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Smoke Revolution VGO

Presentation/Packaging 4/5 The Smoke Revolution VGO Kit comes in a small black box with a weaved matte finish and the simple “Vgo” logo bearing the tagline: “For high quality and life enjoyment”. They’re definitely keeping it simple here but the box comes with everything you need to get started with an eGo, including a leather pouch to carry the assembled unit. It would’ve been nice if they got a little more creative with the box but it’s really a non-issue, it’s simple but appealing enough. Battery/Responsiveness 4.5/5 I’m

Firebrand Diablo Falcon Review

Firebrand Diablo Falcon Packaging and Presentation 4/5 The Diablo Falcon Kit comes in a clever slide-out box with plenty of room for all the components to be laid out individually. And for being named the Diablo Falcon, I was surprised at the subtlety of the graphics used on the box- not so much the “hardcore” imagery Blake noted on the Phoenix Millennium. So the presentation was certainly an effective one and a little different from the common magnet-flap box with everything stacked on top of everything inside.…

LUCI Cigarette Reviews

The Luci comes in a sleek, black case with a magnetic locking mechanism. The graphics are well done, and the 11-page instruction manual includes a quick start segment. The velveteen compartments inside the case are well-designed, and the entire package is compact and toteable.