LUCI Cigarette Reviews

The Luci comes in a sleek, black case with a magnetic locking mechanism. The graphics are well done, and the 11-page instruction manual includes a quick start segment. The velveteen compartments inside the case are well-designed, and the entire package is compact and toteable.

Smokeless Delite Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Smokeless Delite comes in about as bare bones of packaging as I've ever seen. A flimsy card stock box that is just big enough to hold the wall charger, single battery, and pack of cartrdiges you get with it. There's no start up guide or instruction manual, which is a huge surprise.

Eluma Cigs Reviews

Eluma electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to “traditional cigarettes.” Eluma cigarettes are 100% carcinogen free and can be backed with laboratory proof. The Eluma Complete Starter Kit sells for only $79.99.

eSmoke Reviews

eSmoke takes great pride in each one of their e-cig products. eSmoke electronic cigarettes are made and tested in the United States. eSmoke proudly stands behind each of their products and provides unmatched customer support to each of their customers

Premium Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Premium electronic cigarettes are great for heavy and light smokers. They have a kit specifically designed to help those heavy smokers. The kit comes with either one or two batteries depending on your budget.

VaporNine Reviews

Vapor Nine has a real diamond in the rough on their hands with the Nebula. It's not as prominent in advertising, but they more than make up for it with the performance, taste, vapor, and especially price point.

Elektro Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Elektro electronic cigarettes prides themselves in having a team of dedicated individuals whose main goal is to provide smokers tobacco-free alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Not only does Elektro e-cigs provide the highest quality products on the market

SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette Reviews

SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette is an automatic smoking device with a unique technology. SmokeStik comes in four different varieties: SmokeStik Premium, SmokeStik Jet, SmokeStik Royale, and Exclusive Platinum.