Green Smoke Reviews

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Presentation/Packaging 4/5

At first sight, the Green Smoke box screams nature. Putting on the persona of being natural is clever way to market this product. It comes packaged in a green magnetic drop top box, which has the Green Smoke name and leaf, their iconic symbol. The Green Smoke comes with two batteries, a wall and USB charger, as well as corded charger which allows you to puff while your battery is charging. The instruction manual also does a great job explaining things, which can be a real boon for first time users. The package also comes with a Green Smoke membership card, which I suppose is just for fun, but not really necessary. Overall, I’m impressed with the packaging and general feel of the kit. It’s simple, yet elegant, not to mention easy to use.

Battery/Responsiveness 4.5/5

Green Smoke batteries are light weight and powerful. I rarely had to charge the battery more than once a day. On average, both batteries included in the kit kept a charge all day long. The corded charger also has an added benefit that I mentioned above, it allows you to use the product while charging the battery. This is a HUGE help and something that electronic cigarettes desperately needed. All vendors should follow suit. The battery was also quite responsive. A normal drag produced a large amount of vapor, which was very realistic and thick. No worries though, it dissipates really quickly.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 5/5

As previously mentioned, the Green Smoke just feels “natural.” I felt like I was actually smoking tobacco, but without the nasty smoke. I haven’t been a fan of tobacco flavors in the past, but Red Label Tobacco was one of the best tasting tobacco flavors that I’ve ever tried. It could be compared to Marlboro Reds, just the amount of flavor I like in a cigarette. I’ve enjoyed menthol every now and again, and I was pleased with their iteration, which has a very strong and refreshing mint taste. I’ve never really been into vanilla flavors, so it’s really not for me. Still, it tastes great. Honestly, I enjoy Green Smoke’s flavors more than any other brand I’ve tried, which says a lot. My hat goes off to them.

Overall (Not An Average) 5/5

Considering how much I like this product,  it’s hard to think of many things that Green Smoke can improve upon. With a long lasting battery, easy to use product, and tasty flavors that should delight any palette. I’d recommend Green Smoke to anyone looking for an alternative to smoking or still seeking out “their” brand. Be sure to give us a shout out in the comments below, and let us know what you think! Use the coupon code below to save some cash.

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  1. James says

    Just try this ECIG. its really good

  2. Claud says

    Best ecig so far, it tastes unbelievable once you get used to the taste, vapor is incredible, throat hit great, it feels wonderful, the short battery makes it feel like a real cigarette, actually better, and it lasts, I have 3 other ecigs brands but they just don’t compare.
    Great product

  3. Jared says

    I don’t get those stares now when I walk back into the office after a smoke, AND now my wife lets me smoke in the house. Love it.

  4. Wendy says

    I’ve smoked a few electronic cigarettes and Green Smoke is by far the best, after a few hits it leaves my nicotine craving satisfied unlike the few others I’ve tried… Battery life is pretty good and they have some really great flavors to choose from.

  5. Angela B says

    I loved this ecig- I’ve tried many companies and Green Smoke is by far the best

  6. Linda says

    I will admit that Greensmoke makes a nice e-cig, but their customer service and shipping are terrible. The “free shipping” they offer is a nightmare. They use Streamlite, which I believe does not accurately track their packages. One example, Streamlite says my package was “accepted by USPS” on 12/1/11, the USPS has physically checked their shelves and has still not received it on 12/6/11. Lucy at Greensmoke claims that the post office lets the Streamlite “bag [sit] for a few days while doing their other work before even opening and scanning and sending it on its way.” My local postmaster says this is not true, if they did this they would be buried in mail and committing a federal crime (hampering the delivery of US mail). Now Greensmoke says I must wait the full 10 business days before making a claim for a refund and to do this I must go to the USPS and obtain a claim number. According to George at Greensmoke, once it leaves their hands it is not their responsibility. It is really not worth the trouble.

  7. Brian says


  8. Amy says

    This e-cig is the one I always go for first, it has a good vapor production, even more so now that they have new, improved cartridges. The new cartridges are awesome but I think they are quite pricey. The old cartridges were easier to refill with e-liquid even though it is still possible but the cap/end doesn’t come off like with the old version (although you are not supposed to refill either, I do to save money).
    Overall, best e-cig I have tried but I only have one battery so when the battery needs recharged I either have to wait about 5-6 hours for it to recharge or use another e-cig, which generally aren’t as satisfying!

  9. sally says

    I have been using greensmoke for a long time and it’s just gotten worse..they new battery they sent me as a courtesy dies within an hour or two and sucks all the life out of my expensive cartridges.. over it! On to the next.. trying V2 or the Pure XL….

  10. Megs says

    The green smoke cigarette has great vapor volume, and a great feel to the back of your throat, its very satisfying. Its pretty simple as well, just screw on the cartomizer and smoke, or just screw on the usb charger and charge. The battery life is great, and so is the cartomizer’s. The only negative i’d say is the cartomizer flavor “Red Label” is said to be the most cigarette like taste, yet it tastes pretty sweet, however easy to get used to and way better for you than a cigarette. I highly recommend it. Think of it as switching to a cigarette brand that doesn’t cause cancer.

  11. Steve says

    The original cartomizers were nothing special but since the upgrade to larger carts,it’s amazing.I have smoked for 30 years,marlboro reds.I never thought I would quit smoking,I actually like smoking but I know it’s killing me.I took one hit off the new cartomizer fueled green smoke e-cig and said…..I could quit cigarettes for good and did. It’s that satisfying.

  12. x3spades says

    Product quality was perfect, and very aesthetically pleasing. The flavors are all INCREDIBLE, and the cartridges lasted a good while, and are substantially more consistant than other brands i have tried. I wish there were juicing options, but only the cartridges are available from GreenSmoke, but the quality is WELL WORTH the money (thus why I’m not complaining about the price). Great electric cigarette.

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