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Presentation/Packaging 2/5

The Smoke Tip ECig packaging is a little larger than a cigar box.  It is very bland to the eye, and will definitely not fit in a purse or pocket.  I kind of like the magnetic closure, but it will pop open if dropped.  Being so large, the package will hold your batteries, chargers and all the other little extras so that you have a one-stop shop, but it is not portable.

Battery/Responsiveness 4/5

The battery for the Smoke Tip ECig is a little larger than a regular cigarette, but this allows for a usage time of around 4 hours before you have to recharge.  The battery was very responsive, but recharging required attaching to a USB connection on my computer or finding an open plug-in on my surge protector.  It took around 1 ½ hours to completely recharge the battery which I thought was reasonable considering the 4 hours of smoke time obtained after charging.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 3/5

The Smoke Tip Ecig came with a multitude of individual flavors.  Each flavor was distinctive and easily recognizable with the exception of the Almond.  The flavors reminded me of tastes of my childhood. The vapor was minimal even after a couple of minutes getting it going.  I had to pay strict attention to see if I had any vapor when exhaling.  I guess the flavor could make up for the lack of vapor for some.

Overall (Not An Average) 3/5

I was a little disappointed in the Smoke Tip Ecig.  The box was unwieldy to carry around on a daily basis, and took up more room than a pair of shoes in my suitcase when traveling.  The flavors were ok if you smoke flavored cigarettes, but a traditionalist, like myself, was looking for a more consistent tobacco flavoring.  Vapor was minimal, so all-in-all I felt like I was sucking air through a pixie stick.

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  1. finzta says

    It’s only been just a week, but this is the first e-cig I tried. It’s better than what I ever thought. I’ve heard of many ppl going through many e-cigs before they find the right one, but if they tried this one first they wouldn’t have that problerm Great e-cig for the price! I never write these things, but I’m just so impressed with their product! I am not a paid person to say this I am currenty unemployed…

  2. Gena Hunter says

    I do not like their shoddy customer service. They sent me 0 mg flavor packet when I asked for 16 mg. The girl was rude, arguementative and so not helpful. I am sending everything back to them tomorrow. Stuff in starter package tastes like crap.

  3. Michelle says

    I have been using Smoketip for 3 weeks and I haven’t went back to smoking a regular cig since. I had a problem with one of my batteries and the customer service was excellent. They sent me a new one out right away. I have tried other brands that were double the cost and love the smoketip one by far!

  4. Jon says

    DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. The Customer service reps are LAIRS!!!!! I’ve had a few defective Cartridges so I call them to get them replaced. After being on the phone for a few mins they told me that the cartridges leak all the time, that i should of inspected all of them when i received them, and that its been more then 30 Days! Its been 35 days since I placed the order. After the lady told me numerous times that there is nothing to do for me, I got pissed and told her that this company sucks. She then told me that she could have helped me if I was nicer. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? she already told me there was NOTHING she could do for me!!!! WORST COMPANY EVER!! Don’t buy anything from these people and the kicker is this lady said she was the manger. This lady should be fired cause she just lost your company at least 5-6 customer over 4 defective cartridges!!!!! You don’t treat paying customers like that ever Business 101!!! and I will be hitting up the social media sites to be sure NOBODY orders from them ever again!!

  5. Michael Todd says

    Great price on the start up kit, and the lifetime guarantee on the batteries is a huge plus. I’ve been using SmokeTip for about 7 months and have always had great customer service. I’ve had to return a couple batteries early on but haven’t had any major problems with the product in a few months. Very good over all and I’ve bought from several different companies with this one being the best!

  6. E-Cig-Lover says

    Customer service is horrible. They were great in the beginning. Now, they are VERY VERY rude. Their filters leak and the batteries last about 3 months. The batteries also clog after the 1st month of use and require cleaning which fails to help over time.

    Their ONLY employee, Kristi, who used to be a doll is so nasty now. What the heck happened? They get angry at you when you need to RMA the batteries. Such a shame, they went WAY DOWN HILL!!!

  7. Marilyn says

    This company has always gone the extra mile to make me happy! I have routinely sent batteries back on a yearly basis for replacement with no problems what so ever.

    The only thing that kept me from giving them 5 stars is that the cartridges do not seem to last as long as they should, and the flavor varies in strength from order to order.

    This still seems like the best deal running to me, and I have been using this product for 3 years!

  8. 7four7 says

    I have been using Smoke tip for a year. The batteries have a limited life and fail on a regular basis. SmokeTip will not honor warranty. They want you to have a regular cartridge purchase history in order to validate their Fictitious Battery Lifetime Warranty. This is difficult to do when their batteries are of poor quality. I am very light smoker / vaporor. So the hassle factor is way too high and it appears to be a bait and switch warranty. You are invested in their chargers, batteries and cartridges. So if you switch to another brand it is a money loss on your behalf. $$$ Web site design is less than poor. Hard to navigate, warranty and service request pages seem to be hidden so they are hard to find. Quality taste of flavors is poor at best. The flavors available do not represent how they taste. I have amicably communicated with customer service extensively and found that they do not honor their warranty.
    Batteries are defective
    Flavors are poor quality
    Web Site is below par
    Warranty is not honored
    Bait and Switch

  9. steve says

    Very Disappointed in this product. This is the third type of E cig I have tried. Some reviews were good, some bad, like any other site, but figured I would give them a try. There is hardly any vapor at all which makes you draw more on the cig, causing you to draw more nicotine than you want. The battery lasted about an hour total time and I only drew on it about five times. This was after charging it for two hours. I’m not even going to attempt to deal with customer service after reading the reviews. Save your money and get something better, even if it cost you a little more, it will be worth the lack of aggravation in the long run.

  10. Duane says

    Do Not trust this company. After 8 months of use I have had to return 4 batteries. I had another one die and they refused to honor the warranty unless I buy more of their cartridges. They also refused to honor my sister’s two dead batteries and want to know other personal information before they will allow battery exchange.

    Please consider another company. They are dishonest. It’s your money but, don’t say I did not warn you

  11. Frances Mueller says

    After extensive research I decided on Smoketip because of price in addition to the value I felt they offered with the lifetime battery replacement. Read tons of great reviews, ordered starter pack in April 2011. Seemed fine, ordered add’l cartridges in May 2011. I hadn’t committed to quitting so I kept smoking. Decided for 2012 to stop smoking. Had plenty of remaining cartridges so off I went to end my cigarette habit. Now what do I find? Batteries last maybe 30 min and mind you I’m not a heavy smoker. But to get to the point, I contacted them regarding replacement batteries only to be accused of using other cartridges (which voids the warranty), then chastised for not taking advantage of their promotional offers after they decided to change the design of their batteries within 3 mo. of my original purchase. Meaning they no longer carry the original battery and you must use a “different” USB for the new batteries. So stupid me, who was running low on cartridges, ordered 5 refill packs ($80) prior to getting a response to my battery replacement request. And now I’m being told I have to send them the old ones before I can get the new ones (this was not how I read from other users that it’s been done in the past) and I’m required to pay another $30 plus shipping for this “NEW” set-up they have put into place even though they changed it roughly 3 months from my original order. What a scam! In addition, I’m not a long time vaper so I thought maybe I just wasn’t vaping correctly and using up my cartridges too quickly but I’m also reading a lot of reviews that the cartridges are not equivalent to 1.25 packs like they claim and that people are finding duds in their packs as well. Well, that explains that concern too. So if you see great reviews prior to April 2011, keep reading, I promise you will find there have been some poor changes. Plus, even though they are accredited with the BBB, I went to the BBB’s website to file a complaint and they currently do not show a rating because the company is being reviewed, hmmm that should be a clue into something. So save yourself some heartache and look into a different company even if they are a little higher in cost. It will probably save you $$ in the long run since this company has gotten shady!!

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