JUUL Compatible ZIIP Pods Review

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The JUUL is easily one of the best closed-system pod devices ever made. However, JUUL replacement pods can be expensive. Thankfully, there are affordable alternatives like ZIIP pods and Ovns pods, which are compatible with the JUUL.

JUUL pods come with limited flavor options, namely Mango, Cool Mint, Cool Cucumber, Virginia Tobacco, Creme Brulee, and Fruit Medley. Each pod comes with 50mg/ml of nicotine and contains 0.7ml of nicotine salt e-juice. A pack of four JUUL replacement pods costs over 20 CAD at the Hazetown Vapes vape store Toronto. However, you can get a pack of four ZIIP pods for less than that. What’s more, ZIIP pods contains 1ml of e-juice compared to 0.7ml in the JUUL. This means they last longer. Also, ZIIP pods come with a higher nicotine strength level – 60mg/ml.

Although ZIIP pods aren’t made by the manufacturers of the JUUL, they fit the device well without any issues. You will not get any misfires. ZIIP pods perform just like JUUL pods. There are barely any differences, and even if they are, you’ll hardly notice them.

There are over 21 ZIIP pod flavors to choose from at Hazetown Vapes. You can get a pack of four ZIIP pods from this Toronto vape shop for only CAD 18.99. Let’s look at some of our top favorites among them below.

Mango: This e-juice gives you the spot-on taste of ripe mangoes. It is sweet and slightly sour. Unlike other mango e-liquids out there, this doesn’t taste artificial. It doesn’t come off as candied or overly sweet.

Strawberry Lemonade: Here is a treat for the summer season. Strawberry Lemonade gives you the sweet and tart taste of a strawberry and lemonade cocktail.

Watermelon: The flavor of watermelon is a bit tricky to replicate in an e-juice, but ZIIP did an excellent job with this e-liquid. It tastes lightly sweet with that elusive watermelon flavor.

Strawberry Milk: This e-juice captures the classic taste of a strawberry milk drink. The sweet taste complements the creaminess to create a mouthwatering treat.

Mint: Are you looking for something refreshing? Grab a bottle of Mint ZIIP pod. This e-juice has a cold and mildly sweet taste that will leave your palate excited.

Froopy: Froopy appears to have been inspired by the taste of Fruity Loops. You get the taste of crunchy sweet and sour fruity cereal and milk from this e-liquid. It tastes heavenly.

ICED Pina Colada: This yummy e-juice is a combination of juicy pineapple, creamy coconut, and a hint of mint flavor. These different flavors come together harmoniously to create a mouthwatering treat. This is a perfect e-juice for those hot summer days.

Tobacco: This e-juice has the smooth, full-bodied flavor of Virginia Tobacco. It doesn’t taste bitter or artificial in any way. You get the natural, earthy tobacco flavor with each puff.

Cheesecake: Are you craving the taste of New York-style cheesecake? Then, grab a bottle of Cheesecake. It has a sweet, creamy flavor that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Apart from the e-juice blends mentioned above, some other ZIIP pod flavors are Cappuccino, Blueberry, Pineapple, Lemon Macaron, Cinnamon Roll, ICED Blueberry, ICED Mango, ICED Orange, ICED Watermelon, ICED Strawberry, ICED Multipack, and ICED Pineapple. Visit hazetownvapes.com and check them out now!

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