How Do Fidget Spinners Help Reduce Anxiety And Stress

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Shaky legs, distracted mind, and problem concentrating at work; who do not get this? Some call it the ‘Monday Blues’, some refer it as ‘Work Pressure’, but wait…it may be just that your brain is bored with your mundane work environment and routine tasks. Fidgeting is what it is and do not be surprised when we tell you that there are ways to deal with it – using Fidget Spinners, the most popular office toys of 2018.

Your brain commands your body to fidget, because all your brain needs is a joy spin, away from the things that you do regularly. Scientific studies have shown that fidgeting is nothing but a reaction to boredom and discomfort.

Imagine a fidgeting person in an office full of seriously working people. The distracted, fidgeting guy can be the most annoying thing the most sincere and workaholic employees may find in such a setting. A fidgeting person can disturb a hundred others around him or her! That person could be “YOU”…just saying!

There are ways to deal with fidgeting using fidget spinners, a variety of these office toys available on VapingZone store. Let us first try to understand what is fidgeting, how it affects your working efficiency, and find out ways to effectively deal with it.

Why do you Fidget?

  • The state of fidgeting is associated with boredom, nervousness, restlessness, and distractions.

  • There are many arguments about the need of fidgeting.

  • Some claim that fidgeting prepares your body for what is coming to you, possibly some new work or experience.

  • Some argue that through fidgeting brain provides essentially breaks to itself which are very much required to focus on work in hand, even if it does not require much mental activity.

  • Stress at work could be a major cause of your fidgeting habit.

  • Mild fidgeting can be caused by failure to concentrate on the task at hand.

  • Excessive, frequent, and serious fidgeting can be a symptom of conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).

  • Serious fidgeting needs medical attention.

Do Fidget Spinners Help with reducing Stress and Anxiety

  • Definitely, yes! Fidget Spinners are not just toys, they are toys specifically made to engage your mind and refresh your brain.

  • A group of scientists has claimed that fidget spinners help relieve stress and anxiety, but the claim is still not well established.

  • Users of fidget spinners recommend it as a good office toy to relieve stress and engage in some fun activity that your brain will enjoy.

  • In a nutshell, there is no harm using a fidget spinner to get away from stress at work and get rid of your fidgeting habit. It does not have negative effects, but only positive ones.

How do Fidget Spinners reduce Stress

  • Fidget spinners are small sized plastic or metal toys specially designed to withstand rough and tough use.

  • The spinners, with a push with a finger, can rotate freely for a long duration. Spinning the wheel engages the user in some playful activity.

  • The user starts thinking about things other than work or enjoys the satisfaction provided by the control over the spinner.

What is Fidget Spinner made up of?

  • Generally, fidget spinners are metal toys.

  • The new fidget spinners available in the market are made up of plastic and sometimes glass.

  • Each spinner is fitted with a central portion that contains ball bearings which make the easy and smooth spin possible.

  • The ball bearings are made up of Iron.

  • Some fancy fidget spinners are fitted with LED lights.

  • Fidget hand spinners come in a variety of shape and sizes. The design of some spinners is inspired by superhero movies such as Batman. Isn’t it cool to bust your stress by spinning a Bat Spinner? Are you already feeling like Bruce Wayne?

  • Fidget hand spinners come in a variety of colors including camouflage colors, specially made for those of adventurous you.

Fidget Spinners in VapingZone Store

  • The VapingZone store has a tremendous variety to offer in Fidget Spinners.

  • We have regular spinners, bat spinners, camo spinners, pesigon spinners, spinners made up of Copper, and other allied products such as Fidget Cube, Fidget Chain, and Fidget Think Pen.

  • We keep only the best-quality products and hence our user ratings are high.

Featured Fidget Spinner in VapingZone

1. VZ Glowing Fidget Spinner

  • The VZ Glowing Fidget Spinner is specially designed spinner that glows in the dark.

  • The product is made up of high-quality ABS plastic and Stainless Steel ball bearings that give it an extra smooth spin.

  • The spinner contains a particular light absorbent material that absorbs light and emits it in dark.

  • The trick to enjoy the VZ Glowing Fidget Spinner is to keep in light for some time, spin it and then turn off the lights.

  • When it spins it creates a circle like the illusion that is visible in the dark.

  • Extra care has been taken in designing this product. The round corners and smooth ABS plastic makes it a harmless spinner.

  • This particular spinner is highly recommended as a gift.

2. VZ Fidget Bat Spinner

  • All Batman fans out there, VZ has come up with a great Bat Spinner that can be your personal office toy.

  • Now it is possible to flaunt your love and respect towards the DC superhero by spinning a Bat Spinner in one hand while talking to your work colleagues.

  • There is no doubt that the design of the Bat Spinner is inspired by Batman’s close aide, the Bat Blades.

  • The Bat Spinner is made up of high-quality ABS plastic and like other spinners do not have sharp edges to prevent cutting your finger accidentally.

  • The Bat Spinner gives you an opportunity to get away with your stress using your favorite superhero’s instrument.

3. VZ Claw 3 Side Fidget Spinner Copper

  • The VZ Claw 3 Side Fidget Spinner Copper is made up of real Copper giving it a unique shine and status.

  • This spinner is a bit heavy due to the metal used but the weight is compensated by the higher efficiency.

  • The shape of the spinner resembles the symbol on Captain America’s shield, smart Marvel fans must have already noticed.

  • The spinner has claw-like sides which add up to the look of the spinner.

4. VZ Fidget Chain

  • The VZ Fidget Chain is a modified fidget toy which is getting popular.

  • This fidget toy has been modified to contain several links which can interlock.

  • You simply have to flip these chains to create a cycle of rounds, just like any other fidget spinner.

  • This toy is still new in the market and can definitely add up some extra marks in your personality.

5. VZ Fidget Cube

  • VapingZone introduces another addition to fidget toys – VZ Fidget Cube.

  • These cubes are not usual cubes but contain several buttons and levers which produce different effects.

  • You can spin, flick, click, and roll these cubes and do much more than what you can with a fidget hand spinner.

  • These cubes also contain a rotating disc along with gears which is an additional bonus, just in case you are missing your old days with a video game and joystick.

  • These cubes, made up of ABS plastic, are pocket-sized. You can easily carry them in a meeting and impress others while keeping your fidgeting in control.


  • Fidgeting is a real thing, not something that you can ignore.

  • Frequent fidgeting might be representative of some serious health issues including psychological conditions.

  • To avoid fidgeting, Fidget Spinners can be looked upon as a good option.

  • Fidget Spinners are toys that can engage your brain in an activity to improve your mood and take you out of boredom or nervousness.

  • VapingZone store hosts a variety of Fidget toys including Fidget Hand Spinners, Fidget Chains, and Fidget Cubes.

  • VapingZone has come up with a variety of Fidget Spinners such as Bat Spinner, Camo Spinner, Copper Spinner, and Glowing Fidget Spinner.

  • VapingZone offers the best in Fidget Spinners at a reasonable cost, so don’t miss the Fidget Spinner section on the website.

We look forward to receiving your valuable feedback on how our Fidget Spinners helped you get over fidgeting habit.

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