What Is In Electronic Cigarette Cartridges?

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Electronic cigarette cartridges are filled with e-liquid. This solution is the part that becomes vaporized. Though people call it e-liquid, many have other names for it as well, such as liquid, e-juice, juice. The ‘E’ in front of the name refers to Electronic Cigarette.

e-juiceThough it may seem a bit confusing, e-liquid is quite a simple mixture of ingredients that form it. There is Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine and Flavoring. These 4 ingrediants compared to the 4,000 chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes have created a craze for smokers to flock to in the recent few years.

The way e-liquid works is, it is dripped or poured into an e-liquid atomizer, cartomizer or cartridge and then soaking onto a wicking system. This wicking system is wrapped by a coil or heating element. The coil is then powered causing it to heat up and vaporize the e-liquid. As the user pulls onto the mouthpiece, the vapor is inhaled.

E-Liquid is very important to the use of using electronic cigarettes, in fact, without it, it couldn’t be done. Many are drawn to its lack of odor and its many flavors. You can purchase e-liquid in almost any flavor, such as tobacco, beverage, candy and fruit flavors along with many more. Being that e-liquid was designed as an alternative nicotine delivery system, you can also purchase e-liquid in a selection of strengths (milligrams). The strengths typically range from 0mg to 24mg being its highest strength.

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