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Stog E-Cig Reviews

Stog's presentation is a no-nonsense dose of American attitude, and the product follows through on the promise. The reliable and comfortable battery, big vapor production and insanely convincing flavors make it an incredible product for the transition away from smoking. And with the addition of their ultra-slim PCC, this kit is made truly portable.

The Safe Cig Reviews

The Safe Cig comes in the most minimalistic clean looking packaging of any electronic cigarette I've used. Seriously, it couldn't be any classier if it was wearing a top hat and a monocle.

Halo Element Reviews

Packaging/Presentation 4/5 Just like the G6 kit, the Element comes in a sleek round metal case that is far from the norm that most people are used to seeing. Sure there are more usable cases out there as far as carrying it with you go, but as far as the presentation of the original package goes, they’re taking a step forward. It’s nice to see that someone is pushing the envelope, and if nothing else they’re setting themselves apart visually. The lack of a USB charger is slightly disappointing, and is the only knock I have…

My 7’s Kit Review

The two piece No. 7 ecig sports the look of a classic cigarette having the white battery with a red lit tip and cartomizer. It comes with a palette of flavors encased in tubes within a handsome decorative box that range from decadent fruits to classic tobacco.