NicStick Reviews

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Presentation/Packaging 3.5/5

NicStick’s tank kit has more going for it in the presentation department, if only for the fact that it’s made of higher quality materials. The appearance and design is the same, which is fine. The biggest problem I had with it was actually getting the entire product out of the box. The separately packaged charger and tanks are wedged in there so tightly that I nearly had to rip them apart to get them out. Not a huge beef though, just a little better design may be in order for the future.

Battery/Responsiveness 3.5/5

The tank kit comes with 2 batteries of varied length, but both tend to last about the same length of time. They both work pretty well, firing off quickly and producing good vapor. It’s not the easiest or smoothest draw though, but it gets the job done.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 4/5

I’m not usually a big fan of 3 piece kits, but this one works pretty well as far as the vapor is concerned. The refillable tanks tend to last longer than a cartridge that has some material soaked in fluid. The tanks are also clear, so you can easily tell when its time to refill them. The options aren’t great here though, as you only get to choose regular or menthol, and they only come in 18mg or 24mg strengths.

Overall (Not An Average) 4/5

There are 2 options of tank kits NicStick offers, a single and duo. The duo is probably a better deal though it’s almost twice the price coming in at $69.95. However, you get 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, and also a wall charger that the single kit doesn’t include so it is a better value. If you’re into using a simpler 510 style ecig, but want to save by refilling your tanks instead of using multiple cartomizers then this is a pretty good option.

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  1. clay says

    the usb charger is great. refills are easy

  2. Sylvia Armstrong says

    Like I said it is the best I’ve tried.I do wish it was white. The atomizer is 100% better than Gamucci. Like said if the filters lasted longer it would be # 1 in my book I did buy the bottle of nicitine[sic] and it works but it isn’t like the origanal filter. thanks oh , I haven’t smoked but 5 cigs. in 3 weeks and I was a 2 pack a day smoker, I’m pleased.

  3. T M R says

    I loved it for the first week I had it but then I ran out of the filters it came with, bought the nicotine drops, and now it really burns my throat. Also, it is very hard to get a “hit” now. I may buy more of the pre-ready filters and see if it works as good as when I first bought it. It was great at first, it actually feels like smoking and everything but the vapor is completely oderless.

  4. Tammy Fipps says

    I’ve been a smoker for over 16 years. Being 33 and having a 5 year old , I need to be able to play with my kid. I was so tired of being sick all the time, not being able to breath and getting bronchitis once a month. It was very easy to put away the ashtrays and lighters. I can breath, I can move. I don’t need to hide from my son anymore to smoke. No more smelly clothes and hair. Charging is easy, I just plug it into my computer while I’m chatting online. The cost is very good, I am saving around $60 to $80 a week for my husband and myself. I feel like I am alive again, I can walk and run, I can play with my son, I can do other things that take a lot of breathing (wink wink) I am so very Pleased with my NicStick.

  5. Wil Hendeson says

    I like that it tasts and feels like a real smoke. I have kids too and i will be able to play with them more without being so wore down.

  6. Mike says

    I purchased the Nicstick about a week ago. Since then, I’ve only smoked 4-5 real cigarettes. Those were usually if I really wanted a cig while my nicstick battery was charging. I guess I need to get an extra battery to solve that problem. I’ve smoked 1-11/2 packs of cigarettes for nearly 30 years. I’ve tried gum, patches and shots but nothing so far has enabled me to go this long without a real cigarette!

  7. Keith says

    first and only one the wife has used and she rccomends it to everyone, a 2 pack a day smoker @ 5 bucks a pack now 1 refill bottle lasts 2-3 weeks @ 10 bucks, thats a savings. Bottom line is NICSTIC is #1

  8. Randell says

    for the price I paid if it keeps up it’s current pace I will be satisfied. as far as the battery issue goes. if I want it to last longer I can vape slower, right?

  9. Joshua Derryberry says

    I love the taste. I love the feel of the inhale (vape), very significant. I also love the feel of the weightiness in my hands. I also love what is not there: nasty cough in the morning, stench of stale smoke, and the cost of smoking a pack a day! I will consider purchasing a second battery just so I can enjoy this new found product more and more.

  10. kyle says

    this is not a bad product for beginners, but if you are starting to get serious about switcthing to an e cig this is not the product for you. Oh and I think they water down their nicotine. i cant tell the difference between their 18 mg or their 24 mg nicotine. i think its all the same

  11. Candis says

    I never thought that I could go a full day without smoking a real cigarette until I found the nicstick. My house, my clothes, my car, (my kids, and myself) smell so much better now. I can’t believe it took this long to be invented. This product is completely ingenious! You can “vape” pretty much wherever, whenever you want, and you don’t have to listen to people run their mouthes about second hand smoke, or whatever it is they’d like to wine about. Or if they do try to run their mouthes you can shut them up real quick. I love it, I love it, I love it!

  12. Candis says

    With this product its just like smoking a real cigarette, but even better and cheaper! I really enjoy the different flavors that they have to offer also. My 3 kids can actually stand to be in the same room as me and not worry about choking on my second hand smoke. They know that my nicstick only contains harmless, odorless vapors. We all feel much healthier now!

  13. Lisa says

    I do really want to quit smoking finally for the first time ever. I am a 30 + year smoker. I will continue to use the Nicstick because I bought it to help me quit. So, if I don’t have the pleasure of the real thing which is above & beyond ridiculous in price, comfort for me for some reason? Perhaps the unsatisfying vapor of a fake smoke will finally end the cycle. Here is Hoping!

  14. Tammy Adam s says

    I enjoy it because I can basically smoke wherever I want,and the there is no smoke or nasty smell to bother anyone around me. The favors are great,and I enjoy the vapor. But the battery life is horrible, and cartridges,need to be more accessible.

  15. Vap'N'Haze says

    I bout this product one day ago and have went through three filters so far. I regularly smoked less than on pack of cigs a day and I’m pretty sure one filter doesn’t equal a pack. Over-all it seems to be what I wanted minus the two drawbacks that I mentioned above. If the nicotine refills equal out to be cheaper than regular cigs then I will stay aboard the nicstick e-cig bandwagon but if it becomes too much of a hassle and cost more than expected then I will find a better product of this source.

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