Bloog Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Electronic Cigarettes by Bloog are quickly become one of the preferred e-cigs being sold, today. Bloog offers an assortment of colored batteries that other electronic cigarette companies do not giving you the choice of what your e-cig will look like!

My 7’s Kit Review

The two piece No. 7 ecig sports the look of a classic cigarette having the white battery with a red lit tip and cartomizer. It comes with a palette of flavors encased in tubes within a handsome decorative box that range from decadent fruits to classic tobacco.

EverSmoke Reviews

The battery for the Eversmoke is indeed long lasting. I've used the same battery for up to 3 full days before having to charge it again. The charger itself is USB compatible, giving you the option of charging from the wall adapter, vehicle adapter, or the USB port of you pc or laptop.

SmokeTip Reviews

SmokeTip is a very cost effective electronic cigarette. You can tell this by comparing their e-cig against many of the other leading brands. However, they still have great technology and perks just like the other leading brands! SmokeTip is very affordable.

Apollo Mini Kit Review

Presentation/Packaging 5/5 The Apollo ECig packaging is a very classic little black box.  It reminded me of watching old movies of the Roaring 20’s with all the elite having their little cigarette cases.  The box is about the size of a normal pack of cigarettes and is very lightweight and easy to handle.  The closure on the box is very secure and does not open at will when in a purse or pocket. Battery/Responsiveness 4/5 The battery for the Apollo ECig is sleek and slim – compared to my actual cigarette it is an exact match…

Firebrand Firebolt Review

Packaging and Presentation 3/5 The Firebolt by Firebrand comes in a black or white (depending on flavor) box, the same dimensions as your standard cigarette pack. Unfortunately, the flip-top isn’t actually there, it’s just a normal flap that comes open. You can also modify foam inserts in the box to hold your one battery, three cartomizers and charger at easy access. The box benefits from Firebrand’s sense of graphic design, which pulls it off better than other similar cigarette-pack boxes. More importantly, it has all the…

White Cloud Cigarettes Reviews

White Cloud’s Cirrus III battery is their smallest and lightest yet, has incredible battery life and charges in a snap. While it's on the upper tier of pricing, you definitely get what you pay for here. Kudos to White Cloud for a stellar product.

The Safe Cig Micro Review

The Safe Cig Micro comes in a cardboard flip-top box that closely resembles a traditional pack of cigarettes. This packaging certainly serves the purpose of allowing The Safe Cig Micro to sit side-by-side with tobacco products in a retail setting. The size and shape of the box are familiar enough to be comfortable to a smoker, making the transition that much easier.

White Cloud Cirrus II Review

Presentation/Packaging 3/5 Like many electronic devices the White Cloud Cirrus II comes packed tightly in a superfluous amount of cardboard, perhaps to keep the contents safe from harm. It's kind of like when you purchase a special edition dvd that comes in a box within a box. With a dvd there is least a little bit of substance with the hard plastic case. Pictured on the front is an inviting scene of green pastures and a clear blue sky, with some cumulonimbus of course. Once you crack open the first layer by sliding it out