TAAT Menthol Alternative Cigarettes review

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TAAT understands the need of every cigarette smoker looking for a natural alternative. That’s why the brand has designed hemp cigarettes that retain the same flavor, feel, and look of conventional cigarettes. TAAT goes beyond this and ensures that all their products maintain the smoking traditions like the oral fixation of the sticks and the cracking sounds of the cigarettes as they gradually burn.

One of the popular flavors from TAAT is their Menthol CBD smokes. These sticks have a refreshing minty flavor that draws you in immediately. Made from American grown hemp, these cigarettes stand for pure quality. TAAT is a trendsetter when it comes to hemp smokes.

Besides hemp, the cigarettes are made of a proprietary blend of food-grade ingredients that give each pack its individual flavor. Additionally, the cigarettes burn slowly, allowing the consumer to sink in the delight of inhaling and exhaling the thick clouds.

Each stick contains up to 25% CBD, promising a myriad of therapeutic benefits. If you are wondering if consuming TAAT products may lead to intoxication, the answer is no. THC levels fall below 0.2% for each stick, which is too low to have any mind-altering effects. Without a doubt, TAAT menthol CBD smokes are one of the cleanest forms of alternative cigarettes on the market.

Nicotine and tobacco addiction has led to chronic diseases and the loss of millions of lives across the globe. Many individuals are opting for healthier and safer alternatives. The best choice is working with a brand whose products are backed by science. The TAAT team comprises top minds with years of experience in the field. These individuals use top-of-the-line technology to create products like menthol CBD smokes, which mimic the taste and feel of conventional cigarettes.

The TAAT menthol pack is easy to open, thanks to the flip-top carton. Inside are 20 sticks that contain natural fillers, filter tips, and FSC branded paper. They look exactly like regular cigarettes, only safer and healthier. On the pack, you can find a QR code linked to 3rd party lab results. This ensures that all products pass the safety, quality, and compliance requirements.

Why choose menthol CBD smokes?

  • The menthol flavor is enticing, refreshing, fun, and palate-provoking. It gives a cool inhale, and a potent exhale that fulfills your smoking needs.
  • The hemp cigarettes are made from professionally grown, organic hemp. The brand does not use any harmful additives, and the final products are free of nicotine and tobacco.
  • You can easily carry the pack around, thanks to its portable size.
  • While cutting off from nicotine and tobacco, enjoy numerous benefits associated with CBD
  • The effects are instant. Whether you are looking for relaxation or a means to quench a craving, hemp cigarettes offer instant effects
  • Smoking has one of the highest bioavailability, meaning a good amount of the substance reaches your system.
  • The products have a wide range of products, including terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. These compounds work together to offer the consumer heightened effects.


With TAAT, you get to enjoy quality products at affordable prices. Each pack of TAAT Menthol is going for $6.99, making it one of the most competitive prices on the market. A carton with 10 boxes goes for $59.99. If you want to make a wholesale purchase, the brand offers special discounts. Additionally, all orders above $40 get shipped free of charge. What’s stopping you from making a purchase? Visit tryraat.com and check them out today!

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