What Is An Atomizer?

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The atomizer (at ~ o ~ mizer) is the heating element in an electronic cigarette. The atomizer is the part of the ecig which vaporizes the e-liquid.  There are many kinds of atomizers. 510 atomizerHowever, atomizers are generally the same in size, shape though the outer body can vary in colors; though the common color is a stainless and black. These atomizers come in different thread patterns, like 510 atomizers, 801 atomizers and 901 atomizers, along with a few more styles and threading patterns.

Each type of atomizer differs in design and threading.  Some atomizers produce more vapor, some atomizers produce more flavor, and some atomizers produce a better throat hit.  Choosing the correct atomizer is entirely up to the user, but to make things a little easier, if you want more flavor to come through, try an 801 atomizer, if you want bigger clouds of vapor, try a 510 atomizer.  If you want even more vapor, try a low resistance 510 atomizer.

Being that atomizers have a certain threading pattern, not all of them will fit every battery. A 510 atomizer will only work on a 510 style battery and an 801 atomizer will only work on an 801 style battery.  Does this mean you have to have multiple E-Cigs in order to use multiple styles of atomizers?  Generally speaking, the answer to that question is yes.  There are a few ecig models that have interchangeable atomizer threading capabilities.  Nowadays, vendors also sell adapters so that you can use an atomizer that works for an 801, to work for something such as a 510.

How do atomizers work? The atomizer sits on top of the battery. The user drips e-liquid into the atomizer and covers it with a mouth piece or drip tip. When the user presses the power button to activate the battery (if it’s a manual switch), the coil inside the atomizer heats up. The coil then vaporizes the e-liquid by heat. The user then pulls on the mouth piece to inhale the vapor.

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