Firebrand Diablo Falcon Review

Firebrand Diablo Falcon Packaging and Presentation 4/5 The Diablo Falcon Kit comes in a clever slide-out box with plenty of room for all the components to be laid out individually. And for being named the Diablo Falcon, I was surprised at the subtlety of the graphics used on the box- not so much the “hardcore” imagery Blake noted on the Phoenix Millennium. So the presentation was certainly an effective one and a little different from the common magnet-flap box with everything stacked on top of everything inside.…

Halo E-Cig Reviews

Halo e-liquid represents the evolution of its many e-liquid predecessors. For the first time, electronic cigarette users can rest assured they are receiving a quality made American product, that holds the safety of its customers paramount.

Prosmoke Reviews

The size, weight, feel and vapor of ProSmoke make it a great transition product. Others may perform better in some categories with the exception of vapor production. You simply won’t find another mini-size product with as big and thick vapor as ProSmoke.

Vapor King Reviews

Electronic Cigarettes Inc. has several different starter kits to choose from, one of which is much like a traditional tobacco cigarettes due to the fact the atomizer is disposable just like a cigarette.

Smoke Revolution Reviews

Smoke Revolution Premium E-cigarettes are designed to deliver an amazing and realistic smoking experience everytime you use them. Our long lasting and powerful manual batteries and our high tech atomizers will give you the quantity and quality of vapor you enjoy for a longer time.

Pure XL Review

The Pure XL is just that- big battery, big cartridge, longer experience. Everything about the Pure XL is tailored for marathon vaping.

Smoke Frii E-Cigarette Review

By making the switch to Frii, you will not only realize the benefits of the smokeless alternative, but you will also benefit from the highest quality, most reliable and technologically advanced e-cigarette available today.

LUCI Cigarette Reviews

The Luci comes in a sleek, black case with a magnetic locking mechanism. The graphics are well done, and the 11-page instruction manual includes a quick start segment. The velveteen compartments inside the case are well-designed, and the entire package is compact and toteable.

Smokeless Delite Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Smokeless Delite comes in about as bare bones of packaging as I've ever seen. A flimsy card stock box that is just big enough to hold the wall charger, single battery, and pack of cartrdiges you get with it. There's no start up guide or instruction manual, which is a huge surprise.