Review of Top 5 Percolator Bongs

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Percolators have become an essential part of glass bongs today. They not only cool the smoke down but also filter it even more. In case you’re wondering, a percolator is basically an additional water-filled chamber in your bong that the smoke travels through before getting to your mouth.

Using a percolator bong will give you smoother hits with no coughing. Contrary to misconceptions, percolators do not have any effect on the level of THC that you get since THC is not soluble in water. There are many cheap bongs for sale online with percolators. Here are five of the top percolator bongs on the market today that are worth your buck.

HaSmoke Double Recycler Glass Bong

This double recycler glass bong is made of very thick glass. It has a height of 8.5 inches and comes with 14.4mm joints. While the bong is made of clear glass, the mouthpiece and base were created with colored glass. It is fitted with a diffuser or downstem percolator. This type of percolator is composed of glass and shaped like a test tube with small holes on the body. The small holes break up the smoke into smaller bubbles as it passes through. This allows it to cool down more and ensures you get a cool hit. You can get this glass bong for $43 from the HaSmoke web store.

HaSmoke Mothership Bong With Egg Glass

This bong from HaSmoke is unique for a couple of reasons. The egg glass design contributes to the filtration process, but it also has a showerhead percolator. This percolator consists of a small circular glass, which is usually located at the bottom of the bong, with small holes all around it to diffuse smoke. The HaSmoke Mothership Glass Bong is designed with 14mm thick joints and comes with a dab rig to allow you smoke concentrates. This bong is on sale on the HaSmoke store and other shops that sell bongs for only $45.99.

HaSmoke Mobius Bong With Matrix Percolator

This premium-looking glass bong from HaSmoke comes with a matrix percolator. This is essentially the same as a stacked showerhead percolator and will filter your smoke as much as a honeycomb percolator. The HaSmoke Mobius Glass Bong is 20cm tall and comes with a sidecar design. The bong has an oil rig for smoking concentrates. From first sight, it is clear that this bong is made of solid glass. It also functions well and will produce lots of bubbling to keep you excited. You can buy this glass bong for only $40.99 from several sites that are offering glass bongs for sale online.

HaSmoke Toro Glass Bong With Tree Percolator

If you know anything about tree percolators, then you’d know that they are quite rare because it is somewhat difficult to produce them accurately. This tree percolator from HaSmoke comes with 13 arms in two layers. This guarantees that you’ll get cooled and well-filtered smoke. It is 10 inches tall and comes with a slightly bent neck and a 14.4mm joint. You can use this bong to smoke concentrates. It costs only $45.99 in the HaSmoke store.

HaSmoke Glass Pipe With Tree Percolator

Here is a small glass pipe from HaSmoke with tree arm percolators. The pipe is designed with a six-arm tree percolator. You can use this stealth pipe for smoking both herbs and concentrates thanks to its removable 18mm bowls. This pipe has an eye-grabbing design and is made of 3mm thick glass. What’s more, it can actually stand on its base. This is the perfect bubbler if you’re just getting into smoking with glass bongs. You can buy this glass pipe from the HaSmoke store for $21.99.

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