Provari Mini Review

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Overall: 5/5

I first had a chance to try the ProVari Mini during Chicago Vapefest and Vapebash and I have to say I was blown away from the get-go. There have been some people that have said they’d rather opt for the ProVari V2, not because of battery life, but because something this small just isn’t as comfortable. Not I.

For me, having a mod that is almost as short as an eGo battery with variable voltage and every feature imaginable, makes me feel like I am living in the future. Honestly, it shouldn’t be that mind blowing. They shortened the tube so that the mod could work with an 18350 rather than an 18490 or an 18650. Seems simple enough. But in an experiential way, the compact nature of something so advanced makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and of course, downright impressed.

The ProVari Mini has all the same features (the same control unit) as the ProVari V2. This means the Mini is the only unit of this size to have basically every feature and protection you could dream up. In terms of protections, the list is long and reassuring: atomizer short, reverse battery, under volt, over volt, over heat protections and a 16-second cutoff to keep the unit from firing for too long. Like the ProVari, the ProVari Mini is one of the safest mods available and arguably one of the safest e-cigs in general. The control unit also gives you the ability to change voltage up or down, check atomizer ohms, check battery life, power on/off and led on/off from a one button system- simple.

The ProVari Mini has the updated 2.9-6.0 volt range and the 3.5 amp limit, meaning that you can drive low resistance dual coil hardware far over 4 volts, allowing them to truly “come alive” and if desired, give you an insanely intense vape. All of this, safely.

So what about the battery life? Users of the original ProVari or other 18650 VV tube mods might be concerned that an 18350 won’t go the distance in terms of having a non-problematic all-day vape. Not so- the regulator in the ProVari Mini not only allows for a consistent (accurate) voltage that adjusts the output amperage to the hardware you’re using but it does so while making efficient use of the battery. I used this constantly at Vapefest/Vapebash in exactly the manner you would at a vape meet- vaping all the time just because you can. In that kind of trial, the ProVari Mini still gave 3-4 hours of battery life and up to 8 hours in the evening when I wasn’t trying to vape my head off. Of course, carrying an extra 18350 around makes for a quick fix, but the unit alone with a fully charged battery will give much more distance in terms of vape time than is expected, even at higher voltages and with low resistance or dual coil cartomizers/atomizers.

What’s more is that the ProVari Mini takes the same extender cap as the ProVari, meaning if you know for a fact you’ll need a one-charge long distance vape, switching to an 18490 for even more battery life is extremely simple.

And like all other Provape products, the machining and threading on the endcap and 510 connection is immaculate. Even for such a small mod, the Mini feels like it’s made out of something. It’s a bit like the .357 Magnum of mods- surprisingly heavy and equally reliable.

So what can I say in the “negative” about the ProVari Mini? It’s tough to find anything. Maybe you could say it’s too heavy- but that’s a sign of an extremely high build quality and long term durability. Maybe you could say it’s too small and not comfortable. In my opinion, making mods smaller while keeping the same features and performance is the definition of comfortable vaping. You might say the battery life isn’t as long as the original ProVari or other 18650 tube mods- that’s an inherent and obvious tradeoff, one that is easily solved with the addition of the extender cap.

Perhaps the only negative you can find is the price- at around $160 for the unit alone, it’s on the upper tier of mod pricing. But then again, I can’t expect all the best features available, built into one of the smallest mods available at a bargain price. The thought I have is much like that of the original ProVari: the price is high but you should never want for another mod after owning one of these. It’ll be a long time before we see something that has more features and protections in this size and chances are when we do, it’ll be a ProVape product.

I know a good deal of this review reads like a love-letter to ProVape, but I feel it would be wrong to hold back my impression simply because many others have the same impression. Overall, if you have the money, you will get exactly what you pay for here: the best of the best, in a compact size.

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