Provari E-Cig Mod Review (V2)

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Overall: 5/5

Note: The information and lead video in this review have been updated to reflect the changes from the V1 to the V2 Provari.

I was given the daunting task of reviewing the ProVari from ProVape. Initially, as a ProVari owner, I didn’t think it would be that hard, as I have used one for nearly a year. However, in looking over the ProVape website for tech specs, I was blown away at how much this device really does. Most of it, as an end user, you probably won’t even notice, but suffice it to say, ProVape packs a whole lot into this little tube! I will be referring heavily to ProVape’s tech specs which can be found on their website,

First off, what is a ProVari, and what does it do? The ProVari is a variable voltage tube mod that uses 1, 3.7v IMR high drain battery (AW IMR is recommended), and a boost circuit to alter the voltage delivered to your atomizer or cartomizer within a range of 2.9-6.0 volts in 0.1 volt increments. The ProVari incorporates what ProVape calls “AccuSet Technology.” From the Provape website:

“Our built-in dynamic self-calibration algorithm keeps the output voltage accurate to 1% or better over the life of the product. The ProVari will constantly monitor and adjust itself to ensure you always get accurate voltage settings. Every device will auto-tune itself so it’s always precise!”

ProVape also states that the ProVari is a regulated device, meaning that the voltage selected will remain constant, regardless of remaining battery life. For those of us who have used mechanical mods, you know that your 1st hit on a fresh battery is hotter than when you’ve been vaping on that battery for a while. This can lead to a very unsatisfying experience. The ProVari regulates voltage so that your last vape is as good as the first.

In using and testing this device with a voltage meter, I have found ProVape’s claims to be accurate. In layman’s terms, there is no voltage drop between unloaded (no atomizer attached) and loaded (atomizer attached) voltage, as can be found on most other devices. Also, the voltage displayed is the voltage experienced throughout the remaining charge of the battery.

ProVape packs many safety and device monitoring features into this device. Things like the on/off feature, which allows the user to turn the device off preventing misfires while being carried. It has a 16 second cutoff to avoid over heating the device should the button be pressed unaware. It has short circuit/atomizer protection that monitors the load (resistance in Ohms of your atomizer) and can shut the device off if there is a short, thus preventing a catastrophic failure of the device. It has reverse battery protection, meaning the device will only power on if the battery is placed in the device correctly. The ProVari has thermal monitoring; meaning that if the device gets too hot, it will shut off until it cools off in order to protect itself. It has battery monitoring/over discharge protection, giving the user a flashing LED warning when the battery is close to discharged, and shutting the device off when the battery is fully discharged.

V2 Update:

The ProVari, with the V2 changes, now features a 3.5 amp limit. What does this mean? The ProVari can now run low resistance and dual coil cartomizers at much higher voltages than before. Namely, the popular 1.5ohm dual coil cartomizer can now be ran all the way up the 5 volts and other single coil or higher resistance cartomizers/atomizers can of course be ran even higher.  This means that your dual coil cartomizers can truly come to life, as they are often thought to, when pushed above ~4 volts. This update to a 3.5 amp limit basically eliminates the one flaw that some have found in the past with the ProVari and keeps it on top as solidly one of the best devices available.

The user interface of the ProVari is a solitary button, and a 2 digit display. To access the menu system, the user must press the button several times in rapid succession to get to the menu option they wish to adjust.

Press 5 times for Power Up (Pu)
-Increases voltage in 0.1v increments
Press 7 times for Power Down (Pd)
-Decreases voltage in 0.1v increments
Press 9 times for Power On/Off (Po)
-Turns the device on and off
Press 11 times for Check Battery (Cb)
-Check remaining battery level in volts
Press 13 times for Atomizer Ohms (Ao)
-Check the resistance of your atomizer or cartomizer in Ohms
Press 15 times to LED button On/Off (Lo)
-Toggle the lighted LED button between full, dim, and off

Options and pricing: ProVape offers an a-la-carte style of ordering their mod. You select the options you want, and add them each individually to your cart.

For the ProVari (mod only), the satin finish is $159.95, $179.95 for chrome or satin black, and $299.95 for 24k gold. The extension cap (to allow use of an 18650 battery) is $19.95 for the satin finish, and $23.95 for the chrome and black finishes. 1 18500 AW IMR 1100 mAh battery is $11.00, and 1 18650 AW IMR 2000 mAh battery is $12.95. A Tenergy charger is $16.95, or you can upgrade to a Pila 4 stage charger for $45.00. The device comes with a 1 year warranty, but a 2 year warranty can be purchased for $24.95.

If a starter kit is more to your liking, they offer one which includes a satin ProVari, 2 18500 AW IMR batteries, 1 Tenergy charger, a 5 pack of 3 Ohm cartomizers, and a metal drip tip for $211.95.

Packaging and presentation leave a little to be desired. This was my first big mod purchase, and it came wrapped in bubble wrap, packed in a USPS small flat rate box. I guess just I expected more. Don’t get me wrong, it was well packed, and arrived unscathed, but just not in a pretty box. I have since noticed that many big mod makers ship their products this way.

My initial impression is that the ProVari was somewhat large, and seemed very heavy compared to what I was used to. It is made of stainless steel, and feels very solid. Adding the extension cap and larger battery increases the heft and size of this device. After a while though, I got used to it, and actually learned to appreciate the stoutness of it.

The menu system, on its face, seemed daunting, but literally after five minutes of using the ProVari, it became second nature. I also noticed that once I found the preferred voltage for a particular cartomizer and juice, I didn’t need to fiddle with it anymore. I really love the regulated voltage. My 1st vape tastes the same as my last vape regardless of the battery status.

The native 510 connection is integrated in to the cap, and is well machined, and has never failed to fire due to a connection problem. There is a nice drip well around it to catch any juice for the messy dripper.

Both the standard and extended end caps are well machined, and the threading was tight, quiet, and smooth.

Battery life leaves a little to be desired. the 18500 battery gives me about 5-6 hours vape time, and the 18650 gives me 7-8 hours vape time. Depending on how much you vape, you may have different results.

And now with the addition of a 3.5 amp limit, dual coils can be safely and effectively run at higher voltages, providing the seriously powerful vape that some users demand.

My final thoughts on this device are quite positive despite the fact that it is quite expensive. I really like variable voltage. I love the fact that it is regulated voltage. The heft and size don’t bother me. After almost a year of using the ProVari, I have never once had an issue with it. With the amp limit now raised, it’s tough to find anything wrong with the ProVari, no matter what kind of hardware you like to use.

I would rate the ProVari 5/5

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