Smoke Revolution VGO

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Presentation/Packaging 4/5

The Smoke Revolution VGO Kit comes in a small black box with a weaved matte finish and the simple “Vgo” logo bearing the tagline: “For high quality and life enjoyment”. They’re definitely keeping it simple here but the box comes with everything you need to get started with an eGo, including a leather pouch to carry the assembled unit. It would’ve been nice if they got a little more creative with the box but it’s really a non-issue, it’s simple but appealing enough.

Battery/Responsiveness 4.5/5

I’m a big fan of the eGo, it’s a reliable, long lasting manual battery that works well with a variety of vaping methods. Smoke Revolution’s rendition here is as inexpensive as these eGo kits come. For $54.90 ($64.90 Tank Kit) you get a 650mAH standard eGo battery and a 900 mAH “SUPER” battery. Needless to say, with these two batteries you’re going to have plenty of power that lasts. Even if you’re trying to vape yourself into oblivion, these batteries combined will last you for more than a couple of days. The skin of the battery has a similar weaved matte design, coming in black or red. The cones snap on over the atomizer, which is nice a touch and much easier than having yet another piece to screw onto your unit. It does feature a very fancy diamond button, which adds a touch of class or “bling”. The button has no locking feature but the kit does ship with a cover piece, so it shouldn’t be an issue if you keep that handy. My only other gripe here is that their batteries don’t feature a USB passthrough, which is becoming more commonplace or expected out of these kits. Not that you’d necessarily need it (two eGo batteries are hard to kill) but it’s nice to know it’s there, just in case.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 3.5/5

Smoke Revolution gives you a few of options here to vape up their liquid- tanks, drip tips and cartridges. Some people love cartridges, I’m not a big fan of them, they look and feel cheap and usually cost more than using liquid. For me, it just makes more sense to either refill a cartomizer or just use the drip tip (dripping onto the atomizer). I didn’t get a chance to use the tank but I’d assume it’s pretty similar to many of the other eGo-T type models available, so that’s definitely your best option for most vaping without having to refill. They also offer refillable cartomizers that you can get in addition.

Smoke Revolution’s e-liquid provides plenty of vapor and decently strong throat hit in either cartridge, cartomizer or drip tip form. The Vgo ships with a low-resistance atomizer which gives you improved performance over standard resistance as well. Smoke Revolution’s flavors were a little hit-or-miss for me. The tobacco, chocolate and menthol were pretty bland. On the other hand, the vanilla, strawberry and were easily recognizable and good, though they have something of a candy-like artificial flavor to them. They also have their Hovana, a cigar flavor that made up for the lack of flavor in the other tobacco varieties. If Smoke Revolution were to improve these flavors that fall short and work on that candy-flavored taste in others, they’d have a pretty great set of liquids here.

Overall (Not An Average) 4/5

The Vgo is definitely worth the money in terms of batteries and atomizers employed here. Their e-liquids could use some improvement but if you buy the kit and don’t love the liquids, since it’s an eGo you have the option to easily go to other liquids a little more to your liking. Although you could be impressed with their liquids, as taste is so subjective. They also have some of the most readily identifiable liquids I’ve tried, when you try the banana- you really know it’s banana. So with some improvements to their e-liquid and the way the product is presented, this one could top the charts of eGo kits available. Overall, the low price here is what makes this kit stand out already.

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