Firebrand Firebolt Review

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Packaging and Presentation 3/5

The Firebolt by Firebrand comes in a black or white (depending on flavor) box, the same dimensions as your standard cigarette pack. Unfortunately, the flip-top isn’t actually there, it’s just a normal flap that comes open. You can also modify foam inserts in the box to hold your one battery, three cartomizers and charger at easy access. The box benefits from Firebrand’s sense of graphic design, which pulls it off better than other similar cigarette-pack boxes. More importantly, it has all the necessary information right on the front and the back so you know exactly what you’re purchasing.

Battery/Responsiveness 4/5

Being a disposable kit, the Firebolt battery is impressive in that it gives you multiple charges, which is part of where the “semi-disposable” comes from, I’m assuming. It also looks and feels like a normal 510 battery, which is pretty awesome considering how large and awkward other disposables have to be, as they aren’t rechargeable. This also helps avoid any bad experiences, as any one-charge disposable can lose its charge under the right conditions, resulting in a fully displeased customer. It’s highly responsive and is vented enough to allow for an exceptionally easy draw, too.

For the range of disposables out there, this is probably as useful and easy to hold as you’re going to find at this price. Especially considering disposables as mostly going to be for those who aren’t really familiar with e-cigs, nothing will turn those off more than a big, awkward unit, especially one that’s potentially drained.

Vapor/Flavor 3/5

This is the area where I had to remind myself that this unit was a disposable and for less than 20 bucks, because I was fairly disappointed. It could’ve been that I was just simply to used to the amazing vapor production that you’ll get with every single other Firebrand product. The vapor production is just simply less than spectacular here. This may be due in part to the extra venting on the battery allowing too much air to pass through the unit before it picks up vapor, but it felt like the cartos were largely responsible. The cartomizers have the same look and feel of the Hellfire or Cyclone cartomizers but they fall very short of their vapor production. It’s by all means useable and you get a decent amount of vapor, but it’s night and day compared to other Firebrand products. The flavors were actually quite good, the tobacco was shockingly so. But they probably would’ve been even better if the cartos could’ve produced enough vapor to let them shine, so it’s overall just an issue of vapor production. With all that being said, I may be guilty of nitpicking here by comparing these cartomizers to the quality ones that Firebrand has become known for. However, it’s fair to say that if this unit shipped with two or three Hellfire or Cyclone cartomizers instead, it would be the best disposable/semi-disposable on the market by far.

Overall 3.5/5

The Firebolt semi-disposable from Firebrand is sensible in its price and convenience. It’s certainly not trying to sell itself as, or be a higher end product. If you’re new to electronic cigarettes and want to get an idea without taking the plunge, this will give you an adequate introduction for less than twenty bucks. It’s a great, affordable gift for someone who you’d like to see try out vaping, too. In terms of the vaping you’ll get from it, it’s certainly worth that compared to the price of cigarettes, depending on where you are. The kit could see some improvement in its cartomizers but aside from that has everything else going for it where other disposables don’t.  Overall, probably won’t satisfy the experienced user but a good buy for the beginner, it really doesn’t get much cheaper to try e-cigarettes than this.

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