Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice and eLiquid Review

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Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice and eLiquid Review

With how far the vaping world has come in such a short time, there is little territory left to be explored as far as ejuice. However, even though it hasn’t changed much in terms of how its created, our Hot Juice CBD vape juice Company and eliquid review found that there are still some areas where companies can improve as far as quality.

Keep in mind, when we opened the bottle to stare down this simple label that looked more like a container for vitamins than a fruit or coffee flavored vape juice we weren’t all that impressed. However, our considerable experience reviewing vape products has taught us a valuable lesson about judging products by their cover and we’re glad we moved past the understated packaging to actually sample the wares within. What was concealed beneath, was possibly the best vape juice we’ve used in a long time that truly impressed us.

Made in a meticulously curated laboratory in Los Angeles, the Hot Juice team is made up of industry veterans, vape juice craftspeople, and DIY vaping pioneers with a passion for vaping that clearly goes well beyond making money from it. They make the best tasting eliquid as if all the technology, knowledge and experience from the current state of vaping traveled back in time to when it was new and exciting for those of us who have been in the game since the beginning and applied that wisdom and their desire to push for the best cheap ejuice to the maximum.

Hot Juice eLiquid and CBD Vape Juice Review

As mentioned, we have a great deal of experience vaping through the most popular eliquid flavors and giving them an intensive test to pass our experience to you. We always learn something new from trying younger premium vape juice brands, but often those lessons are not to trust a colorful or artful bottle to convey what’s inside. This time we had to put our faith in the opposite, to change our expectations for what a minimal design element did to effectively convey what was housed beneath.

Understand, with all the recent notoriety about CBD and its benefits we have remained fairly skeptical here regarding its efficacy, due largely to users reporting that they couldn’t “feel” anything from vaping CBD additives of the past and the difficulty of chemical testing. However, there is certainly an indescribable sensation that overtakes you when you’re using Hot Juice CBD ejuice, especially with the heavier doses. While they carry with them a daunting price difference, it’s one you can be sure is actually in the bottle.
Since so many CBD oil and vape brands are offering low levels for the sake of affordability, it isn’t that the isolate isn’t inside, it’s simply that users aren’t able to say for sure they are experiencing the effects. That said, I can attest to the potency of Hot Juice CBD, mostly because it comes in a range of delicious flavors I vaped through tank after tasty tank of. Like I said, it isn’t often that I talk about the benefits or efficacy of vape juice these days because it’s pretty trampled territory as far as CBD eliquid reviews go.

With that in mind, I can’t deny how much I enjoyed the Hot Juice CBD vape juice and eliquid review with regards to the quality of flavors alone. Sure, the presentation is pretty simple and doesn’t inspire much excitement, but as with many things in this world, it’s what’s inside that actually counts and what they pack into every bottle is honesty. I can’t say for sure any traditional vape juice, CBD or otherwise has ever made such and indelible impression on me. Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice and eLiquid Review Conclusion The hunt for the greatest e liquid so far has truly reached its next milestone. My Hot Juice CBD vape juice and eliquid review transformed what I thought was possible with the existing formulas, the essential ingredients and made me an instant convert. All my wariness about the effects of vaping it were instantly put under the microscope to show me that I didn’t have trouble with understanding the benefits of CBD, just the CBD products I’d tried up to that point. This is without mentioning that they have an ongoing weekly vape contest and vape giveaway of everything from their unbelievably tasty e-juice to vape starter kits. Thank you Hot Juice, for changing my understanding without altering my perception.

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