Pure XL Review

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Packaging/Presentation: 3/5

The Pure XL solo kit is certainly for the barebones, utilitarian e-cig user. This product is all about simplifying and condensing the kit into what’s necessary. The kit comes with one battery, a retractable USB charger cable, one Tobacco cartridge and a manual. So in terms of packaging there’s just not much to be said, other than it comes in a very small box. In terms of presentation, the look and feel of the assembled battery is good. It’s rather enormous and heavy but it’s wrapped in material that makes it comfortable to the touch. Plus, people will be impressed that you’re vaping from something that looks like it could be used to bludgeon a person.

Battery/Responsiveness: 4/5

The battery is a manual one, which makes sense considering it doesn’t fit in a case and preserves power. The button to operate it is fairly advanced- it has a nice locking feature so it won’t go off in your pocket and it glows to signal intake and battery life. Towards battery life, it 650mAH battery lasts eons, living up to its name. When it finally does run out, you can charge it while smoking it through the mini-USB charging port that also functions as an intake passthrough. The battery is as responsive as any manual I’ve tried and never gets too hot. So whether you’re trying to marathon vape through the entire Star Wars film series or maybe something less nerdy, the XL will keep up with you every step of the way.

Vapor/Flavors: 3/5

The cartridges match the product as well with a whopping 1.6 ml average capacity, roughly triple the average cartomizer capacity. They seem to last about triple, too. With that said, the vapor production on the XL isn’t as “XL” as everything else. It’s perfectly fine and I didn’t really want for more, but from XL I expected more. Though the extra passthrough really allows a decent hit with little effort. The flavors varied in taste, I was highly impressed with their Tobacco which was a real standout from all the other Tobacco flavors around. The Cherry, alternatively, could use some improvement. Pure’s liquid also typically gives a serious throat hit, so if that’s what you’re looking for definitely give Pure a try. XL will also function properly with normal Pure refills if you’re looking to upgrade your Pure kit.

Overall: 4/5 (Not An Average)

I gave Pure XL a four out of five because it does exactly what its name says, gives a long and hearty vaping experience, much like a good cigar- short of blowing Cumulus clouds of vapor with each puff (but I was probably just getting my hopes up). Like most of Pure’s products, it comes at a very low price ($34.99) for a kit. It takes some courage to release product like this that targets a specific user-those who wish to vape for eternity. Or for those who simply want one reliable unit and don’t need all the gadgets and extras of most kits. I’m a little bit of both and I definitely enjoyed it.

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