What Is A Stick Style E-Cig?

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Though electronic cigarettes come in many shapes, sizes and colors; the Stick Style E-Cig was first introduced in this particular form and is still to this day the largest selling type of E-Cigarette.

(Other types/sizes of e-cigs are: eGo (cigar sized), and modified devices such as the Provari and Gripper.)

ecig2The stick style e-cig is also known as a look-a-like; it mimics the look, feel and performance of a typical tobacco cigarette. These type of e-cigarettes have a battery similar in size to a real cigarette. At the end, it even has an LED to not only give the look of a real cigarette, but it also acts as an indicator to when the e-cigarette is in use.

Above the battery is a cartomizer (some call them cartridges). The cartomizer comes pre-filled with e-liquid. However, there are cartomizers that come blank and give you the option of filling with your own flavored e-liquid. Though many starter kits come with pre-filled cartomizers, most electronic cigarette users prefer them blank so that they have more of a variety in flavors.

This is how it works: the e-liquid in the cartomizer soaks onto a wick, which is wrapped by a coil (heating element). When you pull in through the mouth piece,v2-Ecig-battery it activates the battery. When the battery is activated, it powers the coil, which heats the e-liquid into a vapor.


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