Stog Classic Bundle Review

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Warning: Stog is no longer available for purchase, we recommend one of these quality starter kits instead:

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Blu Cigs
Green Smoke
Bedford Slims

Presentation/Packaging 5/5

The Stog Classic Kit comes in a small, white top-slide box with with a logo that’s more American than a 99MPH fastball of apple pie to the face. The contents inside are neatly organized in their own faux felt compartments, adding the benefit of not having to dig through a bunch of cheap plastic or cardboard dividers to get at what you need- it’s all right there. The packaging and graphics here are small and simplistic, but refreshing and appealing against the backdrop of so many kits with over-sized boxes filled with smaller boxes and ridiculously intense graphics all over the place. The user manual inside is equally refreshing, employing some entertainingly informal and useful instructions.

Battery/Responsiveness 5/5

The Stog 510 battery doesn’t try to overpower you with details either, employing the simple “Stog” at the base and a nice white finish. Its size is a good compromise between the ultra-small that will die right when you start to enjoy it and the long lasting but too often heavy and awkward cigarette-look batteries. It’s very light and comfortable to hold just like a cigarette, making it a great place for the smoker to start their transition. Towards its life, I used it fairly heavily and I got at least three hours of charge and sometimes more, which is more than impressive for this size of electronic cigarettes. The responsiveness is solid and I never had a moment where it wouldn’t activate or would deactivate mid-draw. The draw itself is a little tighter than some e-cigs but it works in the favor of the product here, allowing the cartomizers to reach an optimal temperature for some serious vaping power.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 5/5

Continuing that thought- it became apparently pretty quickly that with a nice, consistent draw, the cartomizers here can really get going and create big clouds. The best that I can tell from the flavorful taste and consistency of the vapor, the cartomizers used here are 100% PG or propylene glycol. You wouldn’t know it though because the sheer amount of vapor here is almost never seen from 100% PG cartomizers, let alone one this size. As toward the flavor, it seems like Stog has really struck gold in this category by bringing the distinct flavors and nice throat hit produced by using PG while still having massive vapor production. The Stog comes in three straightforward flavors: a bold, mellow and menthol. Without sounding too hyperbolic, I used to be a pack-a-day full flavored smoker and I can say the bold is flat out the best tobacco variety I’ve tried, among e-liquids, cartomizers or otherwise. It’s not just a boring sweet “this is supposed to be tobacco taste” it actually has that spice and very subtle sweetness that you know from full-flavored tobacco. The mellow had the same effect, with the more sweet undertones of a light or turkish cigarette and the menthol is pulled off really well too. It might be a little different than your normal e-cig experience, but the combination of vapor production and flavor in a cigarette sized e-cig won me over almost instantaneously.

Overall 5/5 (Not An Average)

I used to be a full-bore supporter of the “find new flavors for vaping” argument- the idea that trying to imitate your flavors from your smoking experience will likely lead to disappointment. My lack thereof in using the Stog flavors has torn a giant hole in that argument for me, as I’ve found their bold flavor to be my choice over the myriad of tobacco and non-tobacco flavors I’ve had a chance to try here at Ecig Advanced. All of our reviewers here had a chance to try this product and the sentiment was the same across the board. Our resident menthol aficionado, Cody, told us the menthol was the best he’s ever tried. Overall, the reliable and comfortably sized battery, the big time vapor production and insanely convincing flavors make this the best transition product I’ve ever tried. Our applause goes out to Stog for finding such a great balance between all the things we want in an e-cig and keeping it simple.

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