Halo E-Cig Reviews

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Packaging/Presentation 4/5

Halo’s new G6 product upholds their reputation as an innovator in the electronic cigarette world. The kit comes in a tin about the size you might find a scented candle in. This might strike some as odd but it’s interesting to see something differing from the standard magnet flap box. The packaging has a rather re-useable feel to it too- no cheap plastic dividers or unnecessary size. While it comes with a convenient case for your filled cartomizers, it unfortunately doesn’t feature one for the whole unit, which could be a big drawback to some.

Battery/Responsiveness 4/5

G6’s battery certainly has the look of the “next generation of vaping” it touts itself to be. The battery comes in five sleek colors and features an impressive slow-dimming LED. It also has a really great finish on the metal which is almost soft to the touch.  It’s so stylish it will give you an air of opulence as you blow huge clouds of vapor all willy-nilly around your cohorts.

It comes in both a 65mm length, comparable to King cigarettes and a 78mm length, comparable to 100s. In terms of responsiveness, it could be one of the best batteries I’ve tried. The kit comes with two manual, automatic or one of each batteries which is a nice touch in terms of options. Both perform extremely well and produce a serious amount of vapor with very little effort. A minor drawback is that its battery life could be longer. It’s not bad by any means and will go at least the better part of two well-filled cartridges. It may have seemed shorter than it was because it was just that enjoyable.

Vapor/Flavors 4/5

Like many drip style products, G6 produces an enormous amount of vapor compared to pre-filled cartomizers. Of course, this comes at the cost of having to fill your own cartomizers and trying not to mix flavors in doing so. G6’s liquid is high quality to say the least and more affordable than cartomizers, especially if you’re a heavy smoker. The vapor it produces is ridiculously smooth and rich in flavor, which is probably combination of the battery at work and the quality of the vapor.  Some of the liquid is so smooth your throat will barely notice that you’ve been puffing away for an hour like Churchill, where others have a substantial throat hit. As to the flavors, some could use improvement and some were fantastic. “Tribeca”, “Prime 15” and “Torque 56” tasted great, whereas the “Tiki Juice” and “Freedom Juice” were more on the odd side of flavor.  Although Halo features a whopping 14 different flavors on their site, so you’re likely to find something you like. If you purchase a starter kit and don’t like the flavors you chose, I’d recommend picking up one of their variety tins to find out which ones you enjoy most.

Overall  (Not An Overall Average) 4/5

Halo’s G6 is without a doubt one of the best quality products I’ve come across- and at a very reasonable price. The vapor production and look and feel of the product are top-notch.  For their liquid, while some flavors were not so great, others were delicious and all produced maximum vapor with a very smooth feel. I’d recommend upgrading to Halo G6  if you’ve been using a normal 510 model or otherwise with “throw away” cartomizers and are looking for something a little better. You’ll save money on refills and more than likely, find a much better experience overall. It’s also a great kit for starters as well- it’s more than satisfying enough to ensure you keep vaping and stop smoking.

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  1. Darrel says

    I’m impressed with the quality of the Halo manufacturer. I suspect it’s the same as the Volcano Magma, but I’m unsure since I don’t have one yet. It’s a love-hate debate with the pocket charger. It’s nice to look at, is quite functional as a portable case for standby parts, but can’t hold your in-use vapor device without breaking it down. Halo offers a variety of tobacco flavors in regular and menthol, but doesn’t give much attention to non traditional flavors. Packaging doesn’t offer a presentation box but puts the storage tins in the shipping box. Not a high-end presentation for a high-end device. But who really uses the presentation box after you open it anyway?!? So I guess the storage tins are more useful in the end after all. –Happy Vaping!

  2. sharfanpcs says

    From what I understand, these are compatible with the KR808D1 and comparable with the Bloog system.

    But, I don’t have one in hand, I’m just going off what I have read from Halo.

  3. Wendy says

    I am a v2 user, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to try something new. I chose Halo because I wanted to try using juice and it sounded simple with Halo. Also, Halo and v2 products are interchangeable so I knew the batteries wouldn’t be a waste of money.
    I ordered my first shipment of 2 batteries, 10 empty cartos, and a sampler juice. They got back to me that night saying order is being shipped and got a tracking number Saturday morning. My order arrived Monday on the West Coast. The packaging was awesome and the flavor sampler tin has a hole that I can stick 3 e cigs in like a pencil holder. Musical chairs with my cigs. 😛 I dripped Tiki and Malibu right away, and they are both awesome. The Torque is similar to Congress but better. The flavors come through clean. Not muddled or burnt tasting. I can taste the distinct mutiple flavors in each. By far the best vape I’ve had hands down. Smooth throat hit with no coughing. And better vapor that goes the distance. The batteries are excellent. I do not see a difference in quality vs the v2 except the velvety finish that Halo’s have. They also are half the cost. The red is a wicked dark red nearly a black and red two tone look. If you are a v2 user I highly recommend giving giving Halo a shot. At worst you have cool batteries to add to your collection. Now I know about dripping and what flavors can really taste like. I am excited to try other juices now, although I would be happy with Halo’s.

  4. Jack says

    What makes the G6 from Halo so great is how well it mimics the smoking experience. The slow dimming LED really enhances this process. Not to mention the bold throat hit. Pick one of these up if your looking for a high quality electronic cigarette.

  5. Stacy Jesseph says

    I don’t know where to start! I love the various liquid flavors, the amount of vapor is awesome. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since I got my 1st Halo charged up! In fact it has ruined cigarettes for me, they really are nasty and smelly and I can’t even think about smoking them anymore. Thank God for the Halo. The other 2 brands of e-cigs I tried were jokes compared to the Halo. I never have to worry about going back to tobacco again and my search for the perfect e-cig has ended with the Halo, it’s the one!

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