Most Popular Seasonal E-Liquids From Wonderous Flavours

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With so many e-liquid flavors out there, it can be hard to find the right flavors per season. Here’s a short list of some that compliment each part of the year.

Much like tobacco and menthol, each e-liquid prefers a specific vino to go with each season. Vapers like to mix and match their flavors depending on the time of year.

So the question comes down to, what flavors go with which season? Below is a list of some of the best and most popular choices to choose from in no particular order.

Spring E-liquid Flavor

As the weather shifts from cold to warmer spring, you might need to switch e-liquid flavors. Savory and rich tastes to lighter & sweet ones. Flavoring e-liquid with the seasons is a great way to enjoy your vaping life with happiness and freshness

With that said, we’ve come up with three smooth and sweet flavors that’ll be matched for your springtime vaping enjoyable.


Banana Butternut Smoothie Recipe

This is a Banana Butternut Smoothie Recipe flavor that’ll satisfy your sweet taste buds. There’s a decent, and enjoyable amount of carbonation to this – nothing that’s too overpowering, and the taste is a little hoppy, with some mild malt flavoring.

Banana Butternut Smoothie flavor begins tasting like a delicious blueberry smoothie and is then topped with Bananas & Nuts.  A Banana Butternut flavor soaks for a month before we ship it out to you to give you the best flavor. That means you get the most enjoyable e-liquid flavor profile possible.

Banana Butternut Smoothie Recipe

Flavour Concentrate

  • Hazelnuts & Cream
  • Banana Purée
  • Caramel Rice Crispy Treats
  • Caramel Butter

Suggested Steep Time: 10 days

The Banana Butternut is as much fun to pour as it is to vape. There’s a medium carbonation to it, with flavorings of banana nut and hazelnut. It has a creamy complimented mixture with a minor bitter hoppiness to it. It’s not available everywhere, but if you see it on the Wonder Flavours, make sure to give it a try.


Caramel Butter


Caramel infused with melted butter.

This is the perfect creamy caramel tobacco flavor to take from the frigid winter into the warmer springtime. It’s a Caramel Butter full-flavored tobacco taste that has a mild, bold,  and rich flavor with a hint of sweet caramel.


Blueberry Smoothie


Wild blueberries freshly picked, lightly sweetened and blended just right.

This is one most interesting flavors that mix the taste of creamy Greek yogurt with a fruity blend of Blueberry Smoothie. Wild blueberries freshly picked, lightly sweetened and mixed just right.This sweet, smooth Smoothie flavor mixed with berries will be the perfect addition to your springtime transition.


Summer E-liquid Flavor

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh juicy and exotic fruits merge to form a superior berry taste.

With a name like this, let’s hope this e-liquid flavor stays around for a while! A gorgeous amber coloring. There’s a medium carbonation to it, with slight flavorings of nut and honey complimented nicely by a minor bitter hoppiness. It’s not available everywhere, but if you see it on the shelf, make sure to give it a try.

Citrus Fruit

Lemon and lime with other notable citrus fruit offering a full bodied citrus taste.

One of the warmest offerings in the summer is a party buffet table with a bowl of holiday punch to welcome guests. A fruit punch recipe that appeals to all. This holiday punch is fresh tasting with citrus flavors and has a slightly sparkling effect. When planning any holiday entertainment, keep in mind how the combination of citrus flavors and ginger ale in this party drink will appeal to those adults who enjoy punch with the addition of gin or vodka. This is the type of flavor you should expect while vaping this flavor.

Summertime Lemonade

Freshly squeezed lemonade, sour yet sweet, only refreshing.

Lemonade is the cold drink of choice during the hot days of summer. There is just nothing more refreshing than sitting in the shade with a tall glass of lemonade over ice.
Though lemonade is most often served in the traditional way (just lemon juice, water, and sugar) you can add some variety to your lemonade menu with different flavors when vaping.

Autumn E-liquid Flavor

The Octoberfest has found an enjoyable balance between the sweetness of caramel and pumpkin spice

Peach Pie & Cream

Sweet white peach pie with thick cream.

Peaches originated in China where it was believed that they brought luck, abundance, and protection. So appealing was the sweet fruit that it eventually found its way to the United States. Here inspired bakers combined the fruit with another common crop, pecans, to make a delicious cream pie.


Cinnamon Pastry

The dough from this warm cinnamon pastry is infused with sweet frosting.

This recipe is a cake-like pecan bar topped with melted marshmallows and then a coffee glaze. The combination of textures and flavors is simply wonderful. Added cinnamon because it marries well with coffee and pecans. Try it soon!.

Hazelnuts & Cream

A velvety cream with heaps of roasted hazelnuts.A velvety cream with lots of roasted hazelnuts.

Oh my goodness – these are tried and *true*! When hazelnuts and cream are combined, the result is Remarkable!

From toasted hazelnuts to hazelnut cream, from hazelnut truffles to hazelnut spread, hazelnuts offer us their nutty goodness.

Winter E-liquid Flavor

Apple Cider

Imagine a fall harvest with apples picked fresh and carefully selected to create a flavorsome apple cider.

Imagine a fall harvest with apples picked fresh and carefully chosen to create a flavorsome apple cider flavor.

New England cooks have been adept in the art of using cider, sweet and hard, to enhance the native cuisine. They add it to baked beans, use it in cornmeal mush, cook apples in it, mix it into pumpkin soup, and braise meats with it. Now a new generation of e-liquid manufacturer is adopting the tradition and make e-liquids with this amazing flavor that will warm your winter vape.

Chocolate Chunks

This slow-melting chocolate made with the finest cocoa beans leaves a lasting impression.

Armed with this knowledge, it’s not difficult to imagine which type of chocolate might best complement you. Be aware that chocolate flavoring is not limited to candy bars but also to a wide variety of confections, from syrups to cakes to ice cream, and some of their textural differences can’t be overlooked.

With e-liquid flavors and textures in mind, consider anything from chocolate covered peanuts to cherry flavored chocolates, the obligatory milk and dark chocolate bars, chocolate frosted brownies, and even chocolate fudge.

Transform Your Vaping Experience

Modifying your E-liquid Flavor Concentrates profile with the changing of the season is the perfect way to customize your vaping experience. So give these amazing seasonal Wonder Flavours a try and experience the different feelings in different seasons

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