Stog E-Cig Reviews

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Warning: Stog is no longer available for purchase, we recommend one of these quality starter kits instead:

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Stog has managed to improve on an already stellar product with the addition of a highly unique PCC (portable charging case) in the Classic Stasher Bundle. Be sure to check out our Stog Classic Bundle Review as well to get our take on their original kit.

Presentation 5/5

The Stog Classic Stasher Bundle takes a similar approach to presentation as their original Classic Bundle. It comes in a clean white, top-slide box that features their logo in the center that is as American as anything I’ve ever seen. Try imagining George Washington crossing the Delaware River on a jetski- and then you’re close (or maybe too far).

In any case, the new kit from Stog gets my vote for presentation because the packaging is clean, simple and fuss-free. You open it up and you find everything neatly where it belongs, without use of a bunch of cardboard pieces and so on. The Classic Stasher Bundle comes with the Stasher PCC, two batteries, ten cartomizers, wall charging adapter and USB Cable to charge the Stasher. This kit also comes with a unique user manual featuring some hilarious and informal, friendly language much like you’ll find on their website.

The Stasher

I usually don’t set aside a whole section of a review for a PCC but I found it utterly necessary in this review. The PCC or portable charging case employed here makes this product an improvement over the previous and already-great Stog kit.  At just slightly wider and slightly shorter than an iPhone, it’s a charging case that has the features of the bulky, “boxy” cigarette-pack PCCs with a size that will actually feel comfortable in your pocket and elsewhere. The Stasher has one slot for charging, one slot for a fully assembled e-cigarette and four slots for extra cartomizers. I know I might sound a little too excited about a “portable charging case” but this is truly the first slim design PCC we’ve seen that actually allows you to keep all the stuff you need for a day or more of vaping in one package. Even with the smaller size, the Stasher still allows for 3-4 charges of a Stog battery. Needless to say, it looks pretty sharp too.

Battery/Responsiveness 5/5

The Stog 510 Battery offered here is the same that came with the Classic Bundle, but still one of my absolute favorite mini batteries I’ve reviewed. In my mind, it’s the perfect compromise between the actual cigarette-size batteries that often suffer from poor battery life and the much larger than cigarette-size batteries that can be bulky and uncomfortable, especially for the beginner coming straight from smoking. Like the packaging, it employs a clean white design with the simple Stog logo and a red-lit LED tip. It resembles an actual cigarette pretty well, which makes for a very discreet vaping experience in public. And while the size is small enough to be comfortable and familiar to a former smoker, the battery life is still substantial, running for about 3 hours per battery with consistent use.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 5/5

Stog’s cartomizers come in three flavors- a Bold, Mellow and Menthol. It’s worth mentioning here again that these are flat-out some of the best tobacco varieties we’ve ever tried at Ecig Advanced. The Bold is my personal favorite, with a rich, Virginia tobacco taste that’s incredibly convincing. The Mellow pulls it off nicely as well and the Menthol is one of the favorites here of our reviewers that were former menthol smokers. In my previous Stog review, I mentioned that these flavors changed my mind about the once-thought folly of replacing your cigarette flavor of choice with an e-cigarette flavor and it’s worth mentioning here.

That’s due in part to Stog’s use of 100% propylene glycol or PG, the base in e-liquid that gives distinctive flavor and “throat hit”. All too often with 100% PG e-liquid, the vapor production is lacking because it just doesn’t appear as thick as VG (vegetable glycerin) vapor. The brilliant thing here is that the Stog’s design actually compensates for this. The Stog battery and cartomizer design together lends itself to a smooth and even inhale that causes the cartomizer to “come alive” and produce huge clouds of vapor.

Overall 5/5 (Not An Average)

Stog deserves credit here for taking a product that was an awesome transition product and improving upon it with the addition of the Stasher. It’s difficult to find anything negative to say about the Classic Stasher Bundle and moreover difficult to find any problem a smoker might have in using it to switch to electronic cigarettes. Any issue of battery life with a smaller battery is made null by the use of a good PCC like this one, and it’s done in such a way that won’t interfere with the comfort and portability a smoker is used to. Overall, this kit is a big step forward in making the transition from smoking to vaping as smooth as possible. And for the experienced vaper, it makes for an incredibly portable, discreet and convenient way to vape.

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  1. Robert Gillespie says

    Just Wanted more authentic tast like V2 or white Clouds
    Really did not care for the aftertaste

  2. Stog says

    Hey Robert!

    The good people of eCigAdvanced notified us of your review here and we wanted to do something about that for ya, but we can’t seem to find your name anywhere in our customer database!

    We’d like to send ya a freebie to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Just shoot an email to care(at) with your original invoice number if it’s available, or the name of the person who placed the order originally, and we’ll happily take care of you. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

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