What’s A Drip Tip?

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The Drip Tip is probably the most basic piece of hardware when it comes to electronic cigarettes, but surprisingly it has also been one of the most popular as well.

It comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. They’re super simple, in fact, they’re only used drip tipas a mouth piece. But this small and uniquely shaped product has been one of the most purchased products for electronic cigarettes. Though a drip tip is small and it serves just one purpose, there is a history behind them that many didn’t know existed.

See, drip tips served a purpose more than just acting as a mouth piece,  users started realizing they could modify their devices to perform better and in a way that satisfies them personally. DrippingDrip tips were first created to work with atomizers. The idea was, instead of using a cartridge for e-liquid to slowly wick onto the coil (the coil is the part that heats the e-liquid and turns it into vapor), a drip tip would replace it and allow you to drip e-liquid manually and at the users own pace. In fact, the hole was made larger on a drip tip so that the user didn’t have to continuously remove it to refill more e-liquid. The bigger hole was used to drip e-liquid directly into the atomizer, making the experience hassle free. This method is known as “Direct Dripping”.

Though the drip tip has its intended purposes, many electronic cigarette users use it to customize their device. It’ an easy and low cost way to give your electronic cigarette some flair. Colors have always been a huge plus of skull drip tipdrip tips, but lately the shapes have become the bigger attraction. E-Cig users used to rely on boring shapes, like the cannon or shorty drip tip, but manufactures are now producing drip tips that are in the shape of a snake, rose or even a skull. They may be very simple, but they’re certainly one of the most unique parts in the e-cigarette market.

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