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Presentation/Packaging 3/5

At first glance the Fifty One Blue Label hints at a lot of promise. It’s got a nice little flip top cardboard box decorated in blue with golden filigree around the border giving it that classy yet not too ostentatious look of an expensive cigar box. The pieces are nestled lovingly inside: two batteries, charger and a row of cartomizers. The starter kits come in two variations the “duo” and the “trio”. The “trio” is the kit that contains the 3-piece ecig whereas the “duo” of course is the two piece which is the battery and the cartomizer. Now if just opening this box, as refined as it’s appearance suggests, isn’t enough to get you excited about this ecig, then the exclusive membership card certainly will. Each Blue Label starter kit comes with the 51 Membership card which gets you discounts on future purchases. Quite a lot to be impressed about from the outside but does what’s inside deliver as well?

Battery/Responsiveness 3/5

The battery life of the Fifty One Blue Label has some serious staying power. Granted I didn’t go on an excessive vaping binge like I normally do. I used it on and off and the battery seemed to hold up pretty well after two or three days. It comes with two so after using up the power of one you’ll have an extra one on hand. Overall the battery life is quite excellent. The draw seems ok although I’d prefer there be more ease. A little tightness is good though because it helps simulate the draw of a real cigarette, but this one however doesn’t pack enough punch. It feels as though I have to prime it by taking a couple of drags to get the vapor to produce.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 2.5/5

As enticing as the packaging for the Fifty One seems, the flavor and performance unfortunately does not measure up to my standards. I find the throat hit for this ecig to be extremely weak with no throat hit. As I gazed down to examine the cartomizer box I discovered, much to my chagrin, that the cartomizer strength was 16 mg. At that level I would expect much, much more. The taste at least was somewhat delightful as it has a sweet undertone that is kind of like you’re vaping a pack of Juicy Fruit. The menthol flavor brings a little more satisfaction. It too has a sweet undertone and the sensation of the menthol helps in getting a mildly satisfying throat burn.

Overall (Not An Average) 2.5/5

The Fifty One looks like it would be a great ecig with it’s “high end” packaging design but in my opinion the look was very deceptive. On the inside the only thing it really has going for it is the excellent battery life. Other than that the throat hit, is weak and it kind of leaves clammy aftertaste in the mouth. Very disheartening in my opinion and for the price of a whopping $179.95, I feel it’s far too expensive to be that unsatisfying. For me the Fifty One definitely falls short.

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  1. J.Soltau says

    yea I would use this again but so hard to get the product.

  2. dorothy says

    paid for a new kit got a used old one, horrible customer service no one wants to give me what i paid for or my money back.. im stuck with someones old broken kit for over $60…. lost my business!

  3. MIchelle Grayson RN says

    Paid$ $180 for the DUO, had to go back to store twice in 3 days to replace their defective battery units, then would not replace charger. Called customer service, AND spoke with the local franchise owner with no restitution. POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE and NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. BUY ANOTHER BRAND.

  4. Claire says

    Battery, less than average life.
    Flavor- brutal.
    Difficulty of assembly: 5*
    If you want a 3 piece cig this is, but has very little else going for it.

  5. Jean McLenithan says

    The company is suspicious! They charged my account without authorization and have a constantly busy phone line. The product does not have the feel of a cigarette. It has a perfume taste and is difficult to charge.

  6. john randalls says

    rip off company… did the free trial… and got screwed out of 60.00, cancelled 5 times and they billed me an additional 120.00 had to cancel my cc andwas pissed… bottom line there service sucks and so does the product… had a garage sale 2 weeks ago and old it to some sucker for 50.00

  7. Ron says

    Is expensive but seems to be well made. Have no complaints just yet. I am smoking it in my house rite now next to my parrott and dog,this is great. If I have any complaints I will check back in another time. I hope this will help me stop smoking the real thing.

  8. Ron says

    I rate this product a 4 out of 5. This site won’t let me rate it what I wnat so I am writitng it down here. Again 4 out of 5.

  9. Shane C. says

    Overall I think this product is awesome. Ive actually now quit smoking!! Customer service has been great as well…they really underpromise and overachieve….I received in mail 2 days earlier than promised!!!

  10. Yolanda Rodriguez says

    I rate the filter 1 of 5 they don’t last as they say plus is to expensive, you should lower the price of the filter.

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