Vapor4Life Dial-a-Volt Review

In this review, I take a look at the new automatic, variable voltage offering from V4L has been part of the vaping community for a VERY long time. It was the site I first found success with quitting my pack a day habit. They offer a slew of e-liquids in cartomizers and bottled e-liquid as well as many options for batterys. The Dial-a-volt is one of the newest offerings to meet the demand for longer battery life and better performance. If you check out the video below, you will see what I mean. Vapor4Life…

The Can by

In this review, I take a look a very cool idea that is similar to the kick in how it works but allows you to use it on nearly any device with a 510 connection. The Can takes the voltage you put into it and transforms that into a wattage range from 6-12 watts. Unlike the kick, the can can boost your voltage to 12 watts while the kick stops at 10 watts. More and more we are seeing devices come out with the wattage feature and The Can is a solution for those who want wattage on a device they own. You can pick one of these up…

iTaste SVD

I recently had the chance to take a look at the newest offering from Innoken, The iTaste SVD! With their great success with the iTaste MVP, the SVD was highly anticipated. At first glance, the device seems like a nice quality mod with stylish metal accents. The telescoping tube was a huge bonus as well. When popping a battery in the tube I was very suprised by how large the device is compared to the devices ive used and seen on the market but dont let the size deter you from giving the SVD a chance. This device performs VERY…

eGo-Twist Review

The eGo-Twist from Joyetech has been referred to as a "gamechanger" and I couldn't agree more. The eGo-Twist is, in short, everything a vaping device needs to be without being complicated or expensive.

Provari Mini Review

The ProVari Mini has all the same features (the same control unit) as the ProVari V2. This means the Mini is the only unit of this size to have basically every feature and protection you could dream up. Overall, though the price is high, you will get exactly what you pay for here: the best of the best, in a compact size.

Provari E-Cig Mod Review (V2)

After almost a year of using the ProVari, I have never once had an issue with it. It has been through the ringer and has always fired right up. Now with the V2 update, it is difficult to find anything to point out in the negative about the ProVari. It remains solidly one of the best devices available.

Apollo V-Tube Mod Review (Stainless Steel)

Apollo has offered a vast improvement over previous designs of this product: a solid, heavy build with the addition of an eGo connection and a floating connector pin are the biggest standouts for this mod. All in all, an extremely high quality build brought to a design often criticized for a lack thereof.

SD Keyring Mod

In summary, I wouldn’t make this my main vape, however, it is very satisfying. I think it would be best served in an environment where stealth is important, or if you are going out on a quick trip somewhere and don’t want to lug a big MOD around. I wish I had an extra battery so as to always have one ready to go. Especially for the price, it’s a solid performer.