannot express how pleased I am with The Safe Cig. I have used this product for 3 weeks now and have not smoked a single cigarette. This product delivers just the right amount of nicotine and is very satisfying. I enjoy using the Safe Cig much more than smoking tobacco cigarettes. This is a wonderful alternative compared to other nicotine delivery products. I still get the satisfaction of smoking without the harmful side affects. The Safe Cig is worth every penney and is saving me money in the long run.

  22. Scott says

    I really enjoy the safe cig. I have been an electronic cigarette smoker for quite some years now. I used to smoke 3-5 packs a week at my WORST. I decided at that point i had to change it so i switched over to the e cig. Great article once again ecigadvanced.

  23. Andrew Davis says

    People shouldn’t fool themselves. This is not the same thing or even near the same thing (except the satisfaction of blowing something out of your mouth). But it does work to help curb your desire for a cig. The action of it all I think is what sells a lot of people and it has sold me. Only a few times since I have quit have I been real wanting a cig. But every time I do I grab this and take a couple of drags and that need is gone. It especially helps to use when you are drinking. I was very skeptical at first but I started using it a little bit before my quit date and havent smoked a cig since that date.

    They say that a cartridge will last you about as many drags as you would get from one pack. I use to be a pack to a little more than a pack of day smoker and one cartridge will normally last about 48-60 hours. But it all does depend on how many times you are hitting it.

    In summation if you are ready to quit here is your ticket.

    @Chris Buck
    I have found that that “burnt plastic” taste means it’s time for that cartridge to go in the trash.

  24. Jennifer Brown says

    Though it isn’t as light weight as I was expecting, it definitely is a convenience. The smoke tastes good and clean, and the battery and filter both last an extremely long time. No real complaints.

  25. Claud says

    I switched to safe cig after using another brand for a while, I thought that it was a big jump forward in terms of overall quality but then I tried another brand, green smoke which honestly it blows away all of the other ecigs I’ve tried , the taste of the tobacco of the safe cig tastes like walnut but overall i have to say that it is a decent product just not as good as green smoke for me

  26. Jennifer says

    I have used safe cig for 9 months now and have been very impressed. I completely quit smoking regular cigarettes when I got my safe cig. I used to smoke about a pack a day. The taste is great compared to other e cigs. The smoke is a little inconsitent. I have had problem with the refills. I would say I average 1 bad refill per every 2 packs. I also don’t like that there customer service can only be contacted by email. They do respond fast but I would like to be able to speak to someone. They are sending me a free package of refills because of the problems I have had. Even though they made it clear they normally don’t do that. The last issue I had it almost seemed like something was seeping out of the refill cartdridge that tasted horrible and numbed my lips. I actually ended up buying BLU e cig and HATED the taste. The tobacco tasted like chocolate, the smoke was better but the taste was gross so I am back to my safe cig. I hope they can get it together and fix the issue with the refills. One last note, the shipping is fast and free!

  27. Becky says

    The product is good but the customer service is horrible. In addition, they are constantly out of supply for weeks at a time, yet they still charge your card. I’m currently in the process of looking for another vendor. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone.

  28. Otis says

    Great product overall if i am going to use an electronic cigarette it will typically be from Safe Cig. With the new Micro its actually more fun with the size and convenience coming to play.

  29. Kris says

    Im 33 years old and have been smoking since I was 15 years old. I have been trying to quit. Tried the patch, and the gum. It didn’t work for me. I heard about safe cig. I decide to give it a try. It’s the best investment I ever made. Feels just a like cigarette. I have been tobacco free for about 3 weeks now. I live in New York , a pack of cigarette cost me $12.50 a pack. I used to buy a pack everyday. I saved a lot of money since I started using safe cig. It’s only been 3 weeks but I feel much better. I notice that I don’t run out of Breath like before. My cheat no longer hurts. There’s so much more I wanna say about safe cig. But I have to go. Try it. You will not regret it.
    from New York.

  30. Hank says

    My first e-cig experience, and I am stunned at what a good product this is. I’ve been a Camel non-filtered smoker since college 25 yrs ago and love their taste, smell and nicotine, but my family and friends…not so much!

    Got the original size, Traditional (24mg, 18mg) and Menthol (24mg and 14mg) cartridges and have to say the flavor, throat hit and vapor production are very impressive. The 24mg are noticeably stronger in satisfying the cravings… 4-5 good drags and I’m set for a long time. The lighter strengths are better if I want to “vape” for a while. I’m smoking these differently, so it’s hard to tell if a cartridge is = 2 packs or not. I would guess 1-1.5 packs is closer for me (longer, slow 5 sec drags are typical).

    On reorder, I got a 2nd battery. The 5 hour promise is accurate, but it’s better to have a spare. So I should have gone with the Starter Kit that had two batteries. I also got the Micro kit in Turkish and Trinidad flavors. All the same pros as the original (except battery life) and nice to have some flavor diversity (funny how I never cared about this with my Camels). I find I like the size of the original better than the Micro.

    And, I haven’t bought a pack of “analogs” in the 6 weeks since my first Safe Cig came in the mail (3 days after ordering): I still miss their smell and taste, but a slow nose exhale of Traditional 24mg vapor gets me close enough.

    Nice not to have to go outside to have a smoke anymore; lot more productive with my time. Much easier go with weightlifting and P90X now.

  31. Alex says

    tastes like a real cigar

  32. Jason Lamontagne says

    I ordered this product while stationed in Afghanistan. I promised my wife I would quit before I came home.
    Got the product, and it worked great. Didn’t smoke from the time I started using it. The battery, however, would not take a charge.
    About a week in, the battery was completely dead.
    I emailed the company about a week after it broke, and they said they would mail me a replacement. I waited three weeks for delivery before emailing again. They apologized and said they were mailing a replacement immediately. I said no big deal, and waited another three weeks for delivery.
    I emailed them AGAIN, this time including the importance of my quitting and that I have now been waiting almost 2 months for a replacement.
    They said they were mailing me a replacement.
    It has now been 4 weeks since the LAST email.
    Their customer service is a joke. I can’t believe a company would treat a customer this way

  33. Laura says

    I’m very confused about the high ratings for this company.
    I have had nothing but trouble from the start. The product is at best, ok.
    The refill quality is not consistent. More than a few refills have not worked properly.
    What is much worse though, is their customer service. Or should I say, lack of customer service. No one can help you on the phone unless you are placing an order. Then, each time you e-mail them, you get a reply that says they will look into your issue within 48 hours. I have been going back and forth with them for over 4 weeks now, trying to resolve a issue.
    That is not even my major complaint. What I feel is much worse is that they are consistently out of the refils I need. I have twice now had to order different refills than what I usually use just to get something! Today, I was told they are completely out of ALL menthol refills and have no idea when they will be in. I was told the only way for me to find out when they would be restocked is to keep checking the website.
    GOODBYE safeCig, I am as of today, moving to a new company. This is NOT customer service to me.

  34. Robin says

    I have had many DEFECTIVE REFILLS, especially in my last order. I bought 12 packs. 4 packs were bad. I have been completely frustrated with the inconsistency of the refills. The problems I’ve had. Clogged refills, chemical leaks, hard to draw, becomes hot shortening battery life, weak flavor, extremely short life.
    When I get a good refill, it will last me approx 1-1/2 days. When they are good, they are really good.
    I just notice some of the clogged refills are missing a tiny air hole below the screw mount which is obviously a defect. I have emailed customer service and talked to the online chat support. It’s been 20 days and have not heard back. Seems they are too cheap to replace 4 packs and are writing me off. Do the math dudes. I’ve spent over $500 so far.

  35. Chuck says

    My experience mirrors many others in these reviews. I purchased two deluxe kits, for my wife & me. We’ve been using Safe-Cig approx. 2 months now. So I have made a sizeable investment and there is potential of spending over $2000/year in refills.

    Safe-Cig is far superior to the first Ecig I purchased last year from another company. But let’s get down to brass tacks, quality, consistency, & customer service. Anyone contemplating a purchase of the Safe-Cig brand needs to read few things I have experienced:

    1. The overall quality of the product is very good. Smokes like a real one. For me it is every bit as satisfying as a real cigarette and I have not smoked one in two months.
    2. The taste of the refill cartridges has remained consistant, but one refill may last me a day, the next one only 8 hours. I have been told by the company this is impossible due to the manufacturing process. Or that I’m smoking it more than I think. I’m here to tell you, life of the refills is not consistant.
    3. Their website says a refill cartridge is equal to 1 pack of cigarrettes. NOT TRUE. They say 250-300 drags. No, I counted, I only got 150. In my experience maybe equal to 2/3 pack at most.
    4. They say the battery can last up to 4-5 hours. My experience, 2-3 hours at most, and there’s also a huge inconsistency in battery charging. Leave it on the wall charger over-night, and one time it will last 3 hours, the next time it will last 1 hour! This is not an exaggeration.
    5. Overall customer service is terrible. You can order on the phone but they cannot tell you anything about the order you already placed. They say they don’t even have access to it over the phone. Your only resource is emailing back & forth. When I had problems with an order, it was nearly impossible to communicate. Took 24 hours and I never did get a straight answer.
    6. Finally, (I’m really worried about this one), product availability. In October I, too, found nearly every conceivable flavor or strength “out of stock.” I had to wait 2 weeks to get my Classic refills (and went back on real cigs in the meantime). Could not talk about it to anyone on the phone. Kept getting nowhwere in email with customer service, apologies, and it occured to me I had maybe just spent a whole bunch of money on a worthless product.

    After they got the Classic refills back in stock, I ordered a month’s supply. But the jury is still out about this product. Keeping my fingers crossed, because I really enjoy using it and wish Safe-Cig the best of success!

  36. Danielle M says

    I was not a heavy smoker but smoked and wanted to find an alternative. I came to safecigg with an open mind and was severely disappointed. After two days of smoking, the filter started to taste like metalic toxins and become un-smoke able. I was told 250 puffs per filter, that never happened. There were times I would open it one night and the next day it would go bad. Honestly, don’t purchase safecig

  37. Steve says

    I have been a customer for a year…until recently.
    I ordered my cartridges and I recieved an empty mailer with the postal sticker that read; Recieved without contents and recieved unsealed.
    This box had never even been closed! Its a flat mailer box. It never had anything in it! I contacted customer service and they offered me a 25% discount on my next order and the disclaimer that they do not insure their shipments. I informed them I would not pay for an empty box and they said they couldn’t help me. I have contested the charges and will NEVER do business with safecig again. Be warned…

  38. Feel Like A Sucker says

    Went to order refills and 90% of them were out of stock! Just emailed customer service (They do not have phone customer service) we will see what comes of that…

    Very angry right now!

  39. T. Minut says

    I’ve vaped for just under a year, started w/SafeCig and quit smoking immediately. Got my brother, my son, my sister, was looking into a distributorship even. I looked at the BBB report, all’s well except they only have 8 employees! Great start but maybe they grew too fast and weren’t prepared? I like it enough that we’re all sticking by them for a while longer.
    Issues: Occasional refill defective but not worth worrying about because I like them so much. A missed order that was replaced immediately when I emailed them.
    But now they’ve changed their packaging and it seems that’s not all. Refills don’t last as long (be wary of the pacifier effect where you hit on it constantly but still…)
    Plus they’re out of everything!! Not mine, but my brother’s, my son’s. Everyone loves these and wants them to work out. But I’m waiting for a $$ refund too after many weeks. The wrong order was my fault but I cancelled as soon as i submitted and still they took out the money two days later and it’s not been refunded. That was Oct. 14 and it’s Dec. 5 now.

  40. John says

    I’ve been trying for over two months to get them fix an issue that was their fault. They even refuse to respond to the Better Business Bureau. They have no customer service. If you have a problem, don’t expect to get it fixed. I think they hope you will forget about it. I won’t. Next, they claim to be a California company, but that doesn’t mean that’s were they manufacture their products. It’s interesting that e cigs don’t mark where products are made. They only claim to design them in CA. NO quality control. I got refill after refill that were supposed to be menthols, that tasted like burnt peanuts or something. It was so bad, I had to brush my teeth to try and get rid of the taste. Like others have mentioned, I can’t believe this is one of the best e cig companies. Be careful for these sites that review products that are supported by the same company. Can you say “Conflict of Interests.” Unfortunately, the consumer is left to ‘fend for ourselves. Beware of SafeCig.

  41. harry holzke says

    Ordered refills on Jan 4th, received immediately that the order was received by email. No shipping notification by January 7th so emailed customer service only to receive an auto reply that it would take 24 to 36 hours to respond. I waited a day and finally shot them an angry email and did receive a reply. They said they were sorry but the product I ordered was out of stock, no offer of anything else?
    remember this was Jan 8th, four days after taking my order!
    The funny thing is, this has happened several times with this company, why do i keep shopping there…it is a good product and I love my nicotine! Beware!!!

  42. Mike Mitschele says

    I ordered my safe-cig replacements on January 10th, two weeks later I still had not received them in the mail. Meanwhile mine ran out and I am trying to quit smoking. After emailing Safe Cig to ask about the delay they tell me they are out of my flavor and that it will be another 2 weeks!!! When were they going to inform me of that? They also have nobody you can talk to on the phone. Poorly run company with no clue on customer service, they should have sent me another refill close in flavor when they realized my flavor had run out, or at least contacted me so I could have made other arrangements. Everybody knows that when you are trying to quit smoking you need your nicotine fix, they probably don’t care about that though since they don’t care about their customers….I will never use them again after the way I was treated. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY…

  43. Robbed says

    This company repeatedly fails to send out orders. They are very comfortable taking your money, but if it’s not convenient for them, they will not ship your order. You CANNOT call them, since their phone line is for sales only. If you e-mail them, they will send you some kind of form response or simply not answer. In summary, the product is amazing. I love it. It’s actually getting them to send the product that is difficult. Check out the page for yourself, try to call and speak to someone to help you with an order you already made, then make the smart move and choose a different company.

  44. Tovia says

    All “customer service” is done thru e-mail…shipping policy seems to be if you pay for overnight, your order goes first, after that, argue orders…LAST are small refill orders, which ay take 12-14 days for them to ship!!! DEFINATELY check their “shipping policy” page, or, better yet, use another company…gave one star only because NO STARS was not an option! THUS COMPANY IS A JOKE!!!!!

  45. Tovia says

    Read bad reviews down at the bottom of the page…I only read the ones at te you, too, and made the mistake of actually ordering from this joke of ba company!! Only 5 star reviews at the top, scroll down all the ways, and start there!! Don’t be fooled! This company is fly-by-night! I rated 5 stars only to get to top of the list!

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