South Beach Smoke Reviews

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Presentation/Packaging  3/5

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe kit features has received an update, though the packaging remains the same, employing a glossy black background with some luminescent graphics on the standard magnet flap box. The logo and graphics have the feel of South Beach, bringing to mind busy nightlife and leisure. I’ve never been a big fan of the SBS graphic design though I’m certain some will find it appealing right away. The box features a “New & Improved” sticker and on the inside, where it counts, it has received some real improvement.

Battery/Responsiveness  4.5/5

The improvement to the battery here is big in terms of both performance and presentation. Their new battery is still a KR808D-2 like all previous SBS kits, responsive and long-lasting. And now it’s been modified to run at 4.2 volts, rather than the standard 3.7 or less of most e-cig batteries outside of mods. I didn’t run it through a volt meter to verify this but I didn’t feel the need to- the difference is extremely noticeable. It runs much hotter than previous SBS batteries and probably all other mini e-cig batteries, giving better vapor production and changing, sometimes improving the taste of the SBS cartomizers which I’ll elaborate on next. My only small gripe with the battery used here is that it’s a little wider and heavier than it needs to be but this comes with the benefit of longer battery life, roughly 3-4 hours here with heavy use.  In terms of presentation, the new battery features a crystal red-lit LED which just looks really cool compared to the standard plastic cap LED cover of most e-cigs. They’ve also employed added their full logo on the side of the battery (it was previously just the “O” of “Smoke”) and it looks surprisingly good.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 4/5

The cartomizers seem to be the same as they have been in the last couple versions of the kit but they are certainly improved by the increase in power with the SBS battery. The vapor production with South Beach Smoke has always been pretty good and now it’s moved into great. In terms of flavor, I found the SBS flavors to be certainly different and sometimes better using their new battery. Their tobacco flavor tastes much better at this higher voltage as does the menthol. The coffee and the vanilla were certainly changed by the higher voltage but I couldn’t say for sure that they were “better”. Most of the time, an increase in voltage running through the battery will bring the flavor of e-liquid “out” a little more and distinguish it. But the SBS flavors have always seemed a little bland to me, so I felt that the battery improvement here is still held back by the unimproved e-liquid, resulting in less than impressive flavor. Though if you haven’t liked SBS flavors before, this new battery really does change the flavor and may be an improvement, depending on your own tastes. For me, the tobacco is certainly a standout from the bunch.

Overall (Not An Average) 4/5

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Kit has received some serious improvement to the battery. And a 4.2v battery in this class of product isn’t just unique- it’s unheard of. I have plenty of admiration for SBS in making strides to improve their product, especially in ways that other companies can’t or won’t. With some improvement to their flavors, this kit could be one of the best available and for right around $60, it’s still a good value as it is.

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  1. Nicky Colbert says

    I had one of their kits before and it was just OK. I had battery issues, etc. I was called by their customer service department since I hadn’t ordered any carts in a while and they explained the new kit. They gave me a great deal on a new one and it’s now my favorite. I have discontinued using the brand I had switched to. I can easily recommend it.

  2. Edith Pilkington says

    Starter with their Premium Kit then upgraded to the Deluxe. Trust me, starting out with the Deluxe is a much better idea. Their Deluxe kit has great battery life and the cartridges come in great flavors. I started with vanilla but switched to tobacco, it tastes so similar to Malboro Reds I used to smoke. I like that South Beach Smoke has great customer service, whenever I call them or send a message on Facebook I get personal communication with a HUMAN (very important). My only problem with them is that they don’t carry lanyards and I had to go on eBay to get mine. I’ve bothered them to no end about it and hopefully they will get it soon.

  3. Nick Rivera says

    I love the product — I switched from Green Smoke and V2 — had bad experiences with both.

  4. maury schindler says

    ordered starter kit deluxe came within a week everything worked right out of box battery life is good been using about 2 weeks now smoked about a pack a day of marl med and have stopped all together they advertise cartomizer = 1and half pack but only getting about 1 per day usage

  5. LS says

    I started using this product and became a home deliverly customer. When I first received the deluxe kit I was very happy with it. But the cartridges was not even coming close to the 1 1/2-2 packs that they advertise. Called customer service and they were very helpful and sent out new cartridges to me at no charge. However the problem still existed. When I talked with customer service again, they told me that it was not the cartridges, it was the battery that was causing the problem and told me that they had upgraded to the new Super Max batteries and they sent me out the short and long battery with the new charger. Well these new and improved batteries are worthless, 1st set lasted 3 days and they would no longer hold a charge longer than 50-60 puffs before they started blinking at you. They sent out new batteries to me. Long battery came completely dead and useless, short battery lasted less than 1 week before it was doing the same thing. 3rd set of batteries just received yesterday. Short battery will not lite up, long battery seems to be working ok for now, but this is only day 2. Customer service had admitted that they have been having issues with their batteries and is trying to resolve this quickly. However with all this being said, they have replaced their product at no charge. It is just the hassle of waiting for the replacement, especially if you are like me and are no longer smoking the regular tobacco cigerettes any longer. Once they get the battery issue resolved I will be very happy with this company.

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