Review of 5 Cheap Glass Bongs Under $50

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Who doesn’t want to smoke in style by using a glass bong? But the cost of purchasing a bong can be a major put-off. For many years, the option for smokers was to spend a huge sum on a solid bong or settle for something cheap with shoddy workmanship. Thankfully, there are many affordable, high-quality bongs on the market today. There are many cheap glass bongs for sale on sites like HaSmoke that are priced less than $50. In this review, we will look at some of the best glass bongs on the market which cost less than $50.

Beaker Bong With Diffuser Downstem

This simple and gorgeous glass bong is 12 inches tall, and its joints are 18.8mm to 14.4mm thick. It is made of clear obsidian glass. This is a beaker bong with a removable downstem. It comes with a tall neck and a three-pinch ice catcher. For proper filtration of your smoke, the bong features double honeycombs and a domed showerhead percolator. You will not have any problems cleaning this bong. Although this bong costs under $50, it is a top-shelf product. It feels compact in hand and performs very well. You can get this bong on the HaSmoke online shop for only $35.

Mini Bubbler Dab Rig

This mini bubbler is a cute bong that measures just 6 inches tall. You can use it to smoke dry herbs or oils and concentrates. It is designed with a 90-degree 14mm female joint, and a 14mm male quartz nail. The bong has a flared mouthpiece which makes it very convenient to use. This pipe comes with a two-hole diffused stem percolator which will filter your smoke thoroughly. You can get this bubbler dab rig on HaSmoke for as low as $22.

Girly Straight Glass Bong With Ice Catcher

This exquisite glass bong is perfect for female smokers. At 12 inches, it is neither too big nor too small. It is made of thick transparent glass and has 18mm thick joints. It also has a flat base so you can stand it easily. If you love smoking with ice, then you are in luck because this bong comes with an ice catcher. It also features a percolator and a tornado function. If you love to get a lot of bubbles when you take a hit off a bong, try this one. Although it is labeled as ‘girly,’ this bong is also suitable for males who want a simple and stylish bong. You can get this glass bong on HaSmoke for just $39.99.

Amber Dinosaur Mini Glass Bong

If you love elaborately designed bongs, then this one will appeal to you. This bong is shaped like a dinosaur. It is made of high-quality glass which is amber in color. The bong, which is 6 inches tall, has dense 14mm thick joints. The bong is fitted with a recycler oil rig so you can use it to smoke oils and concentrates. You can also use it to smoke dry herb. The bong has a nice percolator which ensures you get clean and filtered smoke. You can get this dinosaur bong for only $26.99.

Turbine Cyclone Water Pipe

This bong is a must-have for all experienced bong users. It has a turbine percolator which spins your smoke and water like a tornado. This not only guarantees that the vapor you inhale is cool and filtered, but it also looks good. This turbine percolator bong measures 10 inches tall and has a 18mm thick joint. You can use it to smoke either dry herd, oil, or concentrate. This bong costs only $25.99 on the HaSmoke online store.

Check out the HaSmoke shop for more excellent bongs priced under $50.



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