When Should I Replace My Cartridge?

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questionsA blank cartridge is said to be a one type use piece, but many users found out that it can be used many times over. However, nothing lasts forever.. A blank cartridge will eventually gain some wear and the like new taste and performance will eventually fade away. So, when should you replace it?

You’ll want to replace your cartridge once your personal satisfaction has started waning. As soon as flavor is no longer as strong as it once was or the draw becomes too tight, it’s probably time for a new cartridge. A cartridge can last much longer than many vapers give it, but the satisfaction level won’t be the same as when it was new. Some reasons for this occurring is from your e-liquid sitting in your cartridge for too long or the coil has been used without enough e-liquid to vaporize properly. The wick, which is surrounded by a coil inside your cartridge, has to stay wet so that your coil doesn’t burn your it (the wick.) When you have e-liquid in your cartridge, your wick will stay wet and therefore giving your coil something to heat and vaporize. After using a cartridge for so long, e-liquid will begin to dry up inside on the wick and surrounding areas, making the experience not as clean as it once was before.

In conclusion, you’ll want to replace your cartridge when you feel it’s necessary. When your desired level of satisfaction is not being met, simply replace your cartridge and continue with your like new experience. Vaping is about satisfying yourself with a better alternative, so don’t let a vital piece to your electronic cigarette, that can be had at such a small price, get in your way of enjoyment.

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