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Packaging Presentation 4/5

ProSmoke’s Starter Kit comes in a quality magnet flap box that has become the standard among many electronic cigarette brands. The graphics are simplistic yet highly appealing and with a name like ProSmoke, they’re likely to have some success with any product they release. The assembled e-cig unit looks good and has a sleek feel with a blue LED to match. Their unit, which is a three piece (battery, atomizer, cartridge) unfortunately  ships with just one atomizer.  While flavor residue can build up on any atomizer quickly, the kit comes with one flavor so that shouldn’t be a problem right away. As with most three piece designs, their atomizers are high quality and built to last, too.

Battery/Responsiveness 3/5

The best thing about the ProSmoke battery is its size and shape. As an ex-smoker, I’ve always been drawn to mini-ecigs and ProSmoke is right there with the smallest & lightest of them. Its responsiveness is there and the cartridges (specifically the liquid mixture) add a lot to the response in terms of vapor production.  The battery life was on par with what you’ll get from a lot of mini size models- fairly low.  When it had a charge it provided constant vapor and power to the atomizer but I certainly had to change the battery out more than I had expected. So if you’re going to be on the go with ProSmoke, make sure to have a mobile charging source like their charging pack or car charger.

Vapor/Flavors 4/5

The high rating here for ProSmoke is more vapor than flavor. ProSmoke uses all vegetable glycerin or VG in their cartridges, which as a rule is going to give you big, thick clouds of vapor on the exhale. And ProSmoke’s cartridges give an insane amount of vapor, especially considering it’s a mini size product. Though much less is scientifically known about VG than PG (propylene glycol) in vaping, many liquid producers and otherwise have started to add it to their products because of its big vapor effect.  100% VG liquid also has virtually no throat hit, as do ProSmoke’s cartridges, which wasn’t a problem for me because I prefer a smoother throat hit. It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re one of the few with PG-related allergies, then ProSmoke is likely one of your best buys, as 100% VG products are uncommon. ProSmoke’s flavors are okay considering the use of VG, which is naturally less flavorful/ sweet than PG. Nothing spectacular but definitely enjoyable, the vanilla and coffee were likely the best.

Overall 4/5  (Not An Overall Average)

ProSmoke’s starter kit is overall a good mini e-cig with pros and cons that are essentially design choices. Their choice to use all VG liquid does provide for incredible vapor production but little to no throat hit and weaker flavors compared to PG. With their three piece design, you get the benefits of higher quality atomizers and cheaper cartridges. The downsides are of course flavor crossover on atomizers and a small possibility of leaks. The size, weight, feel and vapor of ProSmoke make it a great transition product.  Overall, it’s a decent value for a mini e-cig, though others may perform better in some categories with the exception of vapor production. You simply won’t find another mini-size product with as big and thick vapor as ProSmoke.

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  1. algerb says

    i quit smoking after 14 years and trying two other ecig brands. One more expensive and one less….what can i say, I am very happy!

    tons of smoke and very real. Goood taste too!

  2. new prosmoke girl says

    I love pro smoke. Before pro smoke I was smoking 10 to 20 newports a day. Ive been using my e cig for 2 days ive only smoked 4 newports, before i bought my e cig i new i wouldn’t completely quit at 1st because im not only addicted to nicotine im also addicted to all of the other junk they put into newports but i am definitely on my way to a smoke free life. I ordered the 12mg cartridges 1 lasts me 3 days. i love the taste of the tobacco so far thats the only one ive tried. i love love love the throat hit it makes the experience almost like the real thing.

  3. Diana B says

    I got the white super starter kit after trying Greensmoke. I think it was the PG solution in greensmoke that made it feel like pins and needles on my tongue and throat; at least that’s what everyone in the forums said. So I tried prosmoke because they use VG and that fixed the problem. A cartridge easily lasts me a couple days and the battery life is good as well. Despite them not having a pink battery, I still give them 5/5. I haven’t had a real cigarette since the second week I started using it.

  4. christine says

    I have tried a couple of friends e-cigarettes and everyone is now switching to my Prosmoke. The battery lasted the longest and the cartridges last me at least a pack to a pack and half. I am very glad I found this brand.

  5. yolai says

    After trying a couple other brands and not thinking e-cigarettes were ready for prime time my friend convinced me to get a prosmoke.

    The battery actually lasted and the cartridges lasted as longa s they said they would. The first two said 1-2 packs and it lasted about 5 cigarettes. The prosmoke lasted at least a pack and tasted very similar to my camels.

    I would definitely recommend them and glad this sites here to share!

  6. kevin says

    I purchased the prosmoke and have to say this is the closes to real tobacco flavor I have had out of a few e-cigs I have tried. I have finally found something good.

    It doesnt hurt that it lasts much longer too!

    vapor – 10/10
    taste – 10/10
    battery – 9/10
    cost – 10/10

  7. Jean says

    My sister and I purchased this on Friday afternoon for fathers day and it actually got here Saturday with express shipping. THANK YOU THANK YOU PROSMOKE! We bought a kit for my mom and dad and it is AMAZING to see them not have a cigarette yet today. By the afternoon they are a pack in each and today they havent had a single real cigarette yet. this is so very cool!

  8. Per D Kut says

    I tried safecig, blu AND greensmoke and there is NO WAY they outperform the prosmoke I got last week. How do these rating systems work? Obviously there is a lot of personal preference in e-cigarettes but take it from an actual customer, the ProSmoke rocks. If someoone from the site wants to contact me please feel free. I was just curious! I can also help with video reviews if you want 🙂 I am in school for production.

    if you want a solid long lasting ecig, prosmoke is definitely your best option

  9. Phillip AP says

    I am on my 4th kit is a gift to various family members after being SO happy with mine. I got my regular starter kit about 4 months ago and havent smoked since. I then gave that to my 32 year old daughter and bought the deluxe kit for me and 2 kits for my brother and his wife. Everyone loves them and has really taken to electronics. Prosmoke is the best!

  10. Renee says

    The battery fizzles out VERY quickly. I have two batteries and even that doesn’t get me through one day. I’ve tried Apollo (they have wonderful batteries but the flavor is like VERY stale cigs). This whole process of finding an ecig to replace regular cigs is becoming VERY expensive…starter kits are not cheap! I wish these companies would offer a “test” cig for a minimum amount of money. Back to Prosmoke…flavors and vapor are good, but it’s best when the battery is fully charged and a new cartridge is on. Goes down quickly from there!

  11. Kevin W. says


    8 years I smoke 2+ packs a day. I tried the smoke tip, which was alright and then my friend let me try his prosmoke and it is amazing. I choke from the amount of vapor this can product and it lasts so much longer too.

    Pro smoke is the brand and again……………..WOWOWOWOWWOOWWOWOWO

    So excited.

  12. corey says

    after doing what feels like months of research I decided to go with pro smoke and am very happy i did. i got the deluxe kit with accessories and they also sent me some free cartridge packs. tobacco and cherry are the best and the others are pretty darn good too. DO YOUR RESEARCH and check out review sites and youtube. pro smoke will definitely end up on the top of the list. i have drank the kool aid and love my pro smoke. buy it!

  13. Christina says

    I did a lot of research, along with trial and error, to see what brand was best. Prosmoke shipped fast and it arrived internationally as they said it would. With all the 30 day trials companies offer, I was nervous I was going to be trying again and again to find the right product. My first two purchases from other companies (you can check my reviews on their pages) were never delivered as of 45 days ago and I am happy they werent. My prosmoke is awesome…no 30 day trial needed. Impressive vapor and great tastes along with a reliable company will have me recommending this to all my family and friends. All the reviews out there are spot on. Check them out for sure. cheers

  14. Molly D says

    Tried blue and v2 and am now amazed they are so high on here? This thing kills them. Battery lasts all day with heavy usage and the cartridge last about 1.5 packs conservatively.

    Ordered three times so far and SUPER fast shipping. Always same day which is excellent. Half of being a smoker is making sure I can keep off regulars and if I run out of cartridges what good is it. Blu and v2 took over a week to ship every order.

    I definitely recommend them

  15. alycia says

    Like many people on here, my wife and I did lots of research via youtube and review sites before making out final decision on a brand. We could not be happier with the two starter kits we bought from Pro smoke. It got delivered in 2 days with standard shipping and we also got some free cartridges with our order for some january promotion.

    vapor is 10 out of 10
    taste is 9 out of 10
    battery life 10 out of 10
    cartridge life 10 out of 10
    Value 9 out of 10

    Overall 9.5 out of 10. Almost perfect but I am sure there is always stuff that could get better we are not thinking of.

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