Review of PockeX by Aspire

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The latest product from Aspire to hit the market is PockeX. Aspire aims to be one of the best e-cigarette manufacturers in the industry today. PockeX is a device that is for those who prefer mouth to lung vaping. This device functions the way a regular smoker smokes a cigarette. It is easy to use since you just have to pull the vaper into your mouth and inhale it.

PockeX Specifications

The PockeX vape pen is 19.7 mm in diameter and 117 mm in length. It has been designed based on Aspire’s AIO model. The length of this e-cigarette is slightly shorter than the iPhone 5S. Its small size makes the e-cigarette very light. It is perfect when you travel since it easily can be placed in your pocket.

This e cigarette from Aspire has a 100% leak proof guarantee. This is made possible by its top fill design. PockeX also has a non-adjustable airflow. There is no need to drain your e-liquids when changing the coils. The e-liquids simply screw up into the top cap. The majority of vape pens of this design will have the coils submerged in the liquid, in the tank.

Design and Quality

Although simple, the aesthetics of this device are great and come with a few different color options. It’s available in matte black, rose gold, Pantone white, and stainless steel So there’s enough variance in color to choose one that suits your taste.

The stainless steel body of the e-cigarette gives the device a rugged and durable feel. The overall look of this device has been improved by its slightly rounded edges.

Regardless of the color that you choose from PockeX, its slimline black Delrin drip makes it look great. This device is also useful for those who are transitioning from tobacco smoking because of its size is like that of a regular cigarette.There are also other e-cigarettes that can be found in Vape Store New Zealand.

Usability and Safety

There is a feature that will help reduce accidental operation.  The fire button should be pressed five times in order for the device to turn on. You also click it another five times in order to turn it off. If the device has just been turned on, the LEDs will flash blue. If turned off it flashes a pink color.

When the LEDs turn blue after pressing the fire button that means you have at least 30% battery life remaining. If it turns pink then that will be at less than 30% battery life. This way, you are able to know roughly how much battery power is left in the device. It is also a good idea to not let the battery completely die. This goes the same for all types of batteries. Having the battery completely dead will reduce its charging capabilities over time.

The device is charged via a small power cable at its base. It is possible to still vape while the e-cigarette is charging, although vaping while charging is not recommended.

There is an automatic stop firing feature that the PockeX has. The device will automatically shut off if the fire button has been depressed for over 10 seconds. This a a great feature for when the pen is in your pocket or in your bag. This feature will stop any dry burning and will lessen the risk of your vape pen to be ruined and can also prevent a potential fire risk.

When the device detects that the battery is fully charged, it automatically cuts off charging. This is another safety protocol that comes with PockeX and is beneficial when you leave your device unattended.

Vape Performance

To fill up this device, you just need to unscrew the top cap and pour in your desired e-liquid. You just need to fill up the 2ml tank. Make sure that you do not go over the max spill line.

Aspire has a good reputation for its coils and tanks. It is known to produce excellent taste profile and provides a strong throat hit. Like a regular cigarette can produce smoke, PockeX can also produce the same vapor. This is enough for a standard mouth to lung vape device.

Aspire states that you should only use 0.6-ohm coils with this vape pen. This is due to the battery’s size of the said device. If you use anything higher, it can result for the coil to being burnt. It may also cause the whole device to get too hot.

Final Thoughts

For those who need something small and lightweight, this vape pen is the perfect one to have. It also is useful especially when traveling. This is the best one to get for those who want an affordable device for vaping. It is not as complicated as you just have to fill in the tank with your e-liquid and it’s ready for you to start vapeing.

PockeX will make the beginner and intermediate happy. Aspire has made the features of this vape pen easy to use.You should definately try this vape pen. This can also be paired with tobacco e-liquid New Zealand.



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