Mango Grape E-liquid by Bangsawan Review

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Bangsawan is a Malaysian company well-known in the vaping industry. The company is popular for the nicely flavored vape juices it produces. The company produces high quality, premium ejuice by using natural ingredients and highly sophisticated brewing techniques. It specializes in mixed fruits e-liquids.

The name ’Bangsawan’ in the Malay language means ’nobility’. The company adopted the name to represent its vision of good quality vape juice. Recently, it has launched on the market a range of ejuices that are highly appreciated by vapers. Mango Grape stands out among mango lovers as one of the best mango ejuice ever made.

The Natural Taste of Fruits

Mango Grape combines the natural taste of both mangos and grapes. The flavor is intense and invades the taste buds with an overwhelming sweetness and a nice creamy flavor.

You will delight in the mixed fruit flavor of mango and grape. The sweet, juicy flavor of mango layered with the sweet and a bit acidic flavor of grape will excite your taste buds

The flavors are nicely balanced. The smooth and creamy sensation and a slight hint of mint seal what is one of the best-mixed mango grape ejuices on the market.

Bangsawan uses natural ingredients to brew this mixed fruit ejuice. All the full richness of mango and grape flavor is captured and encapsulated into a great and unique taste.

Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol

Bangsawan Mango, Grape has a VG/PG level of 50/50. An equal proportion that is perfect, allowing to capture more flavor. It also allows very good cloud production

It’s a proportion that is perfect for both novice and experienced vapers. You have a mild throat hit and good cloud production. You will find it quite nice to vape, relishing every puff.

Bangsawan has a unique method of mixing fruits that produces fantastic great flavor. They also know which fruits can best be mixed together. You will find that many websites have their product range on display with fantastic reviews. This is a company that brews some of the finest mixed vape juices..

The Bottle and Nicotine Level

The bottle has a nice pink color. It has a childproof safety cap. The company’s trademark is clearly seen. The bottle is available in 65 ml and the juice has 6 mg of nicotine strength.

The price of Bangsawan Mango Grape ejuice is $ 10.99 USD. This is one of the best e-juice deals you will find on the market. It’s a great price for a 65 ml bottle. Often, at that price, the bottles contain contains far less e-liquid.

Vapers who are familiar with the Bangsawan brand understand that they are obtaining a value for their money. As the name of the company suggests, this is a premium ejuice. Great care is taken to brew the e-liquid and extensive studies undertaken to find the best fruits to mix for a fantastic taste. A lot of devotion is put into delivering the fantastic taste enjoyed by vapers worldwide.


If you are a vaper who likes fruity ejuices, you will find that the Bangsawan collections have a variety of interesting mixed fruits and some slightly odd combinations; however, the flavor obtained makes them a perfect match .

This is perfect for flavor chasers. The thrill and excitement of discovering a brand new mixture of fruits and the feeling it gives to the senses. Taste chasers will find that Bangsawan mixed fruit ejuices have a very nice koolada, but not necessarily overpowering. The cloud production is good. Cloud chasers will rejoice at the abundant, thick and semi-fluid clouds produced.

Bangsawan Mango Grape ejuice gives another twist to the flavor of both fruits. It’s something worth discovering. Vapers relish the wonderful flavor, the creamy taste and hint of coolness make the entire experience worthwhile.

This is one fruity ejuice that you will enjoy vaping throughout the year. Bangsawan’s other products are equally superb and tasty. Each is a unique mix of two or more different fruits that create brand new tastes that excite the taste buds and arouse the curiosity of flavor chasers.

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