The Safe Cig Micro Review

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Packaging & Presentation 5/5

The Safe Cig Micro comes in a cardboard flip-top box that closely resembles a traditional pack of cigarettes. This packaging certainly serves the purpose of allowing The Safe Cig Micro to sit side-by-side with tobacco products in a retail setting.  The size and shape of the box are familiar enough to be comfortable to a smoker, making the transition that much easier.

And while the packaging is useful and good for the transition from traditional cigarettes, it seems to be just as much about sending a message that electronic cigarettes are an effective alternative to tobacco products. While it may seem like a risky move, speaking as one who has made the switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs, I can definitely respect The Safe Cig for presenting their product this way.

Battery/Responsiveness 4/5

Aside from the e-cig conversation, The Safe Cig Micro goes a long way in terms of practical improvements. The battery is substantially lighter, smaller and has a much easier draw than The Safe Cig. It’s just as responsive as The Safe Cig- the first draw gives a great hit. The Micro battery also features extra vents at the base of the battery that allow for much more vapor with less effort.  The battery life seemed to be considerably shortened compared to The Safe Cig. Then again, battery life is sometimes the trade off when you go with a mini ecig to begin with.

The best thing about the Micro is definitely its size, shape and feel. It’s much shorter than the majority of e-cigs and only a couple other brands can match this size. It definitely matches the size of an actual cigarette. It could be the lightest battery I’ve held but I wasn’t concerned enough about the weight to get out a postage scale- it’s really like nothing between your fingers.

Vapor/Flavors 5/5

The vapor production on the Micro is better with less effort, which could be due to the extra vents allowed by the battery combined with an improved cartomizer design.  The Micro is available in a surprising thirteen flavors, three of which are the The Safe Cig original flavors- Classic, Traditional and Menthol. The other ten that have been introduced with the Micro are regionally named with flavors representative of each. For example, the Turkish cartridges have a taste of aromatic Turkish tobacco and the Columbian, of coffee.  This is a vast improvement over the limited flavor options The Safe Cig has offered in the past. I’m glad to see The Safe Cig finally delving into flavor variety, while keeping true to their policy that electronic cigarettes are for adults only and should be marketed as such.

Overall 5/5 (Not An Average)

The Safe Cig Micro is the next step for electronic cigarettes in terms of becoming widely used and accepted over tobacco products. It’s a small improvement over the trusted quality The Safe Cig is known for.  It’s hard to overlook the flavor additions as well, which were overdue for such a quality product. If the size and flavor varieties aren’t as important to you and you’d like to have that extra battery, The Safe Cig is every bit as worth the money as the Micro. On the whole The Safe Cig Micro’s look and feel make it the best transition product I’ve tried- so if you’re looking to make the switch look no further. Its performance is all around top-notch as well, so it’s a great value for the experienced e-cig user, especially when you’re on the go.

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  1. Scott says

    As most of you know the Micro was to be released in July although even after waiting I am glad to say i am extremely satisfied. A smaller looking version of a real cigarette well compact as well 13 new flavors! You can’t go wrong with the micro in my opinion. Great review keep up the Great Work!

  2. Joel says

    Well I’m smoke free for over a month now after years of smoking one pack a week

    Flavor although not the same as regular smokes, it is great, missed the “right” flavor for about a week, you’ll get used to these ones pretty quickly

    vapor feels great and each cartridge will last you about the same as a regular pack of cigarettes, as I read somewhere

    Battery could last longer but it’s not bad

    I agree with all good reviews on vapor test and feel so the safe cig micro is in my opinion, an excellent electronic cigarette, haven’t tried other brands, and I will not try other brands, no need to.

    now the reason for the -1 star? package is falling apart, there’s a spongy material with eight holes where you store your cartridges and up to three assembled battery-cartridge cigarettes, the bottom part of it has unglued and it’s now difficult to keep everything in it’s place now, cartridges are going further into the box, batteries push the bottom part down then get stuck on it so you have to pull harder to get them out…

    anyway, if they get this concept working without hiccups, they’ll have the perfect e-cig product for me



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