NJOY Electronic Cigarette Reviews

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Presentation/Packaging 2/5

If there were ever an area in which a company should skimp in order to provide a better product it’s in the packaging, especially when the product doesn’t have to jump off a shelf into your shopping cart. Such is the case with the NJOY N-Pro. A thin sleeve depicting a man and woman experiencing the joy of smoking slides over a box that can only be described as made of the same material as a light bulb carton. Everything is jammed into the small box with no rhyme or reason. This starter kit includes 2 510 style batteries, a wall adapter, USB charger and 2 5 packs of cartomizers that are stored in pill bottles. Not only is this an odd choice of storage, it makes the cartomizers nearly impossible to get out of the bottle. Not very functional at all.

Battery/Responsiveness 4/5

Surprisingly, the NPRO battery is incredibly responsive. No primers needed here, and a lot of vapor is produced every time. A standard 510 battery that looks like a lot of other, being a white battery with rings and the name branded by the cartomizer connection. The responsiveness of the NPRO battery makes the standard 4-6 hour life drag by, and that also makes it one of the best batteries on the list.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 5/5

NJOY only offers 2 flavors, regular and menthol. Nothing to knock here, but as good as they work one would think they would offer more. They have adopted the cartomizer design, which for my money works best anyway. The amount of vapor and the flavor of it are as good as any I’ve tried. The only odd thing is that once you screw the cartomizer onto the battery it just continues to spin, which makes it feel like it’s not totally secure, even though it is.

Overall (Not An Average) 4/5

The best selling point for the NPRO model other than how well it works is its price. Much lower than other brands that work similarly, it’s a great kit for someone starting out. The only drawback is that their refills are a little pricier than other brands, so it depends on how long you plan on using your e-cig and how much you want to save in the long run. 5 packs are about $7 more each than other equally recommended brands. The NJOY NPRO is a classic case of “it’s what’s inside that counts”, so don’t be fooled by the cheap design and packaging. It’s a great kit for the money.

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  1. Gary says

    Maybe it’s because I tried smoke 51, but the NJOY e cig has bad taste and it mad me naseaus and made me cough! Can’t figure that one out. Very bad taste.

  2. sany phanthamyxay says

    good price, worth the buck and stands up to be a fake cigarette..need more flavors(e-liquid is a investment)..pulls good..overall great product

  3. ruth Deemer says

    I purchased the starter kit. Had some problems with one of the batteries. Returned the battery and was sent the wrong replacement item. Returned the wrong item and haven’t heard from NJoy since. I left emails and voice mails still nothing.
    I am switching to V2. I heard that thier product and customer service is good.

  4. Jacqueline says

    I think the deal with the e-cigarette is not to “smoke” it. I don’t inhale really, but I still get to “smoke” when I would have otherwise grabbed a cigarette.

    The atomizer/battery is solid, the taste is “menthol,” and that’s all I’m looking for. And there’s a TON of smoke from a little drag. The little fake ember light is a hoot.

    I’m still on the first cartridge, and I’m going into my third week. No problems!

  5. Denise says

    I think anything that can stop me from smoking is an awesome thing. I didn’t have to wait for these to be delivered in the mail or have to wait for the flea market to open on the weekend. I just run up to 7-11 or even Hess carries them now and buy them. I just pray that we don’t hear down the road that they’re worse for you then real cigarettes..

  6. Denise says

    I think anything that can stop me from smoking real cigarettes is an awesome thing. I didn’t have to wait for these to be delivered in the mail or have to wait for the flea market to open on the weekend. I just run up to 7-11 or even Hess sells them now. I just pray that we don’t hear that they’re worse for you then the real thing.

  7. Matthew says

    This will be my go to instead of my orignal EGO w/ Monster Atomizer, more conveniant for buying refills and smaller design and look is less gaudy the some other models out there. Give this a try 30 day guarantee and 1 year warranty.

  8. Kane Lewis says

    I thought the product was great until I discovered the issue with it ghost smoking. It will be VERY hot and full of wasted vapors. This has killed the battery on several occasions and almost makes it completely worthless. At least a real cigarette is dependable. For me this is a fatal flaw and I came to the site to find an alternative.

  9. Josh says

    like i said it was an impulse buy. i did no research before hand. but when i saw the $20 price tag i figured id give it a shot. i smoke(d) marb red 100’s so the taste isn’t that unfamiliar. however it is a harder drag, and i would say some ‘priming’ is necessary (but then again also necessary on real cigs around the fire prevention bands). its so far taken the edge off of quitting, at least to a bearable degree. im just looking to get some health back, so im hoping this is a better alternative. so far the only real drawbacks are its weight, i cant hold it like a normal smoke, and it feels like a pen (but considering this is my first e-cig that might be a common factor)

  10. Candice says

    I’ve had this thing on charge . . light is green which from what i understand means the battery is charged.
    I attach the filter and NOTHING. No drag, no smoke, no light. This unit is BRAND NEW

    Anybody else have this problem.

  11. david says

    The regular is tasteless….the menthols are quite good. I get head aches with regular cig’s….not with njoy.

  12. Philip says

    I like that if I crave a drag of a cigarette I can have a drag of this and N joy it! without lighting or smoking a whole cigarette. I’ve wanted to quit for a while and I am hoping that this will get me there.

    Thank you

    PS I live in NYC where cigarettes are between $12 and $14 a pack, this was $20 so money wise I’m already ahead and hopefully health wise too.

  13. cathy says

    I just bought the product 2 days ago. I had been using the disposable Finiti e-cig, and decided to move on to the rechargeable/refillable e-cig. NJoy was at the store that I purchase the Finiti. It was only 20 bucks, so I decided to give it a shot. The bubbing/crackling sound was a bit unnerving, as well as the small amount of liquid coming out of the cartridge when inhaling. After charging it again and taking shorter drags for about an hour, the liquid stopped coming out, the vapor became visible, but the crackling noise continued (to a lesser degree). I prefer the silent Finiti disposable with the white light, more vapor, and better taste. For the price though, I’ll put up with occassional crackling (I just have to be a bit sneakier with it at work) and an ok taste. Perhaps the noise and liquid are normal for the rechargeables, but I’m new to this so I didn’t know. I just hope that I don’t end up seeing a massive recall of this product on the news.

  14. Teresa Thompson says

    I have had them 2 days and I can use it when I want and don’t waste ciggarettes, because you can’t smoke inside anywhere and its great when its cold.

  15. Gammy says

    I used to get this at my local mall and it has helped me with my cravings for cigs. I had my 2 batteries for up to 6 months and it went defective. I went to the actual site to order 2 new batteries and a car charger. Since the batteries goes out quickly I can charge while driving. They never sent it to me and already took money out of my account! It was $50 worth of product that I had ordered! I called customer service and they did not do anything about it! They didn’t even give me my refund and I never received the product!

    Still not going to give up until I get my refund back! I even ordered Apollo ecigs and received my extreme kit pack within 2 days.

  16. Adam says

    I bought the N-Joy after I found out that Fire Safe Cigarettes contain carpet glue. The first time I smoked N-Joy I took about 3 hits and felt lightheaded so I went and sat down. About 20 mins later, I felt what I thought was snot dribbling out of my nose. I wiped with my hand, and found there was VERY THIN blood running out of my nostril. I also noticed that I couldn’t inhale as deeply, I was light-headed and couldn’t focus. I did some research on Wikipedia and found out the FDA tested N-Joy and found the following: N-Joy does not deliver a consistent dose of nicotine. The different dosages of nicotine did not correspond to the dosages advertised on the e-cig or refill cartridges. The nicotine free cartridges were found to contain nicotine. They also found tobacco-specific nitrosamines which are carcinogenic chemicals found in real cigarettes.

    Overall I am very disappointed in the false advertising used by N-Joy and am considering buying a tobacco injector, menthol tubes and growing my own tobacco and going back the the real thing, considering the main reason I quit was due to FSC compliant cigs.

  17. steelers says

    I just bought this at Cumberland farms for 10 bucks and started tryin it and really was surprised of the reality of this cig. I smoke 3 packs a day gonna try to go without smoking real stuff today. ill post again later to let ya know how I turned out. wish me luck everyone

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