STLTH Honeydew Menthol Replacement Pod Review

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If you have ever tried the STLTH Honeydew Menthol Replacement Pod then you will agree with me that it’s something every vaper should try. The experience of cool menthol mixed with honeydew melon is so pleasant that you will not want to take your hands off it till your pod is empty.

The STLTH is synonymous with style, versatility, portability, and provides an excellent vaping experience. Since its introduction, the STLTH pod system has done a great job by eliminating the use of tobacco cigarettes, providing seasonal and transitional vapors with a smokeless and stylish alternative. It is also ideal for users looking for a way to cease their smoking habits.

The packaging of the Stlth Honeydew Menthol Replacement Pod is simple and attractive. Like most Stlth products it has a picture of the pod at the front with some description of the product inside. It also has a warning sign at the front of the package.

STLTH Honeydew Menthol Replacement pods are the perfect pods if you’re looking for a fruity-minty replacement pod that isn’t too strong and provides just the right amount of sweetness. There are other similar replacement pods on the market, but there is no doubt that STLTH stands out. The e-juice in the pod is so easy to use. This juice is sourced and made with high-quality ingredients sourced from North America.

STLTH Honeydew Menthol replacement pods are available in a pack of three. Each pod holds up to 2ml of e-juice, significantly more than any other pre-filled pod system on the vape market. That is just enough e-juice to keep you vaping for a while, depending on how frequently you vape. You can buy a pack of STLTH Honeydew Menthol replacement pods at the Hazetown Vapes store for only $12.00 regardless of the nicotine strength that you choose.

When you first start vaping, you should pay close attention to how much e-juice you use during the day. By simply tracking your e-juice usage, you can usually figure out exactly how often you will need to refill your pod so that you don’t ever find yourself stuck without an e-juice supply.

If you only vape for a few minutes every day, you’re not going to burn through a significant amount of e-juice. However, if you chain vape throughout the day or work a job that requires you to spend a lot of time outside or in the car where you can vape often, you’re going to need to refill your pod a lot.

With vaping, everyone has their preferred concentration when it comes to nicotine. This is the more reason why STLTH Honeydew Menthol Replacement pods come in varying nicotine concentrations. So that there is something for all. It comes available in 20mg (2.0 %), 35mg (3.5%), and 50mg (5.0 %). The e-juice delivers a solid smooth throat hit. This is courtesy of the premium nicotine and propylene glycol used in the vape juice mixture.

You can get a pack of STLTH Honeydew Menthol pods from the Hazetown Vapes online store. Hazetown Vapes is the number one place to get all your vaping supplies if you are based in Canada. You can get e-liquids as well as vaping hardware and accessories from this store.

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