Razzleberry Ring Pop E Juice by Central Flavors Review

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There are several reasons why vaping is a better choice than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Besides being healthier, vaping offers a plethora of flavors and tastes that traditional cigarettes could not provide even at the peak of its popularity. Vapers have the unique ability to choose the exact kind of flavors they want to puff. This freedom to choose is heavily dependent on e-juice manufacturers who have competitively flooded the market with hundreds of e-liquid flavors. Amid the crowded market, a few e-liquid manufacturers have managed to standout due to the sheer brilliance of their vaping products. US based Central Vapors is one of those brands whose e-liquids attest to the fact that making e-liquids is an art which few have mastered. Central Vapors made Razzleberry Ring Pop e-juice which features a blend of sweet and tart flavors with experienced expertise.

Razzleberry Ring Pop e-juice balances a blend of sweet candy flavors and the tartness taste of razzleberry. This e-juice features the unique flavors of Ring Pops and Razzleberry. Ring Pops is a brand of lollipops in the form of a wearable plastic ring with a large candy shaped jewel. The lollipop first became popular in the 1970s. While Razzleberry which is traditionally a type of pie is a mix of tart raspberries and sweet blackberries. You can taste the combination of the sweet Ring Pop and the tart razzleberry flavors when you puff this e-juice. However, the sweetness overpowers the tart taste. The flavors contained in Razzleberry Ring Pop by Central Vapors is consistent when you inhale and exhale. Razzleberry Ring Pop e-juice is really sweet, and vapers with a sweet tooth will find this e-liquid very interesting. The sweetness can be a bit overpowering for vapers who are not into sweet tasting flavors.

Razzleberry Ring Pop by Central Vapors contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 50/50. This equal VG and PG percentages is standard. However, unlike most e-liquids on the market, you can choose the VG and PG ratios you prefer your Razzleberry Ring Pop to be. Central Vapors can mix the PG/VG ratios to different percentages. This could either be max VG or PG depending on the vapers choice. This e-juice is smooth and thick and can be used on a rebuild able atomizer (RDA) and with a sub ohm tank.

Razzleberry Ring Pop by Central Vapors produces decent amounts of vapors. Vapers who enjoy huge clouds will not be disappointed in this e-juice although it’s not the biggest cloud producing e-liquid on the market. The vapors Razzleberry Ring Pop produces retains the sweet and fruity aroma of its flavors. Besides its cloud creating abilities, Razzleberry Ring Pop has a mild throat hit. Vapers who enjoy large amounts of nicotine would be pleased with this premium e-juice. Unlike most e-liquids, Razzleberry Ring Pop is available in different nicotine levels which include 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg.

Razzleberry Ring Pop by Central Vapors comes in various bottle sizes which include 10ml, 30ml, and 50ml. This e-juice also comes with a certified childproof dropper bottles with dropper tips which will make refilling your tank a breeze. A 10ml bottle of Razzleberry Ring Pop can be purchased at centralvapors.com for just $2.61. And when you buy Razzleberry Ring Pop, Central Vapors prepares your order to ensure that you get the freshest e-juice. As part of the preparation, the company pre-steeps your e-juice so that its flavors are ripe and ready to be vape when they arrive.

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