Smoke Revolution Reviews

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Presentation/Packaging 4/5

The Smoke Revolution Starter Kit comes in a sleek black box with a charging pack.  The pack is the familiar flip top box that houses six cartomizers and two batteries.  Ideally for me, there would be a slot that holds an assembled cigarette.  Rather than that it has a place for a battery half and the extra spot for a sixth cartomizer.  If you can look past having to assemble the ecig every time then it is more than ideal. Some might enjoy the assembly seeing it as ritualistic maneuver much like lighting a regular cigarette or slicing the tip of a cigar. The face of the pack has meter displaying the battery life so you’ll always know when you have enough power to juice the battery.  It turns red while charging and once complete turns blue.  It also has a handy flashlight at the bottom which is great for those that spend a lot of time rummaging through a bag or purse in a dimly lit place like a bar or a club.

Battery/Responsiveness 3/5

Like most manual batteries this one has a button on the side that you press during each draw.  I’ve said before that’s it’s not my preference due to to the awkwardness but the button is discrete and almost flush with the battery.  It protrudes just enough to make it easy to press and with some fancy finger work you can hold it in a manner to make it seem natural.  The life of the battery is good and sustaining and again with the charge pack at hand you’ll never want for a perpetual charge.  It draws fairly easy and produces a satisfying amount of vapor.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 3/5

The flavor of the Smoke Revolution hints at a mellow tobacco taste.  It’s not too shabby, it doesn’t have that fog machine taste that some ecigs have.  The taste starts out strong but it tends to fizzle out after a couple days of use and it begins to have that burnt out flavor.  They do provide blank carts as well so different flavors can be added to your liking.  The throat hit has a nice sensation; not to weak not too sharp but after a while it starts to lose its luster and tapers off to the point it’s non existent.  For me they could last a little longer, they seemed to go too quick.  Fortunately though the pre-filled carts aren’t too expensive.  A five pack is about $3.50 each according to their website.

Overall (Not An Average) 4/5

It has a good taste accompanied by a billowing cloud of vapor and smooth throat sensation.  With the well sustaining battery life and charging pack the Smoke Revolution is excellent for marathon vaping.  The cartomizers may not last as long as I’d prefer but thanks to the arsenal contained within the pack you won’t have to worry about it.  You can go out on the town with a ready charge and plentiful supply.

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