Kanger Five6 222W Vape Kit Review

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There are lots of vape kits in the market today, but very few can be compared to the Kanger Five6 222W Vape Kit, thanks to its “masterpiece” design. If you are a vet vaper and you are looking for a powerful vaping device, this is definitely the one to go for. Simply put, if vapes were cars, this vape kit would be like a sweet Ferrari or Lamborghini ride.
The Kanger Five6 Vape Kit is top-of-the-range for many reasons. Besides boasting of an incredible capacity of 222 Watts, the vape kit also has a total output of 6 coils. This vape kit is the first from Kanger’s advanced kangertech design (AKD) series. It comes with several cutting edge features and can be easily customized.
One of the stand-out features of the Kanger Five6 222W Vape Kit is its tank. The Five6 sub-ohm tank has a capacity of 8.0 mL. It comes with three separate Tiger 0.6-ohm coils, each with two parallel threads. This gives a total output of 6 coils. You can easily select the number of coils that you want to use by turning a ring at the base of the tank. The tank has a LED light that indicates how many coils are in use. This vape kit can create a lot of vapor with rich flavor.
The process of refilling the Five6 tank on this vape kit is very simple. All you have to do is slide the cap of the tank and fill in your e-juice through a large port. There are two adjustable airflow ports at the bottom part of the tank. The tank was made with temperature-sensitive pyrex glass that flashes a color as you draw.
Another impressive feature of the Kanger Five6 222W Vape Kit is its Five6 mod. The mod requires five 18650 Li-ion cell batteries to function. While this seems like a lot, you need to keep in mind that the kit has a maximum output of 222W. You can easily adjust the power consumption by selecting the number of coils in use. The Five6 mod automatically selects the required wattage to support the number of coils in use. If you want an intense vaping experience, you can activate all 6 coils. However, using the coils individually would make them last longer.
This Kanger Five6 Vape Kit is not just for vaping; it can also be used as a power bank. Imagine you are out-and-about; somewhere far away from a power source. Suddenly,  you realize that your phone is about to die. This vape kit could come to the rescue with its humongous battery pack. You simply need to press a button to activate the power bank mode and plug in your device to start charging.
The fire button of the Kanger Five6 222W Vape Kit is placed in an easily accessible position. A small display screen is fitted on top of the mod. This means you can see the information displayed on the screen while taking a hit from the vape kit. The LCD screen displays some important information including battery life, status, as well as voltage and ohm data.
The Kanger Five6 22W Vape Kit comes in five different fashionable colors; blue, red, green, yellow, and black. You can change the color of the vape to match your style. Get this highly advanced vaping kit today from smokstore.us and rest assured you will literally be the light of the party.
Just in case you are wondering why this Kanger vape is called the Five6. The five is said to refer to the number of batteries that it uses. On the other hand, the six is thought to represent the six coils in the tank of the kit.
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